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Aerial gymnastics: useful training in the canvas and the ring.

Aerial gymnastics: useful training in the canvas and the ring.

If you regularly visit the gym, but the monotonous exercises with dumbbells and weights are already quite tired, you can use a good alternative: aerial gymnastics. The work of specialists in this field can be seen in the circus, where gymnasts in incredible heights perform incredibly complex and beautiful tricks.

Of course, in the first lesson, it is unlikely that it will be possible to repeat such movements, but it is quite realistic to improve the figure and get rid of the fear of height.

What fails aerial gymnastics?

This is a special type of circus gymnastics, in which the artist demonstrates his skills to the public using special devices. Many movements are taken from the culture of the countries of the East, where they have known each other since antiquity.

The basic basic tricks of modern gymnastics were formed at the beginning of the 20th century.

The program includes exercises with rings, trapezoids, blades and other devices that are suspended from a height. In this case, the structures are fixed in one position or move freely.

The tricks are performed alone or by a group of artists.

Characteristics and advantages of aerial gymnastics on canvas.

One of the most popular areas is aerial gymnastics on canvas. Its essence is the following. The cloths are a specific projectile of dense tissue.

Its length depends on the height of the room, but, as a rule, does not exceed 9 meters. The material used can be stretch and not stretch.

The first option is suitable for professional teachers, the second is for beginners.

Aerial gymnastics: useful training in the canvas and the ring.

Gymnastics is always associated with grace, plasticity, lightness, grace. The training involves a wide variety of muscle groups that any other sport can boast.

Flexibility is acquired through active stretching. Regular exercises form the correct posture, make the body more toned and elastic, strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs, back, glutes.

And, of course, this is an excellent way to get rid of the extra kilos. The effect is that the exercises are accompanied by high energy costs, special nutrition and titanic work.

Gymnastics in the ring.

Ring of air or lyre – a spectacular projectile. It has the appearance of a regular ring, equipped with additional elements: a crossbar, a loop, closures.

The aerial gymnastics in the ring is the embodiment of lightness, harmony of strength and plasticity. Artists can perform not only the elements of the divisions and spectacular postures, but also the vigorous oscillations and transitions.

Such training every year gains more and more popularity. This is due in large part to the availability of the necessary skills.

The sports team is easy to acquire in a specialized store and you can practice independently or you can attend the training with a professional coach. The aerial gymnastics in the ring is suitable to strengthen the muscles and give flexibility to the body. The classes are interesting for people who are interested in similar sports, such as towers or canvas.

Good physical shape allows you to learn to work with rings in a short time.

Aerial gymnastics: useful training in the canvas and the ring.

Gymnastics for children.

The training is suitable for children, older children and adolescents without adequate training. For the youngest group (up to 5 years), classes are offered to promote the development of plasticity and flexibility.

Children learn the basic exercises of circus art. The process often applies stretch on the canvas, which is considered more effective compared to performing similar actions on the floor.

The students in the oldest group in training spend a lot of time working with additional projectiles. Difficult exercises are studied, attention is paid to choreography and the organization of numbers.

Air gymnastics for children has many advantages.

  • Attendance is provided without interruption of school classes.
  • Gymnastics contributes to normal physical development, and excellent training will help to master any other sport without difficulty.
  • The child will love an active lifestyle, because gymnastics is not a boring physical education class, but a beautiful and interesting sport.
  • Modern aerial gymnastics is a prestigious activity that has received recognition in European countries. In Russia, this sport is actively developing.

The benefits of aerial gymnastics.

Regular exercise will be enough to keep your body in good shape. In this case, no additional classes will be required in the gym. The aerial gymnastics in the ring or canvases is effective to strengthen the muscles of the back, arms, abs, legs.

Exercises help to get rid of fears and complexes, train strength of will. The first fall can cause panic and fear, but do not despair.

Hard work will help achieve the desired result.

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