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Artic Gymnastics of Norbekov: Techniques and Performance Rules

Artic Gymnastics of Norbekov: Techniques and Performance Rules

Modern society has begun to suffer from various diseases of the neck, spine and joints. Every day the number of burdens in the musculoskeletal system is reduced, and this leads to the development of serious problems.

Increasingly, doctors diagnose degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the musculoskeletal system, and the age of patients may vary.

Arthritic diseases have been found for a long time in young people who spend most of their time on the computer. To prevent the above problems, a special Norbekov joint gymnastics was developed.

Chronic discomfort in the neck significantly reduces the quality of life and, therefore, they begin to take special painkillers that paralyze the whole body. The best option: the transition to alternative options that do not require any investment.

Who is Norbekov?

Gymnastics for joints by Norbekov has a large number of revisions. Who is the creator of this unique technique that has helped thousands of people get rid of diseases of the cervical spine?

Mirzakarim Norbekov is a unique individual who practices non-traditional medical practices. Of course, there are opponents of such areas in medicine, but traditional treatment is not always effective.

Mirzakarim is the author of dozens of books in which the techniques are described in detail.

Artic Gymnastics of Norbekov: Techniques and Performance Rules

It is worth noting that all his works were launched by billionaires, not only in Russia, but throughout the world. There is a certain field of opponents of such treatment.

In his opinion, methods of suggestive influence are unacceptable in traditional practice.

For this man, do not speak words, but thousands of people who could get rid of diseases of the neck and spine. The collection by the methods of Mirzakarim helped many people, the main thing is to follow the recommendations indicated in the books.

Wellness technique

Most patients know the fact that osteochondrosis leads to the development of other serious diseases. If a patient is prescribed pharmacological drugs, then he can simply be cured to death.

Norbekov’s gymnastics for the spine is different from all others, since the speed of recovery is under the patient’s own control.

Any human articulation consists of:

  • packages
  • muscle fibers
  • Joint fluid

If the balance is disturbed, there is a decrease in the fluid produced. Traditional treatment often leads to disability, and this can not be allowed. If the medical practice is performed correctly, then it is possible to restore mobility of the joint.

Gymnastics Norbekova for the spine helps restore health, the most important – to follow the rules of the author.

When making a complex, emphasis is placed on working with one’s internal state, but one must not forget the technique. Our goal is not only to hurt, but also to do better.

Gymnastics by Norbekov is done only in a good mood. Positive emotions can be created artificially.

The load must be made daily. The first enemy of the training complex is monotony.

We must constantly ensure that each movement is controlled, it brings certain feelings.

Artic Gymnastics of Norbekov: Techniques and Performance Rules

What tasks are assigned to patients?

As was clear from the above, the exercises for Norbekov’s spine are only part of the system. To get good results, you can take a training and wellness course taught by the teacher himself.

The improvement is complex, that is, work is ongoing throughout the body, and not just in a separate group of joints. Gymnastics for joints Norbekova strengthens not only the cardiovascular system, but also the respiratory system, and this will have a beneficial effect on the general clinical picture.

In addition, the mood of the patient increases, becomes more vitality. The exercise system helps you regain control over your body.

Many diseases of the musculoskeletal system can lead to a decrease in the range of movements. In simple terms, a person simply can not perform their usual activities.

This affects not only your physical state, but also your mental state. Regular exercise leads to the restoration of mobility not only of the cervical spine.

The flexibility of the entire spine has improved, and this indicates that the person is young. The more exercise, the better the person will feel.

By improving lumbar and thoracic mobility, you can repeatedly improve the body. A regular exercise system will support the skeleton well and protect it from injuries. For any part of the spine plays a very important psychological role.

Therefore, patients face a difficult task. You need to gain faith in yourself and in your strength.

What can you do

As mentioned above, not only the technical part of the exercise will be useful for the neck, but also a positive attitude. To achieve success and gain health, you need to constantly maintain a positive attitude in yourself. Of course, it is not always easy to do this, but all your students strive to achieve it.

If you can not reach a good emotional level, it is better to abandon such activities. It is unlikely that they are of any use.

To elaborate each section of the spine, you need to dedicate some time, the main thing is to do everything regularly.

Artic Gymnastics of Norbekov: Techniques and Performance Rules

The most popular neck exercises are:

  1. The slopes from the chin to the chest. In the initial phase, you need to relax, down must be smooth. The tension will gradually increase, it must alternate with relaxation. Only in this way will benefits for the neck be obtained.
  2. The second exercise will be the opposite of the first. In this case, it is necessary to tilt the head back so that the chin faces upwards. Relaxation with tension must be alternated.
  3. With the shoulders fixed, it is necessary to make alternate inclinations of the head to the right and to the left. At the end point the ear should touch the shoulder.
  4. With your chin up, you should turn your head in different directions. During the execution of the neck muscles should not be over trained. A minimum amount of effort must be invested in each movement.
  5. A similar movement, only the chin looks at the ground.
  6. Twisting the neck is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. The gaze begins to run to the right, and the head should gradually turn after it.
  7. The same movement is made to the left. Any gymnastics must be properly completed. For this, he makes a circular movement of the head. Everything must be slow and controlled. This way you can eliminate the load of the muscles, ensuring the result of the training.

If you do everything right, you will soon be able to enjoy the results of your work. Before doing this gymnastics, you should consult your doctor for contraindications.

Self-treatment can have a detrimental effect on health, this must be remembered.

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