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Cross split: professional recommendations for training at home.

Cross split: professional recommendations for training at home.

You want to have the flexibility and the cat’s grace: in this business, stretch your best friend. By following special techniques to stretch the muscles, you can sit in the transverse divisions, in the shortest time possible, which will make a lasting impression on others.

Having a good stretch is simply necessary in many sports activities: martial arts, dance, rhythmic gymnastics. The twine may be transverse or longitudinal. The crossed twine belongs to one of the most difficult types of an extension.

Due to the technical difficulty to achieve the stretch, which allows him to sit on such a rope, few achieve it. An obstacle can be an insufficient perseverance, it can also interfere with a particular physique.

In fact, it is possible to achieve the precious objective, the main thing is the presence of desire and aspiration. Have you already decided to fulfill your dream?

Then learn to sit in the cross divisions.

Twine: not just a stretch, but also a step towards health

Once the objective of sitting in the divisions of the cross is established, it is necessary to clearly realize that the task is accomplished, but to resolve it, it is necessary to go down a certain path. You can study with a coach or study information on the Internet, but no one but you will force your body to develop.

To increase your motivation, sit down, close your eyes and imagine the result you want to get before starting your classes.

If you are not a professional athlete, first evaluate your own physical abilities. Many beginners, looking at the skills of experienced craftsmen, try to repeat after them.

However, this approach can cause damage to the ligaments and other injuries.

Do not strain to perform complex exercises at the height of your own strength, do not try to sit on the fractures quickly. In the course of the training, you will understand which of the elements are provided in a simple way and which require effort.

Cross split: professional recommendations for training at home.

You may ask: why do so many people want to sit in the divisions and why is it necessary? In fact, a good stretch in the fractures: this is a lot of advantages for the body:

  • mobility of hip joints
  • Prevention and elimination of blood stasis in the lower extremities.
  • alignment of pelvic distortions
  • muscle tweezers removal
  • muscular work

In addition, you can receive a lot of compliments to your skills, as well as many great pictures.

Basic rules for stretching.

You should not expect results in the first lesson: once, and it’s in the divisions. It is best to start with the basics and the basic rules that must be followed strictly, doing a stretch.

Before training, be sure to warm up the muscles. To work correctly not only with the lower part of the body, but to connect the trunk and arms.

Therefore, in just 10 minutes your flexibility will increase by almost 30% compared to the normal state.

Regularity – the main key to success. To land in the transversal divisions, a sufficiently serious level of flexibility is required, so a constant training of muscles and tendons is necessary.

Classes are best done at regular intervals every 2-3 days. This mode is optimal until the body gets used to constant loads, then it can increase the intensity of training and daily practice.

The training should take place in a warm room, if the room is cool, then dress as warmly as possible. In the training process the body must be actively heated.

Do not seek to achieve the feat. By exerting a long and strong pressure on the ligaments, you can injure yourself.

That’s right, make all movements slowly and carefully.

To achieve results quickly, you can do it in pairs. Attach one of the brides to your classes, and the variety of exercises available will expand significantly.

In addition, you can take advantage of the supervision of the implementation of the training, as well as the moral support.

Cross split: professional recommendations for training at home.

Heating process

Perform the warm-ups just before training, so that it can adapt to the future load. As an exercise, you can do a minimum of cardiovascular training. Perfectly suitable jump rope, squats, curves in different directions.

The exercises can be combined, so you will achieve continuous progress.

Remember that any exercise is stressful for the body, especially if it is forcing the body to perform unnatural movements. Start training slowly, then continue with the peak of activity and slowly complete.

All training should last about 10 minutes. And remember, warm-up is good and is carried out qualitatively only when the forehead is covered with sweat.

We begin to sit in the divisions!

When you feel that the body is ready for hard work, start with the stretching exercises. By regularly performing the complex, you can repeatedly increase the flexibility of the body, which means that you can approach the opportunity to sit in the divisions.

By performing this training, you can significantly stretch the inner part of the thighs and develop the inguinal tendons. To do this, you need to sit on the floor, bend your knees and separate them.

The feet at the same time should be in contact. This position resembles the yoga pose. Pull your heels as close as you can and begin to push your knees to the floor.

Take care of your back – it must be straight. After running 5 minutes, stretch your arms and lean forward.

This training will help to quickly and effectively stretch the inner and back sides of the thighs, the hamstrings. To do so, sit on the floor, keep your back straight and place your legs at your sides.

Stretch your arms and stretch them forward without bending your knees. During training, try to pull the chest to the floor as much as possible, that is, the body should look like a pancake.

At the extreme point, try to delay a few seconds. To improve the effect, you can not stretch forward, but consistently for each leg.

Complete 10 curves on each leg.

Cross split: professional recommendations for training at home.

This exercise focuses on popliteal areas. The transversal divisions will be available only after an exhaustive study of these tendons.

To do it you need to stand on the floor, with your feet together. With a straight torso do the slopes, trying to touch the floor with your fingers.

In the lowest position, try to stay 5-10 seconds.

This training can be changed by sitting or lying on the floor. The principle of implementation will remain the same: do not bend the knees, touch the toes.

With a good stretch of tendons, you can easily hold the palm of your hand.

Pulling the elbows

This exercise occupies an important place in the stretching process. When standing, place your legs about shoulder-width apart.

With your back straight, try to reach the ground with your elbows. One of the varieties of this training is an exercise in which you should try to join the knees with your hands.

To improve the effect, you can wrap your left and right legs alternately.

Final step – twine

Once you have completed the entire class complex and can confidently say that they are easy for you, begin to sit on the cross. Crouch and rest your hands on the ground.

After that, begin to push the legs to the sides, keeping them straight. Even if you did not touch the floor, stay at the maximum voltage point for 10-15 seconds.

After that, return to the original position.

Repeat this action several times, in the intervals that give the muscles a rest. In order to get rid of unpleasant sensations, you can rub active painful areas.

By performing these exercises correctly, you can quickly see a remarkable result. Remember that the possibility of stretching everyone is different. Some will be able to sit in the cross divisions in a month, others will need six months.

One thing is true and indisputable: by showing perseverance, you have the guarantee of reaching your goal.

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