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Exercises for growth: developed and complex techniques for training.

Exercises for growth: developed and complex techniques for training.

The exercises for growth are an auxiliary factor in the formation of the musculoskeletal system. Regular training will be more effective if it is part of comprehensive measures aimed at active skeleton formation in childhood and youth.

Scientists call several conditions under which the growth of a child begins to grow steadily during the 4 seasons, and not just in the warm season. One of them is the daily exercise, which allows practically healthy children to grow faster and reach the maximum values ​​genetically incorporated in them.

How to solve the problem of the formation of bones of the skeleton.

For children with late skeletal bone formation, specialists should be consulted immediately to suggest how to increase the growth of a child who grows little. The orthopedist along with the endocrinologist discovers the reasons that interfere with natural processes.

It is necessary to visit the office of an orthopedist, pediatric endocrinologist and neuropathologist to identify the hidden pathology and correct it in a timely manner.

If necessary, children with diseases of the pituitary-hypothalamus system are prescribed a hormone replacement therapy, which allows bone growth to continue until the areas are closed.

For adults, doctors suggest lengthening the areas of the long tubular bones by surgery. This is a very painful process that increases the length of the lower extremities up to 12 cm.

Therapeutic procedures require therapeutic measures throughout the year.

For people who want to look taller without lengthening their legs with the help of medical procedures, special templates have been created that make them taller up to 5 cm. This convenient device allows a small person to feel more comfortable in society.

Special simulators that stretch the body, in some cases, can contribute to an increase in the length of skeletal bones in adolescents, if they still have growth zones. They can be found in major cities in sports and recreation centers. These mechanisms are designed to stretch the muscles of the entire body.

Particularly notable are the devices where a person hangs upside down for a long time and then transfers to a device designed to stretch the leg muscles. In children after classes in simulators of this type, the height increases by 5 cm and more in a few months.

Exercises for growth: developed and complex techniques for training.

If necessary, the task such device can be installed at home. Manufacturers offer several developments that allow teens to increase body length, doing it yourself.

The simulators of the Doctor Sport series allow everyone who wants to grow.

What techniques can be used?

Scientists can not offer methods to increase growth or exercises that increase a child’s growth with a 100% result. They argue that the growth of the body can occur constantly only in a practically healthy child. Fastest growth aid:

  • adequate nutrition
  • Vitamin therapy courses
  • systematic hardening
  • Active pastime with feasible physical effort.

All this contributes to the strengthening of skeletal bones and tissue growth at the end of long tubular bones in children and adolescents.

Doctors believe that teens should not participate in lifting weights. Large loads in the muscle tissue during the formation of the body slow down the growth of the bone.

This is due to the lack of nutrients and calcium needed to strengthen the musculoskeletal system.

With significant muscle loads, the biologically active substances go to mass muscle formation.

Then there is a significant lack of trace elements in the body, which are required to activate bone growth.

Recommended exercises

Sports exercises to accelerate growth are offered on the basis of practical experience gained by coaches of sports schools working with adolescents. The exercise aimed at stretching the spine, hanging on the crossbar, the high jumps can help strengthen the muscles of the back, which will keep the spine in the correct position.

This will provide the opportunity to obtain a higher height than a person with a posture violation would have.

The most effective exercises are hanging on the bar and a variety of jumps in place. Before starting the training, you must first warm up to warm up all the muscles and develop the joints. Then the exercises to increase the height will be effective.

To do this, perform a variety of movements with the rotation of the arms and legs, squats, turns of the body in different directions and curves.

For a correct execution of the suspension, you must install the crossbar at a height that can be hung on it, relaxing all the muscles. The legs should not touch the ground.

You need to hang up while your hands get tired. To achieve the effect, make several approaches a day.

Making jumps, put all the jogging force of the legs in this action. It is necessary to establish an objective: reach with the tip of the fingers a highly suspended object or ceiling.

You must make at least 10 jumps from each group. At first jump, pushing with both feet, then with the right and left alternately.

After each group of jumps you need to relax and do an exercise to relax all the muscles.

After making jumps from the point, they are made from the half-seat position, and then from the take-off run, jumping up and pulling the rope. When the body gets used to the load, the number of jumps increases in the total amount up to 200 times.

This will increase the mobility of the joints and accelerate the growth of the bones of the legs, arms and other parts of the skeleton.

Exercises for growth: developed and complex techniques for training.

Additional conditions for the correct development of the skeleton.

The growth will be stable if during the winter months the child will take a complex of vitamins and minerals, which includes calcium and vitamin D3. Vitamins for active growth can be administered to children after consultation with the orthopaedist.

If the child grows very actively, an imbalance in the body is formed, which leads to a deterioration of the cardiovascular system.

Adolescents who want to grow as close as possible to the closure of growing areas need to eat a variety of cereals, vegetables, fruits, bread. A balanced diet allows you to saturate the body with all the necessary vitamins and microelements.

The conscious rejection of bad habits allows the body to obtain all the nutrients and use them for growth. Nicotine and alcohol inhibit the development of the body, because the elimination of the signs of intoxication requires the expenditure of internal resources.

Gymnastics for growth ceases to be relevant after the area where the cells are located, which allows the musculoskeletal system to develop, closes. In girls, areas of growing tissue at the end of long tubular bones may close after the ovaries start functioning. This can happen in 12-16 years.

Some girls grow up to 18 and are very tall.

After 25 years, growth zones close in men. After this, it will not be possible to change the height increase with the help of special stretching exercises, jumps, ties and hormonal medications.

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