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Exercises for hips and glutes: a complex technique.

Exercises for hips and glutes: a complex technique.

Beautiful cropped figure is one of the main female virtues. You can put your figure in perfect condition, you can pump your hips and glutes at home.

The exercises for hips and buttocks will be obligatory in the life of each girl, since thanks to them every day you will be able to observe the best and the best results. Do not all girls dream of this?

When performing exercises to squeeze the buttocks, you must remember that all movements should be smooth and slow: this guarantees the achievement of the best result and will allow as much as possible to work all the muscles. When choosing suitable exercises for elastic buttocks, it is important to listen to your body’s reaction. They should not cause discomfort.

If during the training there is pain in the knees or other joints, this exercise should be postponed or changed to another.

To achieve the elasticity of the muscles in the home, no projectiles or special simulators are needed. All of them are performed standing or lying on the floor of the house.

Among the variety of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and hips, you can select the main complex, which contains the most effective exercises for the hips, as well as the glutes. Among them, an athlete can individually choose the best for himself.

It is worth noting that for the complex to strengthen and tighten the upper part of the legs is effective, it is necessary to include squats in it. In addition, they are convenient to perform at home.

The complex of squats at home is an effective method, since during its execution the muscles that do not work when walking or even running, begin to work.

Exercises for hips and glutes: a complex technique.

In addition to the squats, the swing of legs in the complex should be included. They will help to tighten the form, they will create the conditions for a better strengthening of the muscles.

And they can also be carried out easily at home, they do not require special skills or sports equipment.

To perform the exercise, it is necessary to take a standing position on the floor, one leg to lift forward without bending the knee. In this position, bend the leg, standing on the floor, thus doing a squat.

The second leg remains on the weight, motionless. The hands can be held in front of you or placed on the belt. Starting a class is worth fifteen squats on each leg.

Increase the multiplicity of squats in a week.

To achieve tight gluteal and hip elasticity, this exercise is recommended to be sure to add to your complex. Having assumed the original position (legs apart, socks facing in opposite directions, hands on a belt or in front of you), you should bend your knees a little. Next, perform squats, bending the knees more and fixing at the lowest point for a few seconds. At the bottom of the squat, the legs should be bent at the knees at a ninety degree angle. Feet tight against the ground. The previous training is a straight back. Repeat the lesson in the initial stage at least fifteen times. In addition, the amount can be increased.

  1. We took out a sock.

This exercise allows you to exercise each group of leg muscles and squeeze the glutes. It is performed at least fifteen times on each of the legs.

It requires special control over the condition of the back, with the least discomfort, it is better to change the exercise. The initial position is the bridge: the legs are on the ground, the hands also rest on the ground, the back is parallel to the ground.

One leg is stretched, with the fingers facing up. In such a position it is necessary to sit deeper, bending the knee of the feet on the floor.

The initial position for the task – lying face down on the floor. In the process of doing so, it is necessary to stretch the muscles of the legs, lift both legs and both hands simultaneously. Elevators to produce as high as possible: will bring fast results and high quality.

Fifteen repetitions are also sufficient for this task, with an additional gradual increase in the number.

Exercises for hips and glutes: a complex technique.

  1. Pushing one leg bent.

The initial position to do the exercise is on all fours. The back is flat. To complete the task, you must push one of the legs up, bent at the knee at a ninety degree angle.

For better results, you need to feel the tension of the muscles of the buttocks. Fifteen repetitions in each of the legs are sufficient in the initial stage of training.

  1. Pushing the legs straight.

The initial position is identical to the previous exercise. But, when carrying out the task, it is necessary to push up not a bent leg, but a straight leg.

To achieve the elasticity of the front and back muscles of the legs are excellent exercises, called thrusts. For its fulfillment it is necessary to take a step back from standing on the ground.

Thus, the leg, which remains in place, bends at the knee at a ninety degree angle, while the second remains a few centimeters from the ground with the knee. In this position, you must perform spring squats.

There is no need to touch the knee to the ground. So the exercise will be more effective.

Repeat at least fifteen times on each leg.

The initial position is taken from the supine position. The legs are bent at the knees and pressed firmly against the ground. The shoulders, back and head remain on the floor.

The arms extend along the body on the floor. To inflate the muscles and give them elasticity, it is necessary to lift the pelvis off the floor so that the shoulders remain firmly against the floor. At the highest point of the elevation of the pelvis, it is necessary to squeeze the gluteal muscles and fix the position for a few seconds.

Then relax the muscles, lower the pelvis, repeat the task. Quite fifteen repetitions.

Exercises for hips and glutes: a complex technique.

Warm up muscles

Before beginning the implementation of the main complex of exercises, it is necessary to prepare the muscles. Pre-heat them and prepare to work will help form a small exercise, which is easy to do at home.

In the warm-up you can include an easy jog (running in place is possible), walking, jumping rope, high knee lifts pressing them against the body. It is not bad to do the heating not only of the muscles of the legs, but also of the neck, making turns of head, standing on the ground with the back flat. The rotation of the elongated straight arms and the rotation of the arms bent at the elbows, also performed in standing position, will help to adjust the shoulder girdle and elbow joints to work.

Squats will warm the knee joints and save them from injury during the execution of basic tasks. It is also necessary to prepare the muscles of the back and lower back, bending back and forth and turning sideways from a standing position.

A good exercise to heat the house is called the heron. To do this, you must stand on one leg and, holding your hand on the stand, climb onto a sock.

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