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Bubnovsky exercises for the spine at home.

Bubnovsky exercises for the spine at home.

S. M. Bubnovsky, a famous physician, was the author of a complex training (gymnastics) for people prone to joint problems, spine and lumbar region. After performing the training according to this method, intervertebral hernias, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other serious diseases were performed.

Classes can be done under the supervision of a doctor and at home.

In addition to this complex, Bubnovsky created a device that helps improve the muscle tone of the back and increase the functional activity of the joints. The simulator perfectly complements the exercises according to the doctor’s method.

What is it

The essence of Bubnovsky therapeutic gymnastics is that the body uses its own internal resources that are hidden before and heals itself. The complex includes not only physical training, but also proper nutrition, numerous water procedures.

If you constantly follow the doctor’s recommendations, the results will appear soon, even with home treatment.

The treatment method is popular in Russia and abroad. There are already more than 100 health centers around the world, where professional instructors will help you get healthy and get rid of problems.

For those who do not have the opportunity to attend such institutions, Bubnovsky created a set of activities to be carried out at home. Pays the greatest attention to the lumbar and lumbar region.

Very often, sick people try to avoid stress. Suddenly the condition will only get worse?

But doctors who tried gymnastics according to the method claim that this result is unattainable when using drugs, performing operations or keeping bed rest.

Bubnovsky exercises for the spine at home.

Of course, in people of health age it is not the same as in young people. The most frequent problems are considered diseases of the spine, the shoulder girdle and the cervix with the lumbar spine.

The most common treatment is surgery. But the exercises of this gymnastics: a much safer method and, what is more important, effective, especially at home.

What is useful?

The Bubnovsky complex has bright distinctive features compared to other types of physical exertion:

  • The connective tissues, muscles, veins become elastic,
  • mobile connections – mobile,
  • the muscles are stimulated
  • better muscle contraction
  • the metabolism is normalized,
  • Discs and connective tissues heal,
  • It leaves an unpleasant tingling.

The medical gymnastics classes according to the Bubnovsky method are suitable for beginners, the complexity of the exercises gradually increases. In addition to the beneficial effects on the lumbar spine and back generally exercises restore psyche, fill tissues with oxygen through procedures with water. But it is important to remember some rules to avoid damaging your health:

  1. Breathe well and eat in a balanced and rational way.
  2. If during the exercises of the complex, seizures appeared in the muscles of the gastrocnemius, take a brief massage and then continue.
  3. Each class according to the home doctor’s method is done from different initial positions, but the most important thing is that you do not feel any discomfort.
  4. I need to start with 10 repetitions. Then gradually increase the number and speed of movement.
  5. Make sure you do not strain your back muscles, and press.
  6. The exercise should be three to six times a day, dividing the exercises in stages.
  7. Practice systematically and systematically: dose loads and complicate them not immediately.

The therapeutic gymnastics according to the Bubnovsky method consists of two large sections: adaptive and articulate. The first course is used for beginners and rehabilitation of patients.

The second is suitable for more skilled people and helps with problems with the spine and joints. Do not try to start immediately with the difficult exercises of the doctor’s method.

At home, it is better to do only the first method of treatment and the second to perform under the guidance of the instructors.

Bubnovsky exercises for the spine at home.

Crawling on all fours

Get on your knees and palms, start crawling around the house. Take long steps in half an hour.

It is necessary to do it with the exacerbation of an intervertebral hernia, if you move too painfully.

Lie on your back, after placing an ice pack under your lower back. Get up, the elbows touching the knees. Do 20 to 30 times.

When stretching the longitudinal ligament of the spine, the cold eliminates the swelling and pain of the lumbar spine.

From diseased knee joints.

Put on your knees or tie them with a cloth folded in several layers. Move on all fours around the house for half an hour every day.

Sitting on the heels

To begin, stand on your knees, place a small pillow or cushion on your feet. Sit on your heels. After 10 days of training, remove the roller.

Try to sit like this for at least three minutes a day.

Follow the most common push-ups. It is best to do it with straight legs, but if it is too difficult, with the knees.

Bend your arms at a right angle. For beginners it is better to perform 20 repetitions, gradually increasing their number.

Descend on four legs. Try to relax as much as possible.

Release all thoughts. Breathe gently and calmly.

Stay in position for more than 10 minutes.

Stand on your hands and knees. On the exhale, begin to slowly arch your back, pulling the stomach.

Then inhale, duck. The most important thing is that all the movements were slow and without tension, and did not experience painful sensations in the spine.

Initial position on all fours. Bend your right leg and sit on it.

Left pull back. Pull right in front of you, try to go as low as possible. Exhale when you finish the exercise.

If you feel pain, then do not worry. This is a fairly standard reaction of an unusual organism.

Initial position on all fours. Only this time, do not rest on your palms, but on your elbows. Exhale and simultaneously with the lower part of the chest.

Inhale and place the hips on the feet. Beginners will be difficult to perform at home with the habit, so start three times.

Lie on the floor, bend your legs, grab your hands on the latch on the back of your head. With your chin, touch your chest, crouch down and try to reach your knees with your elbows.

Do it until you feel a strong burning sensation in the press.

Lie your back on the floor. Stretch the arms along the body. While exhaling, lift your hips as far as you can.

For a good treatment of the spine and lumbar spine, Bubnovsky advises doing it 25 times.

Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms in front of you. Inhale, raise your arms and legs at the same time, exhale and release.

Thanks to the performance strengthens the muscles of the back.

Use a rubber bandage for exercise. Stand on it, take the ends in your hands. Lift them above your head.

Do 25-30 repetitions.

When you finish the training according to the doctor’s method, it is recommended to take a cold shower, rub with a towel. When performing exercises at home according to the method of Bubnovsky, you will not only performs prevention, but also treatment of major diseases of the spine and back.

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