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Crocodile exercise: benefits, complex rules.

Crocodile exercise: benefits, complex rules.

Many problems with the spine can be solved with the help of specially selected physical activities. They can be very different, aimed at the development and strengthening of the muscles or stretching of the spine, strength or, on the contrary, relaxation.

But all are designed to strengthen the back. One of the popular and very effective techniques for the back is a set of crocodile exercises.

What is a crocodile complex?

The complex of exercises for the back called crocodile has been used actively for many years, not only to prevent problems of the spine, but also to treat many diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Australian Orthopaedists took part in its development.

The experts analyzed the mechanics of the movements of the crocodile, which is characterized by a very flexible and mobile spine. So this exercise got its name.

The basis of the therapeutic and prophylactic complex are spinal gyrations. Realize them when:

  • several types of spinal anomalies
  • intervertebral disc damage
  • Radiculitis in the cervical or lumbosacral regions.
  • osteochondrosis.

Subject to the daily and regular implementation of the complex, you can:

  • Significantly increase spinal flexibility.
  • repair intervertebral discs
  • Significantly reduce the risk of intervertebral hernia.
  • make the muscles stronger and stronger
  • Return to the ligaments and tendons of the previous elasticity.
  • To improve the blood supply and, consequently, the nutrition of the vertebrae.

On the other hand, I would like to mention the beneficial effect of the complex on the state of the nervous system.

Crocodile exercise: benefits, complex rules.

This gymnastics is the best, it is quite simple and is available for people with different physical training, of different ages, even for the elderly and children who need to strengthen their back muscles and prevent scoliosis.

Execution Rules

Gymnastics The crocodile is performed on an empty stomach, a couple of hours before or after meals. You can spend it at different times of the day, but not on a full stomach.

The exercises to twist the spine performed slowly, at a smooth and measured pace, enjoying the movements. It is important to control your own feelings, especially in the area of ​​the back, there should be no pain or discomfort.

It is not recommended to be too jealous, because in this case you can hurt yourself.

To get the maximum benefit, it is very important to breathe correctly. Therefore, the torsion must be done when inhaling, then fixed in the final position, and in the exhalation, the body must return to its original position.

Those who at least once in their lives face problems of the spine, know how they can be painful. The discomfort is huge! To significantly improve the condition of the back, a complex of exercises for the crocodile’s spine must be done well and regularly: every day or through one with a weak muscular corset, going to daily workouts.

Only in this case can you bring tangible benefits.

You must do it on the floor, put a blanket, a gymnastic carpet or a rug. After completing each exercise, you should definitely perform relaxing movements that are equally important for the health of the spine.

Despite its great benefit, it is not recommended to load the crocodile for diseases of the respiratory system such as:

  • tuberculosis
  • pneumosclerosis
  • bronchial asthma
  • sarcoidosis
  • pulmonary emphysema

If during the exercise the heartbeat becomes very frequent and breathing becomes difficult, you should stop exercising immediately and consult a doctor.

How to achieve a healthy and strong back?

The complex of exercises for the Crocodile spine consists of 9 basic movements, which are based on the rotation of the body in the form of a spiral in the supine position. Twisting is quite simple: you only need to turn your head in one direction, and at the same time your legs, in the opposite direction.

The important point is that the pelvis must also be involved in the work.

Crocodile exercise: benefits, complex rules.

The exhalation is done in the initial position, and when it is twisted it is necessary to inhale. Each exercise is repeated 7 times.

Characteristics of the exercise Crocodile for the spine: it must be done at a certain rhythm. Eight accounts for each exercise, that is, four accounts per side when turning.

Once at the end point, you must stop breathing and keep for 4 seconds.

When making a complex, you must strictly observe the following sequence.

  1. Initial position: lie on your back, press your lower back against the floor, place your feet at shoulder level, arms apart and palms down. Make spiral movements alternately to the left and to the right, without forgetting to keep the score.
  2. Take the original position. Move the heel of one leg to the tip of the other, turn the torso in that position.
  3. Repeat the second exercise, but with the change of location of the legs.
  4. Bent on the leg of the knee placed on the other leg so that his ankle was just above the knee. Twist
  5. Repeat the exercises with a change of fixation of the legs.
  6. Place your legs well apart, bend your knees and press your feet against the floor. In such position to make turns.
  7. The legs are the same as in the sixth exercise, but one leg should be placed on the other so that your ankle is just above the knee of the leg on the floor. Make a turn.
  8. Position, as in the previous exercise, but with the change of legs.
  9. Starting position Connect the knees and feet together, bend the legs at a right angle and lift them above the ground. Carry out the torsion.

Prerequisite: about relaxation

After completing the Crocodile exercise, there is no need to rush to get off the mat. After work, you need to relax the muscles with a simple movement called Fish.

To do this, lie on your back, stretch your legs and place your hands along your body. Then the arms bend at the elbows, and the legs at the knees, resting on the feet. Hands calmly down.

In this position, you should try to relax every cell of your body, feeling the muscles that become heavy.

Now, without severe muscle tension, you need to stretch your legs gently, lower your arms to the floor, turn your head alternately in different directions

This relaxation of the fish is repeated after each exercise of the complex.

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