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A set of exercises to practice at home and in the office.

A set of exercises to practice at home and in the office.

Each one of us wants to have a beautiful and healthy body. The urge to realize that you need to start practicing sports can be a dress that requires chiseled forms, difficulty breathing when climbing the flight of stairs, and the desire to be an example for a child.

And suddenly we are faced with the fact that the gym is far away, the road to training takes a lot of time and, after work, we want to return home as soon as possible. How to start training?

In fact, it is possible to perform both aerobic and strength exercises at home, so it is not necessary to have all the arsenal of simulators of a sports complex.

How to create a living room atmosphere

The main advantage of the gym is not at all its equipment or staff, as it seems at first sight. In fact, the training programs in the corridors are very effective due to the special atmosphere, which greatly improves the discipline. All this is a set of psychological factors, thanks to which the visitors of the salons are 100% ready:

  1. We want to recover the money and the time spent in training.
  2. We see before us beautiful, thin and strong people who participate in their own programs and want to reach their level.
  3. We strive to obtain the trainer’s approval and experience if he is not satisfied with our achievements. We are sure that a professional who develops programs of authorship of studies knows better what kind of results we need.
  4. The training is preceded by a ritual (the path to the hall, the changing room, the shower and even the car in front of the mirror), which is put to work.
  5. The high-tech simulators and projectiles in the sports complex create the illusion that success does not depend on our perseverance, but on the team.
  6. In the room we are fascinated by a series of exercises, since there are no strange irritants.

For home exercises to be just as effective, you need to recreate this atmosphere. The conditions of the home for this are very adequate.

Make it easy, the main thing is to be serious about your goal. Therefore, to make sports activities at home a habit, follow some simple rules:

  1. Determine the exact time and place to exercise and follow your schedule. Consider not only the time for the training itself, but also between 15 and 20 minutes to change clothes, shower and turn on music or videos. Think of the employment program for a couple of months ahead.
  2. Agree with your family that you will not be distracted from the classes. And even better if the whole family participates in training at home.
  3. Get in shape It is not necessary to buy an expensive suit and shoes for workouts at home, but to wear clothes in which you do nothing but sports.
  4. Get a pedometer, wristband, fitball, carpet or jump rope (some cool things are not in stores now!): This equipment is economical and offers an additional incentive.
  5. Participate under videotape. This is the training environment, professional advice and visualization of the goal. Choose a set of exercises that interest you, if you like to dance or admire the lifting of weights.
  6. And most importantly, become a coach. Always remember that only you decide if you want to be slim, beautiful and healthy. Read about sports, study programs, fight for professionalism.

A set of exercises to practice at home and in the office.

Cardio training at home

The simplest cardio exercises to train at home are running and jumping elements. They can be very diverse, here is an exemplary list of exercises for a twenty minute workout:

  • running in the place
  • running on the shank
  • run with tall hips
  • Quick jumps from a standing position.
  • Slow squats jumps
  • jump the rope
  • Jumping forward, backward and sideways.
  • jumping over the barrier
  • Jumping over the barrier.

The base of cardio can carry a training program for athletes. As a barrier, you can use a low intensity store or a special platform: step by step.

Think about what items you can use at home and create a set of exercises with them.

If the usual jumping race seems boring, try exercise, aerobics, dancing, tai-bo or fit-bo with a video instructor. These programs combine elements from different disciplines, develop plasticity and movement coordination.

To start this type of sports activities optimally with a duration of 20 minutes, gradually increase the duration to one hour.

An important characteristic of cardio is that after 20-30 minutes of intense exercise, the second breath is opened. At this point, it becomes easier to do the exercises, there are new forces for intense training and the desire to stop and rest is lost.

For this to happen, you must dose the load, not allow the body to run out prematurely, but not to relax.

Power loads at home

Now you can start a set of strength exercises. You need energy charges to strengthen the different muscle groups of your body.

After the cardiovascular complex it is necessary to do a small stretch: this will prepare the muscles for strength training.

Dumbbells or small plastic bottles filled with water can be used as weights: it is convenient to hold them, and a weight of 0.5 to 1 kg per hand for beginners will suffice.

A set of exercises to practice at home and in the office.

We offer a complex consisting of 8 strength exercises to train different muscle groups: back, shoulders, chest, abdominals, hips and glutes. When done correctly, you must feel which muscle is under stress.

Do not forget that any training program should adapt to your training level, gradually increasing the intensity.

  1. Crouch with a press up. Stand up, put your straight legs about shoulder-width apart, try not to stretch your knees. Take the weights so that your elbows are pressed to the sides of the body, the palms turn to each other and the ends of the weights rest on the shoulders. Straighten the back, contract the abdomen, contract the abdominal muscles and crouch down as if you were sitting in a low chair, while raising your arms. Lifting and stretching the legs, return the palms of the hands to the shoulders.
  2. Doing cravings through the chest. Stand one foot away from the window sill. Extend the right leg forward, and the left back. Rest your right hand on the edge of the window sill, in the left palm, take the weighting. Bend the knees and bend them so that the line of the back, neck and neck is parallel to the floor. Lower the arm with the weight down and lift, using the muscles of the back (the elbow should be slightly higher than the waist). Straighten and bend the arm.
  3. We make attacks backwards. Stand up, place your legs straight and relaxed to the width of your shoulders, try not to stretch your knees. Stretch your back, stretch your abdominal muscles, lower your arms along the body with weights. Go back with the right foot, without pressing the heel against the ground. The left shin should be perpendicular to the floor, and the right knee should almost touch it. Return to a standing position and do the exercise on the second leg.
  4. Making a butterfly. Stand up, do not raise your heels off the floor, bend your legs slightly. Lower your arms with weights along your body. Lean forward, not rounding your back or lowering your head, look ahead, in front of you. The back is parallel to the ground. Bend your arms slightly, squeeze the muscles of the press and replace them in the area of ​​the shoulder blades. Lift your arms to the side, reducing the shoulder blades.
  5. Make the traction body. Stand up, put your legs straight and relaxed to the width of the shoulders, relax the knees. Straighten the arms in front of the body. Strain the abdominal muscles and back in the area of ​​the shoulder blades and crouch to feel the stretch of the muscles of the back of the thigh. When lifting, squeeze the buttocks.
  6. Squeeze it Initial position: on all fours, with hands spaced shoulder width apart, slightly forward. Tips for beginners: during the push-ups, the body should feel as a whole, fix the position of all the joints, stretch the abs, glutes, hips, back. Only the scapular waist works.
  7. Lower your legs from the prone position. Lie on your back and lift your legs straight or half bent. The angle should be in the range of 45 to 90 degrees (the higher, the lower the load). Press the lower back and shoulders to the floor and press the press. The hands relax and are placed along the body. Slowly lower your right leg, feeling your hip muscles tense. Return to your original position with the abdominal muscles.
  8. Lift the body from a prone position. Lie on your back, relax your legs, extend a little wider than the shoulders of your foot. Bend your arms and place the palms of your hands near your head, as if you wanted to touch the temples. On the exhalation, lift the shoulder girdle and reach the thighs, trying not to change the position of the arms in relation to the body. Stand in the raised position and return to the ground. Work alone with the press.

Doing at home has a very important advantage: you can put aside the concern for money, free time and the opinions of others about your success and focus on your real goal: a healthy and beautiful body, full of strength and vitality. Believe that you can be your own coach: follow the discipline, develop your own set of physical exercises and a long-term training program and do not forget to praise yourself for your achievements.

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