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Exercises for a string from scratch: recommendations of the trainer.

Twine exercises from scratch: recommendations from the trainer.

You may need a good stretch in different sports for completely different reasons. Someone may need it to perform certain tricks, for example, in rhythmic gymnastics, dance or figure skating.

In martial arts, stretching is also important to perform particularly complex and spectacular techniques. In some sports, a good stretch is a type of injury prevention, for example, in light or heavy athletics. Strength is also very important for strength sports.

For example, a good bench press will allow you to significantly reduce the range of motion.

Stretching the legs and the hip is a separate issue. Being able to sit in the divisions correctly will not harm any of the athletes involved.

This can be useful both for increasing sports performance and for general development and prevention of a series of injuries.

How to get to the splits from scratch? How easy is it to writhe from scratch?

What is needed for this? What exercises can be done to achieve this goal? How long does it take to have the proper stretch at home?

How many days a week can you train? All these questions you can find the answer below.

Exercises for a string from scratch: recommendations of the trainer.

Some basic recommendations

Let’s start with simple tips on how to ensure that your stretch reaches a sufficient level. Consider the exercises to sit on the fractures. In fact, there are not so many recommendations of work, you can count literally with your fingers.

Stability in performance is important, and you should remember that a full warm-up is necessary if you do not want to break muscles or gain a stretch (and this happens simply because of stupidity). We do not believe you need unexpected injuries at work.

  • Again, repeat: Warm up carefully, warm up all muscles qualitatively before starting a workout. It is very easy to stretch or tear the cold muscles when you try to do stretching exercises. A heating complex can be very simple: only a general physical heating, a joint heating (pay special attention to the joints of the hip and knee). You can stretch some muscles slightly, but not with all the strength.
  • Start stretching some muscles a little. To begin with, simple exercises will be performed, such as forward attacks and alternately with each leg, an attempt to partially twist, slightly increasing the stretch. At the same time it is important to stick to something.
  • It works on the flexibility of the knee ligament and ankle. There are many exercises to develop the flexibility of these ligaments and muscles. So to speak, you can find a variety of exercises for every taste.
  • Do not hurry. Do not think about how long it will take to achieve a result. Here patience is important and consistency is important if you want to get good long-term results and not gain a premature injury. Remember that you can recover from injuries for a long time, and it will be very unpleasant.
  • Do not train seven days a week. Sometimes you have to let yourself rest. It is better to train half of the days available, that is, in one day, to have time to recover qualitatively between training sessions.

What will be included in the training complex.

So, what exercises will be included in the complex for the development of divisions in the home? Which of them and in what sequence can be carried out?

What exactly needs to be done? How long will it take: a month or more? Let’s see all these problems together.

Below are some exercises that can help significantly improve stretching at home. Carefully study the technique of each of them to avoid the risk of injury.

Exercises for a string from scratch: recommendations of the trainer.

  1. Stand up, with the need to bend one knee and bend the heel against the buttocks with one or two hands. Do not forget that you need to maintain balance, a stable position of the body. Take care of your knees carefully. They must be located on the same line. It is necessary to stay in this position for about 40-60 seconds (for each leg). The frontal muscles of the thigh actively participate in the work, to improve the effect and tense the gluteal muscles.
  2. Drop on the gym mat, stretching the left leg forward. It is necessary to lower the pelvis forward, the knee is just above the heel. Rest your palms on your left thigh. Your task is to gently lower the pelvis towards the heel, stand in front, and gradually arch your back. Be very careful when doing this exercise!
  3. In this exercise, you should take a starting position with an emphasis on the palm. It is necessary to bend the right leg by the knee and, with the help of the right hand, pull the heel toward one of the buttocks. It is important to maintain the position of the trunk and pelvis deployed in the direction of the left knee. You must remain in this position for about 60-90 seconds. The frontal muscles of the thigh and the buttocks participate actively in the work.
  4. After doing the penultimate exercise, you should shake your legs slightly and push them forward. Try to lift the toes more from the legs, then stretch on the back and, breathing deeply and making a strong exhale, gradually lower forward. The hands can be placed on both sides, and you can gently increase the stretch, pressing the torso down. It is not necessary to bend the knees or stop breathing. This exercise is best done in the last place. You yourself will feel how much easier it will be given to you at the end of all the training, besides that it will help you to fix the result. You must remain in this position for about 60-90 seconds. The muscles of the back of the thigh, the tendons below the knee, the calf and the Achilles tendons are actively involved in the work.

Do, sitting on the carpet, the various inclinations of the body with the convulsion of the feet. Do not forget to be fixed in one position or another, hold each position for 60-90 seconds and listen to the body’s reaction.

Let’s get used to the muscles to new sensations and make smooth movements.

As you can see, to achieve a good stretch and learn to sit in the divisions, almost everyone can do it. Enough of simple perseverance, stability and patience. Believe me, the first results will be visible in a month!

And in a month or two you will learn to sit in the divisions and you will do it with mastery. The main thing is to remember the sequence of actions and the absence of the need to run somewhere.

Long-term work is more important than immediate results.

Commit yourself to your goal and to yourself. Embody your dreams and ideals through sports! Do not forget about proper nutrition and compliance.

Try to progress gradually, without unnecessary and unreasonable leaps. It is better to go slower than to rush and gain unnecessary injuries for your own stupidity.

And then, it does not matter how long it takes, a month or a year, but it will certainly achieve the desired result. Be patient

Health for you and your loved ones!

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