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Adaptive gymnastics Bubnovsky: popular exercises

Adaptive gymnastics Bubnovsky: popular exercises

Movement is an integral part of anyone’s full life. It’s hard to argue with that.

In addition, everyone knows the claim that the movement is life itself. What a pleasure to move with ease and confidence, work, walk, dance or do housework!

And how offensive and difficult it is when each movement is given to the pain in the joints or the spine, when the body is restricted and there is no way to control it due to unpleasant sensations. In such cases, a person becomes a true hostage of his illness and can not live a full life, work and rest.

Of course, the first action the patient takes is to seek the help of a doctor. After examining and diagnosing the disease, a course of therapy is prescribed and, in particularly serious situations, the case may go to surgery.

As practice shows, the treatment is effective in most cases, but you should not give up the opportunity to help yourself by using a method as effective as Bubnovsky’s adaptive gymnastics. It is designed and directed specifically to the prevention and treatment of pain associated with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Characteristics of gymnastics

It is a mistake to believe that any exercise that a person can perform will benefit them. Especially with care, it is necessary to bring the loads closer to people with joint problems.

Only for them, there is adaptive gymnastics. Here are your differences from other types of workouts.

Adaptive gymnastics Bubnovsky: popular exercises

  • The exercises are designed in such a way that practically everyone can do them, but it will not be out of place to consult with your doctor before starting the classes.
  • The gymnastics is designed to strengthen the muscles of all the groups, will help to stretch them and make them more elastic, which will provide additional support to the joints and spine by eliminating the additional load. This is very useful for overweight people, who always suffer from the joints.
  • Special attention is paid to the breathing technique, since it is adequate breathing during physical exertion which makes it possible to saturate blood and muscle tissue with oxygen as much as possible, otherwise there will be no result.
  • Adaptive gymnastics in combination with adequate breathing does not allow the heart to overload, and also helps keep the vessels in good shape.

Basic exercises

Sergei Mikhailovich Bubnovsky thought and developed gymnastics for the treatment of the spine and joints of people of any age and gender. To achieve its implementation, you must be patient and be ready to systematically train, gradually increase the load and obtain the maximum pleasure of the process.

Do it better on the floor, put a blanket or soft blanket. The exercises should not be done with a full stomach or hungry, it is worth choosing an intermediate time to not feel overweight or weakness.

  • Stand on all fours and bend your back up, exhaling, then you need to relax and inhale, tilt your back down, do 20 times
  • Standing on all fours, you should stretch one leg back as far as possible, then sit on the other, stretching the muscles
  • only on all fours, he stretches forward and, trying to maintain balance, performs the slopes, leaving his back straight down
  • in the same initial position, take a deep breath and bend your elbows, then, exhaling, sit on your heels
  • Lying on your back, put your hands behind your head and bend your knees, try to touch your knees with your elbows.
  • leaning on your back, stretch your arms along your body, bend your knees and lift your pelvis off the floor as high as possible.

Each exercise should be repeated an average of 20 times. Do not forget that everything is individual and, therefore, everyone should be aware of the signals of their body and be able to stop in time if they feel a pronounced discomfort, and even more, a sharp pain that requires an immediate cessation of training.

It is important to remember that only moderate loads can have a beneficial effect on the joints already affected and in the spine.

For this reason, the opinion of the doctor and his approval are important. An experienced doctor may not allow you to start standard classes right away.

In this case, adaptive gymnastics for beginners will be an excellent alternative, which will tone the muscles, allow you to try your hand and perhaps help you advance to the main complex of exercises soon.

Adaptive gymnastics Bubnovsky: popular exercises

For starters!

If the main complex is not recommended temporarily, the classes are structured as follows:

  • Sit comfortably on your heels, relax completely, get up when you inhale, make several rotations in a circle with your hands, exhale and sit down.
  • Standing or sitting, bend your arms on your stomach, squeeze your lips as hard as possible and, exhaling, reproduce the sound pf
  • lying on your back, bend your knees on your knees and bend your arms behind your head, while exhaling, raise your torso off the floor and, when inhaling, slowly lower
  • The original position is the same, exhaling, to connect the knees and raise the pelvis, while inhaling.
  • from the same position: exhale and try to join the elbows and knees, inhaling – lie back and relax
  • Lie on one side, lean a hand on the floor, raise the knees on the exhale to the chest, on the inhale, stretch the legs.

The recommended amount of approaches: 20 times, but, once again, you must determine independently or with the help of a doctor the optimal load.

New rules

Those who are seriously committed to strengthening their health and improving their quality of life must understand that there are mandatory conditions, subject to which the adaptive gymnastics according to Bubnovsky will be really effective and will give the most positive results.

  • First, of course, it is necessary to review the diet, giving preference to healthy foods with a low content of salt and sugar, to leave smoked products, pickles and other junk foods, which contain a lot of harmful chemical additives .
  • Secondly, it is necessary to maintain the water balance in the body, drinking one and a half to two liters of pure water per day, even during classes.
  • Third, after each workout, it is helpful to take a cold shower and rub the body with a towel, this will increase muscle tone and give you vitality throughout the day.
  • Fourth, as already mentioned, it is very important to breathe properly while performing the exercises and, in addition, do not neglect to walk outdoors, although not far.

A healthy lifestyle, a positive attitude and the willingness to do something useful for oneself guarantee success in the fight for well-being.

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