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Aerobic exercises: a complex of resistance, flexibility, harmony.

Aerobic exercises: a complex of resistance, flexibility, harmony.

What is aerobic exercise? This is any type of sport that involves many muscles, accompanied by rapid breathing and high heart rate.

Training consisting of such movements is also called cardio, aerobics or rhythmic gymnastics. Below is an effective training program for the famous supermodel Cindy Crawford.

General information about the program.

Aerobic exercises include walking, jogging, jumping rope, swimming, riding a bicycle, playing tennis, dancing, etc. All these types of activity are characterized by a long, continuous and dynamic execution.

The intensity can be low or medium. The task of aerobic exercise is to increase resistance, strengthen the cardiovascular system, burn fat.

The popularity peak of the American supermodel Cindy Crawford was in the 80-90. During this period, he not only became contaminated on the catwalk and starred in fashion magazines, he also directed the show on MTV and released several videos with fitness classes.

It was the latest project that brought the biggest commercial success to celebrities.

In 92-93, Cindy recorded two courses that later became the best sellers: the secret of the perfect figure and how to achieve perfection. In the year 2000, New Dimension was published: tutorial videos for young mummies who want to get back in shape quickly after giving birth.

Aerobic exercises for beginners and, at the same time, effective are available at the heart of all the Crawford complexes. Training program How to achieve perfection lasts 70 minutes. Depending on the level of physical fitness, it can be carried out both in its entirety and in parts.

I need to deal with at least three times a week. For training we need weights that weigh up to a kilogram, a chair, a mat and water.

Aerobic exercises: a complex of resistance, flexibility, harmony.

Stand up straight. The legs are separated.

When inhaling, they stand on tiptoe and stretch everywhere. Hands raised by the sides, describing the circle.

As you exhale, lower yourself gently. Do it three times.

After fixing the hands on the thighs, they begin to move the head: they lean forward 5 and 6 times forward and backwards, to the left and to the right, they turn to the sides. Then go to the rotations – 6 times in each direction.

The head when performing movements can not be tilted too much.

The following aerobic exercises are to warm the muscles of the body.

  • Swing of secondary hands up and down. Only 12 times.
  • The hands are separated at the sides and then crossed at the level of the chest, as if they were hugged by the shoulders. And so 6 times.
  • Go to the rotation of the hands from one side to the other. In each direction – 6 times.
  • The legs are widened. The right hand is raised above the head, pushed to the left. Changing the upper limb, repeat the movement in the opposite direction. So 6 times.
  • Inclining the body, perform the same exercise forward. Hands alternately reach left and right. So 6 times.
  • Keeping the body inclined, touch the tip of the left foot with the right brush. Changing the hand, repeat the exercise. So 6 times.
  • They already put their feet a little. Bend, touch the ground with your hands, then straighten, stretch your fingers up. Need to move on the knees and hips. Number – 6 repetitions.
  • The elbows bent before him. Put your fingers in the lock. Rotate the body, hands behind your back to the left, then to the right. The upper extremities should remain parallel to the floor. Only 6 repetitions.
  • Hands up Put the palms one on top of the other. They make vertical rotations through the body, slowly describing the circle around themselves with their hands: six times in one direction and the same in the opposite direction.

They set their legs wider, they make shallow rolls from side to side. So 6 times.

Sitting on the right leg, the limb stretched to the left resting on the heel. The fingers look up.

Stretch your foot a bit for yourself, count to four and change your leg. After the repetition, turn the case to the right.

Transfer the center of gravity to the right leg bent at the knee.

Make sure that the thigh and the lower part of the leg form a right angle. At the same time, the left foot rests against the ground. Feeling the tension of the muscles are fixed.

Change the legs and repeat the exercise.

Return to the original position. Putting your hands forward, alternating your feet swings.

They try to reach the opposite palm with their feet. So 6 times. Stand up straight.

Lift the right leg bent at the knee towards the body. The hands pressed against his chest.

Repeat the action with the left foot. So 6 times.

Warm up, you can breathe and drink water.

Aerobic exercises: a complex of resistance, flexibility, harmony.

A set of exercises for the legs.

After a break, go to the race in the place: normal, with high knees, with a high leg. Then, run, throwing the legs straight forward, and then also, without bending the lower extremities, backwards.

Extend the legs, jump from one extremity to another, making pendulum movements. Then, approaching the foot, it jumps on the ground. Do not leave the high floor.

The following exercises are jumping forward and backward and from side to side. All this time, keep your arms folded at the waist.

Jump to alternate lunge jumps. It is not necessary that they be deep. The main thing – to maintain a high pace.

Arrange the legs well apart and start the side scissors: at the expense of crossing the lower extremities once in a jump, return to its original position in two. Put your feet together, bend your knees and jump with the twists of your legs.

All aerobic exercises for the legs do 10 times.

Take a break for 30 seconds and proceed to the attacks. From a standing position, the legs together take a broad step with the right foot and move the center of gravity toward him. Make sure the knee does not advance when you bend it.

Having pushed with the right foot, straighten. Do not put your foot on the floor, but, bending the knee, place it in the raised position at waist level and launch again.

If it is difficult to maintain balance, you can lean on the back of a chair. After 10 repetitions, move back the right foot, move the center of gravity to the left. At the expense of the times, straightening, adjust the right knee to the body, return the extremity to its original position in two.

After doing 10 repetitions, combine two exercises: take a broad step forward, then step back. And so, 10 times.

Repeat the exercise with the left foot. You can relax

Aerobic exercises: a complex of resistance, flexibility, harmony.

Complex exercises in the soil.

Lie on the mat, next to put weights. The hands along the body, the legs as bent as possible on the knees.

When inhaling, lift the lower extremities towards the chest and lower it when exhaling. The number of repetitions: 20. Returning to the original position, slightly extended the legs and hands were placed behind the head.

Perform 20 upper torso elevations.

Do the same thing by putting your legs bent in one direction, then in the other. Return to the original position. Perform 20 full-hull lifts.

At the end relax for a while.

Aerobic exercises with dumbbells:

  • The original position is on the back, legs bent and slightly apart. Holding the dumbbells, raise your hands. At the expense of 1, lower them on your head. In 2, lift, in 3 lower down the body, in four to return to the original position.
  • Without letting go of the dumbbells, make with your hands wide circular sweeps, first in a clockwise direction, then in the opposite direction.
  • Scissors exercise. The right hand is on the head, the left hand is along the body. At the expense of 1, change the position of the upper limbs, return to the original position in two.
  • Front scissors exercise. Dissolve hands with dumbbells on the sides. At the expense of 1, cross them in the chest, so that two return to the original position.
  • Upper semicircles. Lift the arms with dumbbells upwards. Lower them above the head, describe the arch parallel to the floor. Once at chest level, raise your arms again.
  • Lower semicircles. Lower your arms along the body. Describe the arch, at chest level, lift the upper extremities upwards.
  • Lower the weights towards the chest. Lift your arms to the side. Lift them up – in the original position.
  • Put your arms slightly apart above your head. At the expense of 1 to raise them and reduce them to the waist. Two back to their original position. Perform each exercise 10 times.

The effectiveness of the program lies in the fact that the blocks for the press, the chest, the hands and the back alternate constantly. Finish the job you need by stretching.

The final result depends on how seriously you will train. If you follow the technique of doing the exercises and practice every two days, your appearance will improve after 2-3 months.

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