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10 useful accessories for the bicycle: tips to choose from.

10 useful accessories for the bicycle: tips to choose from.

Cycling is one of the few types of cardiovascular loads that allow you to combine business with pleasure. Buying a bicycle will be the best solution for those who want to lose weight, strengthen the cardiovascular system and spend more time outdoors. And for travel to be comfortable and safe, the market for bicycle products is updated annually with new positions.

Consider the top ten most useful accessories for a bicycle, whose purchase is not worth saving.

10 places: support for smartphone

We are so used to always being in contact, that the idea of ​​leaving the house without a telephone has caused psychological discomfort. But do not put the device in your pocket when riding a bicycle.

Therefore, you risk not only losing your phone, but also breaking it in case of a fall, especially if you are a newbie.

10 useful accessories for the bicycle: tips to choose from.

The most convenient solution is to place on the handlebar of a bicycle a special support for a smartphone. In this way, the gadget will always be in sight, you can easily answer the call with the speaker, without stopping the movement, as well as a convenient way to listen to music or audio books.

Just be careful with the volume control: for safety reasons, you should not drown out the surrounding sounds.

Some models of brackets also have a waterproof cover that will protect the device if it falls in the rain.

9th place: computer bike

This device will be useful for those who wish to analyze their workouts. The cycling computer is a portable electronic device, powered by batteries or a battery.

It comes complete with a support that allows you to place it on the handlebars.

10 useful accessories for the bicycle: tips to choose from.

The standard functions of the bicycle computer include:

  • calculation of the kilometers traveled (in a trip and as a whole from the installation of the device)
  • Determine the current speed, as well as its average and maximum values ​​for the trip.
  • Countdown

But there are more advanced models, also equipped with:

  • thermometer
  • GPS naviganator
  • Synchronization with PC using USB or Bluetooth port
  • heart rate monitor
  • Calories counter.

There are also devices that allow you to pre-plan the next workout on the bike. The plan, which contains the total mileage of the trip and the speed values ​​in their separate intervals, is downloaded to the device from the PC, after which the cycling computer directs its training.

The disadvantage of these models is only their cost, which sometimes is not less in magnitude to the price of the bicycle itself.

8th place: action camera

This device is useful for those who go on a bicycle trip in order to do sightseeing or scenic places of nature. With the help of an action camera, you can record a video and take a picture without stopping the movement.

The device is usually mounted on the handlebar or bicycle frame, this depends on the desired direction of the shot.

10 useful accessories for the bicycle: tips to choose from.

An even more convenient option is sunglasses with built-in action camera.

This accessory is made of shock-resistant materials, resistant to rain and dust, so you can shoot in any climate. In addition, this device, if necessary, may act as a DVR, if you have to prove your case in the event of a dispute on the road.

7th position: rearview mirror.

An indispensable accessory for those who travel by bicycle on high traffic roads. The mirror is mounted on the steering wheel and allows you to better control the situation behind the back.

It is especially useful for beginners, since, in the absence of experience, every turn of the head is accompanied by a turn of the steering wheel in the same direction, as a result of which the bicycle drives to the road and can easily end under the wheels of the next car.

10 useful accessories for the bicycle: tips to choose from.

The mirror is indispensable when transporting a child in a child seat behind him, or when traveling in a large company in which weaker passengers may be left behind.

6th place: equipment

It is advisable to ride a bicycle in any sportswear, but if a long trip or training is expected at a serious speed, it is better to buy special equipment for bicycles. These can be shorts (leggings) and a shirt made of a material with good heat regulation.

Such clothing removes moisture and dries quickly, and soft tabs at the point of contact between the body and the seat help prevent chafing and irritation.

10 useful accessories for the bicycle: tips to choose from.

For security reasons it is worth buying shoes for the bicycle. They differ from the ordinary:

  • Stiffer sole and heel, keeping the foot well.
  • Minimum weight (250-300 g)
  • presence of tips in the sole (as long as you have contact pedals).

For safety reasons, you should also obtain a helmet and gloves that protect your head and hands from damage caused by falls from a bicycle.

5th place: contact pedals

The contact mechanism allows you to securely hold the feet on the pedals. This increases the efficiency of its rotation, since now the legs not only push the pedals, but also raise them.

The result is an increase in speed without additional effort. In addition, this type of skating practically does not suppose a load for the knees, what the cyclists are in the zone of risk.

10 useful accessories for the bicycle: tips to choose from.

The simplest models provide traction due to the straps. But it is much more convenient and safer to pedal with padlocks, which are special fixed shoes for a bicycle.

They do not exert pressure on the foot, they require a minimum of time for fixing and they have a release mechanism that is caused by a fall.

4th place: bicycle bottle with stand

Very simple, but an indispensable accessory. All the benefits of cycling can be blocked by dehydration, if you do not carry drinking water with you.

10 useful accessories for the bicycle: tips to choose from.

Special bottles for bicycles usually adhere to the frame or the handlebar, which allows to quench thirst without making stops. In addition, many models have a thermo effect, which keeps the liquid cool or hot for a long time.

3rd place: light and light reflectors.

If you have to ride a bicycle in the dark, you can not do without reflectors and lights. These accessories will allow you to be visible on the night road for car drivers and mark their dimensions.

10 useful accessories for the bicycle: tips to choose from.

For cyclists, a large number of reflector varieties was developed. Among them are:

  • Lights on the front and rear fenders.
  • reflecting radios
  • luminous nipple plugs
  • Reflectors, reflectors embedded in the clothes or attached to the legs and arms with Velcro.

Modern bicycle lanterns have LED lamps that do not require much energy. Therefore, they can work with finger-type batteries for a long time.

2 posts: repair kit

On the road, the bicycle can be damaged and, therefore, you do not have to drag it back, be sure to take a repair kit with you. Its minimum composition should include:

  • Glue and patches for tires.
  • The most necessary keys and screwdrivers that are more rational to replace the bike multitool.

All this can be conveniently placed in a bicycle bag attached to the frame.

10 useful accessories for the bicycle: tips to choose from.

Also in the painting it is necessary to place a pump for a bicycle, without which it is better not to risk a trip, especially a long distance one.

1 place: lock and alarm.

The safety of the bicycle is the first thing you have to take care of after your purchase. The lock is necessary if you are cycling for business and you have to leave it for a long time.

Yes, and during a simple cycle, it may be necessary to go to the store to replenish water supplies.

To protect your iron friend, you can choose one of the following blocking options:

  1. Locks based on a cable or chain. The most economical and easy to use version. It is allowed to park the bicycle in any place that is not even equipped for this. However, these models are the easiest to break: a cable or chain can easily be broken with metal clips or a hacksaw. In addition, these padlocks do not fix the bicycle completely, so there is a risk that they will run out of wheels or any other piece without fixing.
  2. U-shaped locks (U-lock). Completely made of hardened steel, which does not allow to hack it with improvised means and guarantees the durability of the device.
    10 useful accessories for the bicycle: tips to choose from.

    In addition, the compactness of the product does not leave intruders a place where the tool can be inserted. The disadvantages include only a longer installation process and a relatively high price.

  3. Rods to fix the wheels and the seat to the frame. It can be used in addition to the main lock to guarantee the safety of the individual pieces.

To further improve bicycle safety, you can set the sound alarm. It will scare the thief with the sound of a siren, as well as attract the attention of passers-by to what is happening.

Models equipped with a remote control will notify the owner of the bicycle of an attempted piracy, even if it is out of earshot.

Therefore, buying a bicycle is not the only investment in your new hobby. If you plan to become an avid cyclist, you should not save on things that ensure the safety of your health and property, as well as those that can significantly increase comfort while driving.

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