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Exercises for the buttocks in the gym for girls: tips from the trainer.

Exercises for the buttocks in the gym for girls: tips from the trainer.

Maybe all the women in the world would not refuse to have a thin and tense figure. This result is achieved both in complex training and in that directed for individual muscle groups.

Keep reading if you are interested in pumping the buttocks.

Exercises for health and beauty.

The flaccid and flaccid muscles do not increase the attractiveness of people, and the issue of pumping the buttocks is especially important for girls when it comes to appearance. Working through the gluteal muscle, you will not only get the ideal figure, but also improve the body.

The main muscle responsible for the shape of this part is the gluteus maximus. It integrates with the muscular corset of the back and helps support the spine, participates in the process of walking, urination.

When doing exercises to encourage priests, you get bonuses as nice as a straight posture and a large lumbar curve.

Exercises for the buttocks in the gym for girls: tips from the trainer.

Get rid of flaccid muscles

The work on the muscles of the buttocks is quite difficult, during the exercise there is a high risk of pumping other muscles that are not of interest at this stage. In order not to have such an undesirable effect, it is necessary to strictly observe the technique of each training.

One of the problems that girls often worry about is the location of the classes. So where do the classes, in the gym or at home?

For many, training at home is more preferable, but at the same time, high-quality sports equipment can occupy a significant part of the living space.

Classes in the classroom are deprived of this disadvantage. You can, under the supervision of a professional trainer using the most modern equipment, put your glutes in perfect condition.

To see the first results, it is necessary to train in good faith for at least one month. Do not feel sorry for yourself, your buttocks should burn with tension.

Remember, you do it just for you. Effective exercises will increase the volume of the muscles in the gluteal area, eliminate the hated fat and cellulite.

Preparation is important

Do not start training without a good warm-up. The purpose of warming is to shake the body and ligaments, because the prepared body is less prone to injury. In the preparatory complex, you can include walking or running easily.

To develop the upper part of the body several types of swings can be used. Control your breathing, all training must be done with such intensity that the rhythm of breathing is not lost.

Listen to your own feelings, if you see clicks or clamps on the joints, get hurt and swell after a workout, then it is best to warm up with a treadmill, an exercise bike and an ellipse in the gym. It is possible to finish the heating by a series of attacks, without using the charges at the same time.

If you managed to complete the last exercise without difficulty, then you are absolutely ready for the loads with the use of simulators.

Exercises for the buttocks in the gym for girls: tips from the trainer.

Training buttocks

The vast majority of exercises in the gym, aimed at increasing muscle mass in the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs, and correcting their shape, are performed using free weights: weights, dumbbells and dumbbells. To begin the process of hypertrophy of the gluteal muscles, it is necessary to remember the golden rule: an integrated approach, squats interspersed with attacks, sweeps.

Squat – the best exercise for the study of legs and buttocks. This training may seem simple for beginners, but there are many nuances that should be considered to not cause harm to the body.

Especially this statement applies to squats with weights, so at the beginning they should be done under the supervision of a coach. In the process of lowering, make sure that the foot is pressed against the floor.

Experts do not recommend deep squats, in which the hips fall below the parallel with the floor, and will not provide any special effect for muscle pumping.

When lifting, do not stretch the front surface of the hips, that is, the gluteal muscles. Over time, the number of squats should be carried to 8-10 repetitions for 4-5 sets.

This complex can be used 1-2 times a week.

Dead weight

When performing deadlifts for beginners, it is better to use weights. This will position the shoulder blades as necessary and provide the necessary deflection in the lower back.

Take the weights with your hands, keep the shoulder blades as low as possible and, moving the back part, begin to lean forward.

It is necessary to lower the torso until a sensation of pull appears in the thighs. At the time of execution, do not use the lumbar muscles, but the glutes.

The push of Stanovaya is very effective in terms of pumping buttocks, it will help not only to strengthen this part, but also to increase a lot if necessary. If you follow the execution schedule, you will notice a steady increase in the forms.

Carry out the complex at least once a week.

Exercises for the buttocks in the gym for girls: tips from the trainer.

Breeding of thighs

This isolation exercise involves an exceptionally large gluteus. To carry out it is necessary to take a position in the simulator, completely placing the pelvis in the seat and leaning on the back.

Press the outside of the thighs towards the uprights and separate the gluteal muscles. When you reach the critical point, stop a few seconds, put your feet back to the starting point.

The knees and ankles do not move when done. It is important not to pull, the whole process must be slow, smooth. If the exercise causes excessive stress, reduce the work weight

Perform 4 sets of 20 repetitions.

Modern fitness programs for girls are full of different options for the lungs. However, strength training aimed at pumping the glutes, provides the implementation of reverse attacks.

Many coaches recommend the static lunge technique using the platform.

To perform attacks in the gym, you can use the step of physical state, whose height should not exceed 20 centimeters. To complete the training, place your back and foot against the platform.

In this position, lower until the thigh of the front leg is parallel to the floor. Using the efforts of the gluteal muscles, return the body to the starting point.

The foot on the platform does not move. Do this training on alternate days 12-16 times in 2-3 approaches.

If you want to work not only the buttocks, but also the legs, in addition to the static attacks, you can perform the classics.

Exercises for the buttocks in the gym for girls: tips from the trainer.

Leg abduction

Rest your foot on the simulator, fix your hand on your arms so you can achieve balance. With your second foot, press the platform. Bend your legs a little, start pushing the lever back and up.

It is not necessary to bend the leg completely, strive to give the thigh a position parallel to the floor.

This training is final. The ideal is to do it in 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Do not believe that the announced magic promises the correction of the buttocks. An exceptional job in the gym will bring you the desired result as quickly as possible.

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