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A boring man: how to overcome boredom and return the joy of life.

A boring man: how to overcome boredom and return the joy of life.

Boredom sooner or later overtakes each one of us, and in most cases we do not even know how to deal with it. Well, if this is just a brief phenomenon due to the situation.

It just needs a little patience and everything is normal. Much worse for those people for whom boredom becomes a daily companion and even a habit.

In any case, you must learn to deal with this rather unpleasant state, otherwise it will take too much time, too much energy will be wasted.

Ways to combat boredom, as with a temporary phenomenon:

  • Constantly take a notebook. Practice shows that it is precisely at times of doing nothing that bold, unusual and even brilliant ideas come to mind. In the book, you can draw, write plans, take notes. Time goes unnoticed, and simple manipulation activates brain activity and energizes it.
  • Trying to get carried away by what surrounds us. If boredom moves during a conference, corporate seminar or extended meeting, you should try to focus on the incoming information. Sometimes, the speaker gives the material so monotonously that it is difficult to pick up individual thoughts. In this case, it is recommended to try to ask a main question about the subject. Usually, this leads to a change in the pace of presentation of thoughts and the appearance of interesting details, allowing you to really get carried away by the subject.
  • We play If you have a magazine with sudoku, Japanese and traditional crossword puzzles or others, there will always be a lesson. In the process of solving interesting problems, time goes unnoticed, metabolic processes are accelerated and boredom gives way to energy. By the way, it is not necessary to use games downloaded on tablets and smartphones for this purpose. The lack of tactile sensations leads to the fact that the body begins after some time to experience fatigue and not a surge of vigor.
  • We train the brain. Even in a long queue you can find an interesting lesson that will not only distract the waiting process, but also provide many benefits. You can simply consider people, write down the smallest details in their image, and then reproduce them in your imagination and compare them with the original. An excellent warming up for the brain is through. Determine the area of ​​the roof, lined with mosaics. We count the number of elements by length, width, diagonal, we determine their total number. Simple manipulations stimulate attention, develop memory, normalize breathing and blood pressure and prevent headaches.
  • We take breaks if we take care of routine work. Often, boredom traps at the most inappropriate times, for example, when doing a monotonous job. This will not happen if breaks of no more than 5 minutes are taken every 30-45 minutes. At this time, you can read, play, walk, perform a couple of simple physical exercises or simply sit with your eyes closed.
A boring man: how to overcome boredom and return the joy of life.

One must learn to fight boredom, otherwise it will take too much time, too much energy will be lost.

If boredom has already become a way of life, then you must deal with it as a bad habit, eliminating it completely from the regime. Replacement therapy helps well. We are looking for the type of sewing to taste and constantly begin to involve them at the first signs of boredom.

If you do not feel like it, then you are either lazy, or simply the type of activity is chosen incorrectly. Also a good result gives aggravation of the therapy. Bored and you do not want to do anything?

We take a sheet of paper and begin to draw in it the same character (for example, a letter), repeating many times happy for the next one. It will not take two minutes, since the energy comes back again and invites you to participate in a more fruitful activity.

Some psychologists believe that the appearance of feelings of boredom due to excessive fatigue. If you do not want to do anything and the situation allows it, you can try to sleep a little.

Only half an hour of sleep can refresh the body and adjust it to the desired mode.

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