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Dumbbell exercises for men at home: advice from professionals

Dumbbell exercises for men at home: advice from professionals

Men’s dumbbell exercises are a universal training method available to all, which helps to load and work any muscle in the back, legs and arms and does not require much financial expense and is available at home.


Dumbbell exercises for men: the best way to do sport at home. There are many reasons for this:

  • without significant financial costs
  • you can train at home,
  • efficiency,
  • A set of simple exercises for all muscles.
  • a wide range of dumbbells suitable for beginners and professionals to train at home,
  • careful study of all muscles: back, legs, chest, arms,
  • The ability to train all muscles, alternating exercises,
  • the ability to train the right and left sides of the body separately (this is relevant if one side is more developed).

In addition, dumbbell exercises do not carry a large load on the joints, so it is these exercises that are shown to people who have been doing strength sports for a long time or who have injured joints, legs or back in the past.

Types of dumbbells

The range of weights in stores is very broad, and for beginners, the question may arise: which ones to buy for your home. It should be noted that the dumbbells for the house can be integral or type.

Whole weights can weigh 2.5 kilograms or more, and the weight of telephone connections depends on the weight and quantity of pancakes, which is optimal at home.

Stacked dumbbells consist of a neck and pancakes. The pancakes usually have a weight of 2.5 to 5 kilograms. When choosing a kit for the home, it is best for beginners to buy a complete set of pancakes, including the lightest ones.

After all, the main rule of bodybuilders – the load should gradually increase. A 5-kilogram weight step will most likely damage the joints of the legs and back, which will benefit them.


For beginners, it is important to develop a set of workouts for the home that uniformly load all the muscles.

Dumbbell exercises for men at home: advice from professionals

It is important to determine the initial load: for beginners, it is generally worth taking weights of 2 to 7 kg. In addition, the weight of the dumbbell depends on the exercises: the more muscles are involved, the more weight will be needed.

Each complex must do three approaches, each 18-20 times. It is best to train at home and in the gym every two days so that the muscles of the legs, back, arms and chest have time to recover. It is necessary to increase the load gradually: the lightness of the muscles at the end of training will be the signal for this.

The planned increase in load is called the weight step, and must be equal to 5-10% of the previous weight of the dumbbell.

When weight increases, you should remember about a concept such as muscle failure (it is a very tired muscle that does not allow you to do the exercise again, to complete another planned or complex approach). If a muscle failure manifests, this is a sure sign that it is necessary to reduce the weight, because training by force will only bring harm.

Important points

During sports at home, it is important to remember that just following all the rules will allow you to achieve quick results. In the athletes’ room, the controls of the coach and at home, he himself must control compliance with the rules and faithfully perform the whole set of exercises.

However, this applies mainly to novices: professionals do everything automatically. The athlete during a workout should remember that:

  • Before training with dumbbells, it is necessary to warm and warm all the muscles and joints,
  • Observe the technique of performing all the exercises.
  • during the sets you need to use only dumbbells of the same weight,
  • Observe the full range of training at home,
  • Observe the regimen of increasing loads, passing weight and preventing muscle failure.

In addition, it will be helpful to listen to your feelings: when the load is felt only in the right muscle, the complex will run correctly.

Exercises for the spinal muscles.

To increase the muscles of the back and increase its mass, there are many exercises. They load the muscles one by one, and all their groups.

Schrags – exercise to work the trapeze. To do this, you need to straighten, spread your legs across your shoulders, stretch your abdominal muscles and press your chin against your chest as much as possible, stretching your neck.

You should raise your hands, withdrawing them a little and putting your shoulder blades together. When you reach the top point, you must let go of your hands on a path.

It is necessary to perform the exercise very slowly, trying to feel how the muscles are tense.

Dumbbell exercises for men at home: advice from professionals

Tilt is a special exercise that develops the wider muscles of the back and biceps. Initial position: the arms are separated a little and are folded down (they bend in the belt). The body should be at right angles to the legs.

Having taken dumbbells in the hands, it is necessary to bend them in the elbows, pressing the brushes to the press. Care must be taken to keep the elbows bulging.

Training exercises for the hips and glutes.

The basic exercise for the legs are squats. This exercise perfectly develops the quadriceps and evenly tightens all the muscles of the legs. To do it correctly, it is necessary to stand straight and straighten your back, lift weights and draw them parallel to your body.

Next, you should bend your legs on your knees, move your pelvis back a little while inhaling and return to the starting position. During classes, it is important to make sure that your back is level and that your knees are bent at an angle of 90 degrees to the body.

It is important to carry out the complex message for the legs: for the hips, glutes, quadriceps.

Lungs: these exercises maximize the gluteal muscles and the muscles of the legs. Starting position: stand up straight, stretch your back, spread your feet shoulder width apart and wrap your socks inward for stability.

When inhaling, it is necessary to bend one leg of the knee, almost touching the ground, and the second should be thrown forward, transferring weight.

Shoulder exercises

For beautiful and raised shoulders, coaches have developed a series of special dumbbell exercises.

The bench press is a specialized exercise to work the lateral parts of the trapezius muscle. Do this exercise, sitting on the bench to train with your back (to support your back), if there is no such house, you can use a simple chair or even a stool, leaning against the wall. In a sitting position (with the back pressed against the substrate) it is necessary to bend the elbows at a right angle and separate them (by joining the shoulder blades).

It is necessary to straighten the elbows, raising the hands above the body.

Arnold’s Press: this exercise involves the deltoid muscles, trapezius and triceps maximally. To do it, you must stand up straight, straighten your back and take weights.

The hands are bent at the elbows and pressed against the body with the palms facing upwards. Next, you should squeeze your dumbbell hands up (very slowly) until your arms are stretched, and also slowly return them to their original position.

Routing: this training allows you to quickly pump the delta and the lateral parts. Initial position: stand upright, with your legs spread shoulder-width apart.

Hands with dumbbells extend along the body, bending them slightly at the elbows. Then you must raise them slowly and also lower them slowly.

Dumbbell exercises for men at home: advice from professionals

Exercises for the pectoral muscles.

The bench press is a universal exercise for all groups of pectoral muscles, which contributes to the rapid growth of the mass. To do this, you should lie down on the bench, raise your hands with dumbbells and take them out in front of your body.

Next, gently bend your arms on your elbows, taking them a little to one side and going back to the original.

The flat wiring trains the pectoral, deltoid and triceps muscles. Initial position: lie down on the bench, lean your legs against the floor.

The hands should be pressed up, slightly bending the elbows. Next, you should gently separate your hands to the sides, lowering them to the level of the body and also slowly returning to the original.

Exercises for biceps.

The characteristics of biceps training is a repeated repetition of exercises with low weight. Therefore, in this case, you can take a dumbbell with a smaller mass, but increase the number of sets and repetitions.

Lifting the biceps while standing. For this exercise, you should stand up straight, level your back and bend your knees slightly. Care must be taken that the shoulders do not move during the lifting.

Next, you should raise your hands, turn your hand a little and return to the original. You can alternate them one by one or configure them alternately.

Hammer: this exercise loads the biceps and the muscles of the shoulder girdle. To do this, stand up and straighten your back. Hands with dumbbells extend along the body, elbows pressed to the body.

Then you must bend the arm at the elbow (without changing the position of the hand) to the level of the chest and slowly return to the original. You can train them one at a time or alternating sets.

Therefore, a series of dumbbell exercises: this is the most effective strength training for the legs, arms, dorsal and pectoral muscles, available at home.

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