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Dikul osteochondrosis exercises to perform at home.

Dikul osteochondrosis exercises to perform at home.

Valentina Dikuli is not credited in vain with the name of a man’s legend. He conquered dozens of world arenas.

During one of his speeches, Valentin Ivanovich was seriously injured. I was paralyzed. It was then that he began to develop a technique for the restoration of the spine.

As a result, the Dikul exercises appeared, thanks to which he stood up and has helped other people for many years.

Throughout his life, Valentin Dikul developed techniques designed for people suffering from osteochondrosis. In its arsenal there is a set of preventive exercises for people whose work does not allow them to move constantly: drivers, office employees and others.

With some deviations from the motor system, the elasticity of the joints, the muscles, weakens. Designed specifically for this purpose, the Dikul joint gymnastics is designed to improve the functioning of the organs.

Recommendations for performing exercises for the joints and back.

A set of exercises is designed in such a way that, after its methodical performance, the muscles and ligaments become stronger, increases the mobility of the joints and the flexibility of the spine. The prevention of many diseases is useful for both the elderly and the athletes:

  • Equitable distribution of loads in the spine.
  • use rope ladder
  • Gradual load, not sharp.

It is already known that the neurons of the spinal cord can be restored, although a great amount of time, physical and moral force is spent to regenerate them.

Rehabilitation trainers help strengthen the muscular corset, relieve spasms in the damaged spine and quickly and effectively restore physical activity in the treatment of osteochondrosis. In the Dikul program to eliminate violations, there is a basic complex that can be done at home. A series of exercises is divided into two parts.

The first group of exercises for the muscles of the back and lower torso is done in the morning and the exercises for the upper part are done in the afternoon. The main condition for the successful influence on the body of gymnastic exercises is the sequence of movements and the uniform distribution of loads in certain parts of the body.

For self-control, it is advisable to record all actions during exercise therapy in the diary, noting the level of loads received during the day.

Dikul osteochondrosis exercises to perform at home.

To relieve acute pain in osteochondrosis.

There is no person on earth who has not experienced physical pain. And despite the fact that doctors are fighting against various diseases, and modern technologies make it possible to easily avoid or overcome many diseases, the pain continues to live.

The amount of pain syndromes is increasing, the amount of unhealthy youth is growing. Pain in the back or head can also be found in children.

Until now, doctors prescribe medications, dangerous because of their side effects. The Dikul technique for the spine will help eliminate pain without the use of expensive medications and special equipment.

All the exercises can be done at home.

Movement 1

Initial position: kneel down, lean on the outstretched arms, with the head slightly raised, exhale, lower the buttocks as close as possible to the heels, breathe, lean forward. The movement is repeated slowly 10 times.

The amplitude is reduced when pain occurs.

Movement 2

Taking the position is the same as in the first exercise. The knees are joined, the head is lifted and, with free breathing, perform a blow with the legs at the sides for a few minutes.

Movement 3

Accept the same position, moving the knees. Carefully lower the pelvic region until the pain appears one way or another.

During the movement of the knees and feet do not tear the floor. The movements are repeated 15 times on each side.

Movement 4

The initial position is the same. When inhaling, bend your back down as much as possible and, as you exhale, bend it up and lower your chin.

Repeat 15 to 20 times.

Movement 5

Leaning exactly on the back, the knees bend the legs and move closely together, stretching the arms along the body. Alternatively lower your knees to the right and to the left.

The hands remain in place. With pain, reduce the range of motion.

This movement is done with voluntary breathing.

Movement 6

Lying on the back of one leg, and then take the other hand and exhale pull the stomach. They do 15-20 repetitions, and if there is no pain, the bent legs rise simultaneously.

Movement 7

Push up from the ground. The knees come together, the chin rises and, when leaving, the exhalation is made. People who are physically strong can get up in their socks.

The movement must be done in a 2-3 approach.

Dikul osteochondrosis exercises to perform at home.

The cervical spine is a fragile and vulnerable part of the motor system, so the Dikul gymnastics of cervical and lumbar osteochondrosis is composed of careful action in fragile areas and prevents pinching of the nerve endings. Compliance with some rules will warn against unpredictable consequences:

  • Therapeutic gymnastics is not prescribed when the pain is exacerbated.
  • The movements are made with great care.
  • Turning the head in a circle is contraindicated in cervical osteochondrosis.
  • The use of mechanisms to remove the vertebrae can cause injuries.

Any physical training should begin with a warm-up, as this allows you to gradually begin to train without gradually injuring certain organs.

For warm-up exercises, it is recommended to use the normal walk in place, step on the foot completely, separate heels, socks with relaxed arms, lower shoulders and stretched. It only takes a few minutes.

Those who regularly perform therapeutic exercises became a habit, pain in the back, neck, should not be afraid of a great old age. Daily sedentary work will not be an obstacle to maintaining health for many years, and the exercises developed by Diculum against osteochondrosis will help prevent the body from many diseases of the motor system. It is easy to study the technique of a simple technique that consists of several stages.

With the passage of time, occupations become habitual and no medicine will be needed to maintain health.

Gymnastics for the joints.

Complex articular gymnastics designed for 50 minutes of continuous exercise. Before loading, be sure to ventilate the room, put on comfortable clothes and spread a rug on the floor. For recommended beginners:

  • do fewer repetitions
  • reduce the amplitude
  • Do the exercises slowly.

Movement, accompanied by severe pain, miss. The load is made 3 times a week, gradually increasing the load.

Dikul osteochondrosis exercises to perform at home.

Back movement

Lying on the hind legs, separated at shoulder height, with arms crossed over the chest. While inhaling, slowly turn the body in one direction, lift the shoulder off the floor, fix the position and then in the other direction.

Perform 8 times. At the beginning of the approaches, no more than two are made, and their number increases to three or four.

Straightening, bend your back so that it is level. As the body is lowered, the hands stop on their knees, then stretch the body (also slowly).

It should be noted that the back exercises developed by Dikule give excellent results if the number of repetitions is observed and the load gradually increases.

The pathology of the skeletal system limits the movements of a person and, often, the cause is not only lesions in the spine or other diseases, but also a poor posture, and joint gymnastics helps to get rid of unpleasant sensations, prevents radiculitis , scoliosis and osteochondrosis, increases joint mobility. For the sake of prophylaxis, for most people, the simple combinations of the Dikul system are enough to live a full life!

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