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Exercises for the lower back and lower back pain.

Exercises for the lower back and lower back pain.

The entire spine is surrounded by ligaments and muscles, which act as unloaders for the joints, as they relieve an additional load. But the muscles can atrophy if you lead a physically inactive lifestyle, and your discharge function is transferred to the ligaments and bones.

Often, from weakened muscles and pain in the spine, and to combat this, it is necessary to be regularly involved in its strengthening.

However, it should be understood that pain in the back or lower back can be a variety of reasons, and doing physical exercises against it alone is not enough. It is imperative that you consult a doctor with back pain, and in addition to the exercises, you can assign many other therapeutic methods (medications, massage, manual therapy, etc.).

However, a set of exercises for back pain can help relieve pain for themselves. One of the most common causes of these sensations is the excess tension in the lower back, and this is exactly the case when recovery gymnastics for back pain is an effective way to relieve it at home.

Below, we describe the different exercises for back pain, and the most basic and necessary of all in the fight against the disease.

With sudden pain

With a sharp attack of pain, try to get on your hands and knees, gently pushing your hands forward, lower your forearms as much as possible to the floor. If this does not hurt, stay in that position and try to stretch.

After that, climb gently on all fours and turn around. Double it with a minimum of effort.

Do some repetitions.

If the pain becomes latent due to attempts to stretch, you should stretch the leg carefully on the side with which the pain is not so strong. Slowly retract on one side and then on the back, bend the knees and press the spines to the floor.

Exercises for the lower back and lower back pain.

With pains too obvious and severe, it is better to stop exercising and relieve pain to rest, and do not hesitate to visit the doctor, only in this way you can get an accurate diagnosis and find out what steps you should take.

Useful exercises for the prevention of back pain.

The anesthetic gymnastics can be practiced lying down, sitting and standing, because any exercise helps in one way or another to stretch and strengthen the muscles. The most important thing – avoid loading on intervertebral discs.

It is ideal for relieving pain and it is recommended to do so after a busy day for you and your spine.

Where to start: lie on your back and lift your legs to the wall.

  • Make your breathing calm and even
  • as you exhale, feel the lower back relax,
  • concentrate on the lumbar spine,
  • Hold in this position for about five minutes.

Exercises for the lower back and lower back pain.

It is often from this exercise that it improves with back pain. Where to start: lie on your back and bend your legs, with your arms spread in different directions.

  • He inclines his legs to one side and at the same time he turns his head towards the other,
  • in the lowest position, relax,
  • exhaling, focus
  • Hold in this position for about twenty seconds
  • go slowly to the original position,
  • Repeat as many times as necessary.

Where to start: Stand on all fours, placing your palms exactly below your shoulders. Implementation technique:

  • gently lift the coccyx,
  • crouch on the lower back,
  • raise your chest without throwing back your head,
  • Stay in an approximate time of 5 seconds,
  • start to back up: pull the coccyx towards the floor,
  • slowly around the back,
  • The chin to the chest,
  • Stay again and then go back to the original.
  • Do as many times as you need and as much as you can.

Exercises for the lower back and lower back pain.

It must be done without problems. If you have difficulty maintaining balance, replace a chair.

Where to start: Stand up, knees slightly bent.

  • lower your head slowly on your chest and curl,
  • stay in this position for about fifteen seconds,
  • Return gently to the starting position.

It only differs from the previous one in that it should be carried out while sitting: adopt this option if you do not feel comfortable standing.

Where to start: sit with your legs slightly apart.

  • put your head on your chest, turn slowly,
  • fix the position for about fifteen seconds
  • Leaning on the legs, relax backwards.

Exercises for the lower back and lower back pain.

Three exercises

The following three back pain exercises and to relax the spine should be done sequentially.

Step 1. Stand up so that your legs are separated shoulder-width apart and, with your arms up, separate them.

  • Turn slowly to the right, turning your arms and legs,
  • Turning as much as possible, stop a few seconds.
  • In the same way, turn left,
  • Repeat as many times as you need.

Step 2. Crouch, legs and hands pressed on the forehead.

  • start moving your arms gently to one side,
  • at the same time, as it rises slowly and slowly from the ground,
  • Finally straightening, raise your hands.

Step 3. Duck, with your legs together, and stretch your arms forward and slightly to the side.

  • Position yourself so that your landing is as deep and close to the ground as possible,
  • feel the stretch in your spine
  • pull the hands and with your fingers imitates the claws.

Sedentary exercises

When you do not have the opportunity to exercise with back pain, for example, you are in the workplace and you have to sit down, you can sit down to do a couple of simple exercises, which are described below.

Exercises for the lower back and lower back pain.

  • Grasp the front edge of the seat and firmly raise the arms up, leaning back and forth. This exercise helps to quickly relieve tension in the aching back and the tired spine, since the load will go to other muscles.
  • Put your hand on your knee and push it hard. Then do the same with your other hand and the knee. Such an exercise is useful to eliminate fatigue of the shoulder girdle.

Foot exercises

When standing, it is possible to create a balanced load on the muscles of the back, hips, abs and glutes. If your activity is related to a prolonged stay in your legs, the following physical exercises are performed with back pain:

  • Stand up a little on tiptoe. Keep a few millimeters of the ground as far as you can. After a short rest, repeat again. So you can partially relieve the spine.
  • Turn your fingers behind your back and press on your back in the lower back. This will help to change part of the load from the back to the arms.

Therefore, they were all basic exercises that help with back pain, which offers physiotherapy. The correctly chosen physiotherapy complex can do wonders, so be careful with the choice of exercises and do the best you can. In the absence of contraindications from the doctor, you can use them safely when you need a quick and effective remedy for pain in the spine.

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