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Exercises against cellulite: an effective and simple complex.

Exercises against cellulite: an effective and simple complex.

For many women, cellulite is a great physical disability, which prevents them from living in peace, generates many complexes and spoils the mood. It is not surprising that good sex tries with all its might to get rid of the orange peel and return its previous elasticity and beauty to its thighs and buttocks.

The most important step towards the return of an attractive figure is the cellulite exercises.

Why is it important to practice sports with cellulite?

It has been proven that physical activity is one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite. It is not necessary to pay a lot of money to a personal physical trainer so that the skin of the thighs and buttocks becomes soft and elastic again: you can perform these exercises even at home.

How to exercise against cellulite? To understand this, you need to know what an orange peel is. Under the external defect there are internal violations that refer to the subcutaneous fat layer.

For one reason or another, the stagnant processes begin to develop in it, the blood supply deteriorates and the number of fat cells inevitably grows. In the fatty tissue, the harmful substances are accumulating more and more, which are hardly eliminated from the problem areas: hips, abdomen and buttocks.

Over time, the connective tissue in these areas begins to harden, and on the skin this is manifested by the appearance of dimples, which form cellulite.

To get rid of the problem, it is not enough to use anti-cellulite products. First, you need to change your lifestyle, adhere to proper nutrition and introduce physical exercises in regular practice.

The specific exercises will help restore blood circulation in the problem areas and burn additional calories, reducing the volume of subcutaneous fat in the places where it is needed.

Exercises against cellulite: an effective and simple complex.

Not all anti-cellulite exercises on the thighs and buttocks are equally effective and useful: some types of exercises are not only unable to remove the orange peel, but can also make it more noticeable. We are talking about those sports areas, where the increase of the load falls in the lower part of the body: tennis, volleyball, step aerobics and others. Therefore, the best training in this case, those that include power loads for all muscle groups and moderate cardio, running, brisk walking, biking.

If the classes are also complemented with a visit to the pool, you can achieve the maximum effect in a relatively short time.

A complex of effective cellulite exercises on the hips.

Hips: this is probably the most frequent location of the problem. The ugly orange skin on the legs causes women to give up short skirts and add them to an endless discouragement due to the spoiled appearance of the hips.

Do not despair: regular cellulite exercises on the legs combined with cosmetic procedures can work wonders. And to go to the room for this is not necessary.

There is a simple and effective set of activities that any woman can do even at home. It includes the following exercises:

  1. Stand on the floor, place your legs a little to the sides and bend your knees slightly, stretch your stomach inwards, extend your shoulders to the sides, your back is straight. Do 20 half squats, without changing the position of the back and legs. Raise your hands in front of you. Little by little, the number of squats can be increased.
  2. Stand up straight, with your feet separated. Embarrass with your left foot, transferring body weight and put your hands on it. The right leg is behind. Stay in this position for 15-20 seconds, return to the starting position and do the same with the other foot. Make at least 10 moves for each one.
  3. Stand up straight, legs together, shoulders apart, stomach stretched. Step to the left with one foot, at the same time, bending down deeply and pressing the arms bent at the elbows towards the chest. Take the starting position and do the exercise again, starting with the other leg. Perform 20 attacks in each direction.
  4. Lie on the floor. Stretch your arms along your body, bend your knees, support your heels on the floor. Lift the pelvis so that the back and buttocks are at the same level, while the emphasis on the heels remains the same. To tighten one leg to the chest and hold it for a few seconds, then do the exercise with the other leg. Repeat at least 15 times. If, while lifting the pelvis, it is still difficult to stretch the buttocks, then the exercise will be effective against cellulite in the buttocks.
  5. Lying on the left side, place your hand under the head, raise the right leg, hold the position for a few seconds and lower the leg. Repeat 15-20 times. Lie to the other side and do the same.
  6. Lying on your back, alternately lift your legs up and lower slowly without touching the ground. Do at least 10 times on each side. Gradually increase the number of approaches.

Do not forget that before each workout it is necessary to perform an easy warm-up to prepare the muscles for the load. The cellulite exercises in the hips should be combined with cardiovascular exercises: jogging or cycling. Cardio must be held at least 2 times a week.

And, of course, the most important rule that will allow you to successfully get rid of the annoying fatty dimples in the skin: classes should be regular: do at least 3-4 times a week.

Exercises against cellulite: an effective and simple complex.

Buttocks without cellulite: the most effective exercises.

Beautiful and elastic buttocks with perfect skin: the dream of a fairer sex. But to fulfill this dream, you will have to work hard: the layer of fat in this place is especially wide, so cellulite appears quickly and, sometimes, it is very difficult to get rid of it.

However, some anti-cellulite exercises on the buttocks are very effective and will help to cope with the problem. Do them regularly in the gym or at home, and very soon after the start of classes the result will be remarkable.

You can eliminate the orange peel with the help of several effective exercises:

  1. Walking on the buttocks. The exercise, which at first sight may seem ridiculous, is considered one of the most effective in the fight against cellulite in this part of the body. Sitting on the floor and keeping your legs and back straight, you need to perform rhythm movements with your buttocks forward. After a certain distance, go back in the same way. Make at least 16 movements of the buttocks.
  2. Kneeling down, put your hands on the ground. Lift one at a time, then the other leg, taking out the toe. The movement should not be too sharp and broad. Repeat 20 times.
  3. Place a chair in front of you and, holding the backs of your hands, turn your back straight with your legs, then to one side and then back again. For each leg – 20 max.
  4. Stand on all fours, turn your left foot to the side. She must be bent at the knee. Position save 5 seconds, take the initial position. Repeat the exercise with the right side. Do it 15-20 times.
  5. Lie on the floor with your legs bent, with your hands behind your head. Place the right calf on the knee of the left leg, slowly raise the body. Hold it at the maximum lifting point for 10 seconds and gradually return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise from the beginning, changing the position of the legs.

The cellulite exercises on the buttocks and thighs are better combined with other anti-cellulite procedures, such as massages and wraps. As an additional means to cope with the orange peel at home, you can use several exfoliants and creams.

Do not forget the right nutrition: give up fast food, do not abuse fatty and mealy foods. Remember that in the fight against cellulite it is more effective to apply an integrated approach.

Only in this case, the results will be truly impressive.

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