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Caviar pump: a set of effective exercises.

Caviar pump: a set of effective exercises.

When performing strength training in the muscles of the legs, visitors to gyms often forget the need to train the calf muscles. Both women and men do this.

But for the legs to look harmonious and proportionate, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the thighs and buttocks, but also to the lower part of the legs: the calves. The article will discuss what exercises you need to perform to pump calves.

Before we begin to describe the basic exercises, let’s say a few words about the anatomy of the calf. The calves are located in the posterior part of the lower leg and include the gastrocnemius muscle and the soleus muscle.

It is the gastrocnemius muscle that is responsible for changing the appearance of the legs (with active training, it increases in size, it becomes more convex).

The soleus muscle is below the gastrocnemius and has a flat structure. However, it represents most of the muscle volume of the calf (around 75%).

The muscles of the lower part of the lower leg are responsible for the movement (flexion-extension) of the human foot.

It is possible to pump caviar by taking classes in the gym or at home. Exercises for calves should be added to the training of the remaining parts of the legs.

Training in the gym is usually more effective than homework. First, they are conducted under the supervision of a trainer, who will develop a class schedule and tell you how to pump the calf.

Secondly, in the gym you will find many simulators that allow you to expand the complex of exercises. When you train at home you will need:

  • Step or any footrest with a height of at least 8 centimeters,
  • jump rope
  • weighing

Choose comfortable training clothes that do not impede movements, as well as a comfortable place to train without foreign objects in the vicinity (preferably in front of a mirror).

Caviar pump: a set of effective exercises.

Development of homemade caviar.

To quickly pump the muscles of the leg, regular exercises and the correct technique to perform the exercises are important.

First we analyze a series of exercises that can be done at home, then we move on to the exercises that can be done in the gym. Then, inflate the calf muscles at home by following this exercise program:

  1. He gets up on the socks. Stand with your toes on the stand (the heel hangs from behind, the feet face forward). Stand up high on the toes (keep a little high) and then lower again. If you do not have a support, you can perform the same exercise, standing on the ground. In the latter case, you can take weights with your hands or put weights on your legs so that the effect of the exercise does not diminish.
  2. Variation from the previous year. The technique of doing the same, just separates the socks from the sides, and then performs the surveys. It is possible to make elevators with or without support.
  3. He gets up on the socks in a sitting position. It works very well on the soleus muscle of the calf. Sit on a chair and lift your legs over your socks. You can put dumbbells on your knees to increase the intensity of the exercise.
  4. Squatting jumping. Sit as low as possible (crouch down correctly: watch carefully so that the knees do not move forward and the back is straight). Then jump out of the squat (the higher, the better for the calf). This exercise is very effective for the legs, since it allows you to combine work on the buttocks and legs.

To quickly pump the leg muscles at home, do all the exercises described for the thin calves in 3 sets (12-15 times).

In addition to the exercises that have already been considered, it is possible to pump caviar at home with simple actions such as:

  • up the stairs
  • walking on the socks,
  • jump the rope

To achieve the effect of training, such exercises must be performed for at least 15 minutes (possible with weighting). When walking on the toes, try not to bend the legs, making the steps as small as possible. Jump the rope with your legs straight and the number of repetitions for a focus should be at least 30 times.

Caviar pump: a set of effective exercises.

Occupations for calves in the sports center.

If you plan to exercise at the gym, the following exercises will help you pump calves:

  1. Lifting socks in the simulator. It is necessary to stand in a special setting in the simulator and place the shoulders under the push pads. Stand up on tiptoe and go down, your heels go down. After doing the exercise, spread the socks around and continue climbing.
  2. Bench Press In addition to the calf muscles, the muscles in the front of the thigh work when the bench is pressed. It is necessary to lie down in the simulator, with the socks resting against the block above. Then, just like when doing a normal bench press, move the block up (stop with the toes) and return to the starting position.
  3. Lift socks while sitting in the simulator. Sit in the simulator, block the push element on the knees. Move the legs up (raising the feet) and down.

In the initial training stage, do not take a lot of weight. Increase the load as you get used to it, then the training process will always be done with pleasure.

Each exercise with the use of simulators is done in 3 series (10-15 times).

Basic recommendations for training.

Choose some exercises from the list and add them to your leg training. It is important to do exercises on the calves only after working on the buttocks and thighs, that is, at the end of training.

If you train your legs several times a week, then every day take new exercises from the list.

Before training, do not forget to warm up, and after a stretch time. Stand up straight and stretch to the stockings without bending the knees.

In the lowest position, hold for a few seconds.

Try to do all the calf exercises correctly: with a large range of motion. This will help you quickly reach your goal.

When performing exercises, lifting the toes, in the upper position, try to transfer the body weight to the thumbs. So the effect of the exercise will be greater.

Exercise regularly and follow all recommendations, and the result of the training will not take much time. After a month you will notice that the calves have become stronger and the desired relief appeared in the legs.

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