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Deadlift: performance techniques and useful recommendations.

Deadlift: performance techniques and useful recommendations.

The work in the gym can not do without an exercise as basic and effective as the deadlift. Including it in the lesson plan, it is easy to pump on several muscles of the body: the muscles of the buttocks, the hips, the direct and lateral pressure, the lower part of the back, the arms and the shoulders.

Most of the time, the exercise is done with a bar, however, the use of weights and weights is also allowed in the training process.

Experts recommend paying attention to the deadlift for those who want to improve their muscles, as well as develop strength and strength. Its main characteristic is that it is able to use ¾ of all the muscles of the body. Powerlifter stanovaya, for example, is one of the three main exercises in the competitive program.

And bodybuilders include it in the training process for the strengthening and general development of the muscles.

Tips for beginners

Those who came into the room for the first time should not immediately become a dead weight. This exercise belongs to the category of quite complex, and you must first work on its technique.

It is recommended to exclude a large weight, if a novice is busy in the room for a short time.

Since the deadlift is an exercise designed to improve the muscular framework, prior to its implementation, it requires prior preparation. Beginners must proceed to this action 1-1.5 months after the start of classes.

At the beginning, the practitioner must train the muscles of the lower back in the simulator, and also supplement the training with several curves and squats. Only after such a preparatory stage is the deadlift lifted!

Those who train not long, it is recommended to raise the bar of the stand. Since beginners (men) use small weights at first, the diameter of the pancakes in the bar is small enough. Because of this, the neck is very low.

In this case, the support will help you to keep your back in the correct position, since it will not be necessary to lean on the equipment.

The dead weight, whose execution technique implies knowledge of the necessary safety measures, must be carried out correctly and gradually. Before raising the bar, students should pay attention to make sure their back is always level.

When the spine is deflected at the top or bottom, it is easy to get hurt, so you must clearly follow the rules to perform this exercise and do everything correctly.

Deadlift: performance techniques and useful recommendations.

Variety of techniques

There are several main technologies for which it is recommended to carry out deadweight surveys:

  • Classic Most often used for the development of the muscles of the back. It effectively works the buttocks, the back of the thighs, the widest parts and the lower part of the back.
  • Sumo This technique is excellent for lifting larger weights (power lifters turn to it more frequently). In this exercise, the muscles of the lower back, the buttocks and the inner surface of the thighs are used as much as possible.
  • Using the Smith simulator. The equipment of this type is ideal for beginners and for people with back pain. With such technique, the load is minimal (which explains its safety). However, the benefits to work the relief of the muscles will be less noticeable.
  • Deadlift with stops. In this technique, the boom is mounted on the frame stops or baseboards. A person does exercise, cycling or back muscles (as in the classical technique), or leg muscles (as in the sumo technique). Each time the bar must be lowered on a special support (base).
  • Romanian The load is distributed to the back of the thighs and the muscles of the buttocks. The weight bar goes down and goes up to the level of the legs. The first and last repetition should be done according to the classical technique.

Classical exercises

Before doing the exercise, you should warm the ankle, knee and hip joints. At the beginning of the legs, you should place the width of the shoulders apart and slightly rotate the socks to the side.

The neck with a weight should be on the floor parallel to the center of the feet.

When the bar is tilted, it is recommended to ensure that there is no deflection in the lumbar region. Next, you should lift the neck (hands should be at a level of 40-60 cm facing each other). To lift the neck with a weight, the knees should be bent, the chest pulled forward and the pelvis retracted.

It is recommended to lower the spine slightly at the bottom.

Deadlift: performance techniques and useful recommendations.

When lifting the weight of the bar should not go on the toes. The neck is kept as close as possible to the surface of the legs. When lifting the bar, the chest is placed forward and the person must lock in this position for 1-2 seconds.

After that (the weight does not need to be transferred to the socks) the equipment falls to the floor.

Useful recommendations

Those who do not yet know why the deadlift is needed will be surprised to discover all the advantages of doing this exercise. It helps balance the muscles of the legs, arms and back, so many include it in their exercise plan.

To maximize relief improvement, it is important to perform this exercise correctly.

It is recommended to carry out lifts with a high weight no more than 1 time in 10 days. However, it is allowed to practice the correct technique with a low weight for each training. The muscles of the back in this exercise are involved to the fullest.

Therefore, they should be allowed to recover (for 10 days) to avoid possible injury.

In case of pain or discomfort in the back, it is recommended to eliminate the dead weight of your workout, giving the muscles a rest for several days. Among the approaches of this exercise, it will be useful to do squats, thanks to which the legs will be strengthened even more.

The benefits of working with a bar will be more noticeable if you adhere to the following rules:

  • Lifting the equipment when doing the exercises should be uniform and slow. This technique gives the correct load on the back and arms. Lifting the bar with a pull can cause injuries.
  • When performing an exercise, backward bending should always be slightly inward, not outward.
  • It is recommended to warm the muscles of the body before the camp, after which it is necessary to prepare the inventory carefully. Padlocks should always be used on pancakes, this measure will protect the student.
  • The arms must always be dry during the dead center, otherwise the projectile may come off. Magnesium and the use of towels facilitate the elimination of sweat on the palms.
  • If the bar is too heavy to lift, it fails, do not throw it to the floor. To lower the projectile, even if the execution is difficult, it must be smooth (or at least hold it with your hands) to gradually relieve the back muscles and not injure them.

This exercise can not only improve the relief of the body, but also improve the health of the person in general. By regularly performing dead lifts (with low weight), it is easy to strengthen the muscular corset of the back, thus improving posture.

The exercise uses different muscle groups, so that the body improves blood circulation and all recovery processes inside occur much faster.

Adhering to the correct technique, it is very easy to achieve the desired results and improve your appearance.

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