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About the triceps: exercises from the arsenal of bodybuilders.

About the triceps: exercises from the arsenal of bodybuilders.

First of all, what are the basic exercises for the triceps? The triceps is called the triceps muscle of the shoulder, which is located on the back of the humerus and is responsible for extending the elbow.

It consists of three so-called muscle bundles, or heads: long, lateral and medial.

It happens that athletes refer to training the triceps with contempt and focus only on increasing the mass of the biceps. This is not entirely correct: the appearance of the hands depends to a large extent on the development of the triceps, since it occupies about two-thirds of the muscles of the shoulders.

To get strong hands that look great, you must pay enough attention to pumping your biceps and triceps.

Despite the fact that articles on the Internet often offer exercises that contribute to the development of one of the triceps muscle bundles, most of them actively work on the entire triceps at the same time. Since the beams work simultaneously, the load on them is the same in any case. In principle, with the help of some exercises it is possible to create a certain emphasis on one of the heads, for example:

  1. Bending the arm with a dumbbell behind the head is for a long muscle.
  2. French exercise with reduction of the neck behind the head, for the same muscle.
  3. Turn your hand and extend your arms to the sides for the lateral and medial heads.

It is not recommended to administer the triceps more than one day a week, since other exercises that develop the chest muscles already affect the triceps. Try balancing the chest and triceps on different days, which will be far enough away from each other.

Perform triceps exercises of variable severity after a hard lesson, rest for a week.

The exercises for the triceps are very different, but not every one of them is effective enough. In the same article, only the best of the existing ones are collected and reviewed in detail.

About the triceps: exercises from the arsenal of bodybuilders.

How to inflate the triceps: types of exercises

Press bench with a narrow grip. This exercise is convenient to do and does not require a complex simulator, but it is better to do it with the insurer.

Perfect for everyone, regardless of experience. In addition to the triceps, the upper region of the pectoral muscles and the deltoid muscles are involved, which makes it possible to develop the muscles harmoniously and uniformly.

When doing a bench press on a bank with a slope, you can selectively pump the front or back of the triceps.

  1. Place your hands on your neck so that they are shoulder-width apart and your palms are facing you.
  2. Hold the neck firmly with all your fingers.
  3. Keep your elbows pressed against your body and gently lower your neck onto your chest.
  4. When the vulture is in the background, it literally breaks for a moment.
  5. Apply more force to squeeze the bar up into the arc’s path.
  6. Repeat

French press

Like the bench press, the French bank allows you to use the three tricep packs. There are several variations of the French bench press (standing, sitting, on a bench tilted with the head up or down, etc.), but they are almost as effective, so you can limit yourself to the classic version or the one that it seems more comfortable


  1. Lie down with a bar on a horizontal bench.
  2. Grasp the bar with a straight grip.
  3. Lift the neck, stretching the arms to the end and tilting them slightly behind the head. This is your initial position.
  4. Without moving your shoulders, slowly, without sudden movements, take a deep breath and bend your elbows. Do not trust inertia.
  5. Lower the bar to the crown and exhale. The angle of the elbow should be straight.
  6. Lift the bar from the bottom to the starting position.
  7. Repeat
  8. Avoid rounding the shoulders and diluting the elbows, only the elbow joint should move.

Pushups on the bars.

Such push-ups are designed for those looking to increase the mass of triceps. Pushing up on the irregular bars is easy, plus you can do it with an additional load.

This exercise is not considered in vain as one of the best for the triceps: it is not only simple, but also very affordable, since the bars can be easily found in the yard of your house or in the school stadium, even without get to the gym. When you lift and move your own weight, you essentially train the whole body.

About the triceps: exercises from the arsenal of bodybuilders.

  1. Jump on the uneven bars.
  2. Hold your arms outstretched on the posts.
  3. Cross your legs, bending your knees slightly.
  4. Taking a breath, slightly tilt the torso forward and slowly sink.
  5. When you fall at a right angle with your elbow, pause for a second.
  6. Taking a breath, lift your torso up.
  7. Repeat
  8. Lowering the body, try to reduce the shoulder blades.


Perhaps the most important advantage is that the floor bends can be practically anywhere, no special equipment or conditions are needed for this. During the push-ups, it also loads the legs, the dorsal muscles and the abdominals, so you can perform this exercise as a warm-up.

Its only drawback is not a very strong load, but it can be compensated with the help of an additional weight on the back.

  1. Rest your palms on the floor, fully stretching your arms and stretching your entire body in a line.
  2. Slowly bend your elbows and lower your chest as far as you can to the floor.
  3. Lift the torso, try to actively work the chest muscles.
  4. Repeat
  5. Inhale when you move down and exhale when you move up.

Extending hands in a block simulator.

This exercise belongs to the category of insulation, and therefore focuses completely on the muscles of the triceps. Remember to straighten your hands with a dumbbell, but it gives you a greater effect.

It is recommended to perform three or four approaches.

  1. Stand a few steps away from the simulator.
  2. Grasp the handle firmly in the width that is convenient for you (but not greater than the width of the shoulders).
  3. With hands down, straighten them.
  4. Lock your elbows and keep your arms as close as possible to your body. This is your initial position.
  5. Slowly bending the elbows, move the handle toward your forehead.
  6. Stretch your arms back with a powerful movement.
  7. Repeat

About the triceps: exercises from the arsenal of bodybuilders.

Push ups in the simulator.

The flexes in the simulator do not differ at all from the bends in the unequal bars the difference lies only in the greater ease of implementation. You can do the exercise in the usual way, or with the additional load.

  1. Sit upright, leaning against the back of the simulator.
  2. Grab the handles behind you.
  3. Bend the elbows.
  4. Straightening the arms gradually, lower the exercise knobs down.
  5. Repeat

Pushups on the back

If you want to practice at home, be sure to include this exercise in your training as well, and it is done in the gym.

  1. Support your hands on the gym bench (at home there can be two chairs), standing behind.
  2. Do not put your hands too far apart.
  3. Stretch your legs in front of you on the floor.
  4. Inhale and go down.
  5. When the elbows are bent at a right angle, with an exhalation, lift the body upwards.
  6. Straighten the arms in all their length.
  7. Repeat
  8. To increase the load, you can pause while keeping the torso in the upper position.

They are all the most necessary basic exercises for the triceps. When you master them, later you can combine them with exercises that involve other muscle groups.

Try different options to become an adequate training program, work hard and soon you will bring your triceps in perfect condition.

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