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Exercise – Bicycle: why you need it and how to do it correctly.

Exercise - Bicycle: why you need it and how to do it correctly.

One of the most effective sets of movements for the press is an exercise bike. Helps to train not only the straight abdominal muscles but also the obliques.

If you do it correctly and every day, the result will be noticed after a few weeks.

The effectiveness of the exercise.

To pump the relief press, many look for a wide variety of exercises. But some of them can be replaced with a single combination of movements, called a bicycle.

To exercise was useful, it must be done, following a certain movement technique. If this is not done, not only the abdominal muscles, but also other muscles will be included in the job, which will reduce the burden on the press.

This occupation gives almost nothing.

Before starting to do the exercise bike, you should think about what result you want to get. If a person has a large percentage of subcutaneous fat, it will not be possible to pump a relief press using only one exercise.

More precisely, it simply will not be visible due to the layer of fat. If you want to get rid of excess fat, you should perform this exercise correctly and, along with others, carry the whole body.

The benefits of the bicycle will be noticed within a week after the start of training.

How to exercise

Many try to inflate a relief press with a standard exercise in which the body rises up to the legs bent at the knees. The athletes complicate it, turning to the sides, twisting the torso.

There are also many other effective exercises. But if there is no time to visit the gym regularly, the best option is to complete the bicycle.

Exercise - Bicycle: why you need it and how to do it correctly.

The exercise is done as follows:

  1. First it must be placed on a hard surface so that the spine will touch it completely. If the back is separated from the surface, other muscle groups will get involved.
  2. After that, you must lift your legs so that your thigh is perpendicular to your body. In this case, the knees must bend 90 degrees.
  3. The hands are connected to the castle and placed behind the head. In this case, the elbows are placed on the side.
  4. Then, one leg is placed on the chest and the second is straightened so that the angle between the leg and the floor is approximately 45 degrees. During this movement, the elbow of the opposite hand is directed towards the knee, so that the torso is twisted in relation to the spine. During this movement, the abdominal muscles and legs work.
  5. The last stage of the exercise: change the position of the arms and legs.

It is important to perform the exercise correctly so that the abdominal muscles and legs participate in the work, and the body does not swing due to the acceleration of the movements. Only in this case will it benefit from its implementation.

Common mistakes

During the torsion of the torso, many elbows are reduced, with the result that not only the abdominals, but also other muscles begin to work. This helps reduce the load, which are the direct and oblique abdominal muscles.

Also, with such an error, the neck begins to tighten.

Rapid movements cause the pelvis to swing, which is also a mistake. The press has a smaller load, so it is not solved so effectively.

It is important to do all movements slowly to fully load the muscles.

Can I burn fat on a bicycle?

It is not advisable to perform only one exercise bike to burn fat, since any action aimed at the development of a particular muscle does not contribute to the reduction of body fat. Getting rid of fat is possible only during complex workouts.

But if you need to make the press more prominent, the bicycle is the most effective exercise.

Exercise - Bicycle: why you need it and how to do it correctly.

It does not matter how many times a certain action is performed, because the development of a muscle group does not contribute to the acceleration of metabolic processes.

Lighten the load

If a person rarely exercises, it will be difficult to even exercise with a bicycle. If you can not do even 15 reps, it’s worth reducing the load.

To do this, do not stretch your leg at a 45-degree angle, and put your foot on the ground. Because of this, part of the abdominal muscles will relax periodically.

But even this option is quite effective for the development of abdominal muscles.

Another way to reduce the load is to perform movements only with the feet. At the same time, the elbows and upper back are pressed against the ground.

If you do everything right, after a week you can feel that the body is ready for a greater load.

Increase of load

If such exercises are repeated within one or two weeks, the body will become accustomed to the load and can be increased. This is done in two ways:

  1. Lowering the legs to a lower height. If during the stretch of the leg to lower it as close as possible to the ground, you may feel that the pressure in the press has increased significantly.
  2. The use of weighting There are special weights for the legs, which are fixed in the lower part of the leg and increase the weight of the legs. If you use them during the exercise cycle, the number of repetitions is significantly reduced. But it is important to perform the movements correctly, otherwise the exercise will be less effective.

Exercise - Bicycle: why you need it and how to do it correctly.

During training, it is worth remembering that all movements should be performed slowly and according to the technique of the exercise, otherwise the benefits of training will be minimal.

Training the lower body

The bicycle can be used to train legs. In this case, weighting agents are used, and the execution technique is slightly modified.

So that the load does not affect the muscles of the legs, it is not necessary to make movements with the body. During leg training, several basic rules are observed:

  1. When you stretch your legs, you should lower them as low as possible to the floor. This will increase the load on the press and the front of the thigh.
  2. Pull the leg to its full straightening.
  3. To increase the load on the legs weights are used. It is worth starting with an additional weight of 1 kg and then increasing the load.

To notice the effect of this exercise, you must do it every day. If this is not done, the results may not manifest at all. In this case, it is useful to combine exercise with whole body training.

Only in this way can you inflate relief pressure and train your legs.

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