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Dumbbell exercises at home for everyone.

Dumbbell exercises at home for everyone.

Dumbbell exercises on the walls of the home: the easiest but most effective method of training. They are suitable for both beginners and professionals: only the initial weight of the dumbbell, the weight step and the number of series differ.

The benefits of doing dumbbell sports:

  • low cost of weights and lack of expensive simulators,
  • it does not take much space to practice
  • Efficiency and uniform loading in all muscle groups.
  • the ability to work on a muscle, muscle group or specific side of the body.

In addition, dumbbell sports are suitable for people who have suffered a trauma or who suffer from pain.

Important nuances

When practicing any sport, it is important to remember that training should be charged, but not overloading the body should increase the load gradually. Also, before any workout, and weights are no exception, it is important to preheat and warm up the muscles, otherwise you may suffer.

It is important to remember about muscle failure: with an extremely large weight, all muscle groups are overloaded, so it is very difficult to complete the set or adopt another approach. If this happens, it is worth reducing the weight of the weights.

Dumbbell exercises at home for everyone.

The weight of the dumbbell can only be increased when you are sure that the previous weight has been completely mastered. This is evidenced by the ease in the muscles after several planned sets.

For beginners, it is important to constantly follow the performance technique: adjustment of legs, back, hands.

This is very important: an exercise executed incorrectly will not give results. Experienced athletes do all the basic exercises correctly automatically.

Training for men

For men, weight training at home is an excellent alternative to strength training in the gym. A set of exercises allows you to gain weight, create relief and build muscle.

Choose dumbbells you need according to the form. For beginners, dumbbells weighing 5-7 kg are usually sufficient. You can verify this in practice: choose different weights, make a set.

If a muscle failure appears, then the weight should be reduced, if lightness is felt in the muscles, to increase the load and expand the complex.

Dumbbell exercises at home for everyone.

Exercises for men.

Dumbbell training is a simple way to do strength exercises at home. The basic exercises uniformly load all the separated muscle groups or muscles.

The right complex allows you to pump your whole body evenly, taking it to perfection, because with the help of a dumbbell, you can work each muscle separately.

It is necessary to perform the training complex at home in three series, 6-10 times each exercise. The weight of the shells should increase gradually by 10-15%.

The bench press is a basic exercise that trains all muscle groups. It is necessary to stand up, with arms bent towards the shoulders.

When inhaling, straighten one hand and slowly return to its original position, repeat the complex with the second hand.

The traction on the slope develops the muscles of the back and the trapezius. It is necessary to stand and place your feet slightly, lean over your belt.

Hands with dumbbells have to pull the press slowly one by one and return from the starting position.

Squats: you must stand straight, spread the feet, stretch the arms with dumbbells along the body. Next, you should sit down, at the same time stretch your arms forward and return to the starting position.

Bleeding muscles of the piles: it is necessary to lie down on the bench (you can also do it on the floor), with the arms separated. Then they need to get up slowly in front of him in the air and come back.

The inclinations work well in all groups of spinal muscles. To do this, bend your knees slightly, lower your hands with dumbbells in front of you and sit down.

Then slowly return to the starting position.

Shaking hands is an exercise for the hands and the shoulder girdle. You need to stand straight, with your legs spread to the width of your shoulders and your arms extended along your body.

Next, gently lift your hands up and down, then lift them horizontally and lower them in front of the chest, carry them back. Extend your arms in front of you and lift them slowly, descend.

You can train both hands at the same time, and one by one.

Training for women

Training at home with weights for women is just as effective. For professional athletes, they allow you to gain muscle mass quickly and give relief.

And for beginners, they will lose weight quickly, they will give the figure a sporty form and they will strengthen the muscles and the whole body.

Dumbbell exercises at home for everyone.

You can choose weights and determine the load for women in the same way as for men, according to their shape and capabilities. It is better to buy folding dumbbells: it is necessary to constantly increase the load, in such a model it is enough to add a disc.

If the initial weight of the dumbbell (5 kg) is too large, you can pick up a pancake, this is not unusual, but in a couple of weeks the five kilogram dumbbells will be adequate.

Home training for beginners should be done every two days, but professionals can do it five times a week.

Each exercise should be repeated 6-10 times three sets with a break of approximately 1 minute.

Dumbbell exercises for girls.

For girls who are not professional athletes, dumbbells are an excellent way to increase the load at home and complicate a set of other exercises: squats, curves, jumps and hand movements.

Dumbbell traction is an exercise that trains the back, abs and arms. To carry it out, it is necessary to support the knee and one hand on the bench, with the second leg resting against the floor, take a shell in the outstretched hand and pull it towards the chest.

Traction on the slope trains the muscles of the arms, back, abs and thorax. To perform this exercise, you need to bring your feet up and bend over. Bring the weights to the elongated arms and pull them slowly towards your chest.

It is important to make sure that the back is straight and at right angles to the legs.

The sweater is a special exercise to train the spinal muscles. For him, you need to lie down in the store, with your feet on the ground. A shell to collect and pull them over your head.

Then, they must be lowered slowly by the head.

Dumbbell exercises at home for everyone.

Another unusual type of training for women is yoga with dumbbells. When you exercise regularly, use weights whenever possible.

For example, utkatasana: you need to stand up straight, straighten your back and lower your arms along your torso. Next, you should sit down a bit, then slowly straighten your arms in front of the body and connect the weights.

Then, when inhaling, you should bend the arm at the elbow and pull the brush one by one towards the body (alternately to the right and to the left), at the exit to return them abruptly. Repeat several times (all this time the legs to keep them bent).

By the same principle, it is possible to complicate the vrikshasana posture. It is necessary to stand on the left leg and the right foot to rest on the left knee. Hands with dumbbells to separate on the parts and to bend the elbows.

In addition, when inhaling, it is necessary to sharply straighten the arm, pulling it upwards and, when exhaling, return it to its original position. Then repeat everything with your second hand.

With the help of dumbbells, you can get a new training complex based on yoga.

Dumbbell exercises are equally suitable for men and women. They will help strengthen the body, give you beautiful lines and relief, pump every muscle group and eliminate excess weight.

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