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Exercises for the lower back and lower back.

Exercises for the lower back and lower back.

Why is it so important to control the condition of your back and, in particular, your lower back? The fact is that the lower back is the most vulnerable part of the spine, and that is why it is necessary to participate in the prevention of problems that can appear without due attention to your health.

In other words, the back should be strengthened, and exercises for the lumbar spine designed for this purpose will help to do this. Special therapeutic gymnastics is by no means the last place in the prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis. Physical therapy, and in particular gymnastics for the lumbar spine, includes several types of training:

  • performed on the back,
  • performed in the stomach
  • performed on the side
  • Exercises for the lumbosacral spine.

However, before you begin to do exercises to strengthen your lower back muscles, consult a specialist to find an adequate training regimen. During class, try to avoid sudden and impulsive movements, do everything smoothly and slowly.

Also, do not overdo the load during a session increase the intensity gradually.

Strengthening exercises in the lower back are a long-term medical practice, therefore, be prepared to practice regularly, and you will surely get a good result.

How to do lying down

To begin, you must learn to press the lower part of your back to the floor. By being able to do this, you can easily train in other ways, because the technique of any of them requires maximum back pressure against the floor.

Place your right hand under your back to feel the movement of the muscles. Get a back to relax, and then press on the floor.

Delay for 5 seconds and relax your muscles. Do this several times.

If everything works, you can perform other exercises safely to strengthen your lower back and back from the physical therapy complex.

Exercise number 1. When you lie down, achieve maximum pressure on your back against the floor and stretch your arms along the torso.

  • straighten your legs and close them together
  • at a not too big angle, raise your legs,
  • keep them for about 10 seconds
  • go down without jerks

Exercise number 2. Your initial position remains the same as in number 1.

Exercises for the lower back and lower back.

  • Lift your legs at a low angle
  • Cross your legs one at a time: first, the left foot is below the right, and vice versa,
  • cross about 10 times or so
  • get some rest

Exercise number 3. Lie on your back and bend your knees.

  • get up from the back and stretch the arms below the knees,
  • fix the position for 10-15 seconds,
  • lie down and relax your body
  • Do the correct amount of repetitions.

Exercise number 4. Bend your knees and place your hands on your belt.

  • bend over and try to kneel with your head,
  • fix the position for 15 seconds
  • return to the original position
  • Repeat everything you need.

How to practice lying on your side.

Exercise number 1. Position yourself on the left side, extending your left hand forward, bend your right hand and place it on the floor in front of you with the palm of your hand.

  • Lift your right leg as high as you can
  • Fix it there for 10 seconds or a little more.
  • lower the leg
  • repeat again how much do you need
  • Go to the right side and do the same with your left foot.

Exercise number 2. To make an initial position, do the same as in the previous exercise.

  • close your legs together and try to lift them
  • arrange them this way for 10-15 seconds,
  • do some repetitions
  • Put it on the other side and do it again.

How to practice lying on your stomach.

To perform all of the following actions, it will be helpful to place a small diameter tight roller under your belly, which will prevent the spine from bending.

Exercise number 1. Lie on your belly and stretch your arms forward.

  • lift any of the legs
  • keep it in weight for 10-15 seconds
  • put your foot on the floor and do the same with the other foot,
  • Perform 5-10 repetitions with each leg,
  • lift both legs and keep them pressed for 10 seconds,
  • put your feet on the floor
  • perform the last two elements the required number of times.

Exercises for the lower back and lower back.

Exercise number 2. Lying on your stomach, place your hands on your belt and press your legs to make it easier to do so.

  • bend over, looking up,
  • try to move your shoulders back
  • hold the position for about 10 seconds
  • repeat

Exercise number 3. It remains the same as in the first exercise.

  • Lift your whole body and move your arms as if you were swimming
  • perform about ten movements of this type,
  • lay on the floor
  • repeat

For the lumbosacral spine.

Exercise number 1. Kneel and rest your palms on the ground.

  • raise the right leg with the left hand,
  • keep your weight for about 5-7 seconds,
  • The same should be done with the other arm and the other leg.

Exercise number 2. Kneel next to the chair and stretch your arms over it.

  • breathe deeply, bending the back,
  • exhale, relax the body,
  • Repeat as many times as you need.

Exercise number 3. Position yourself as in No. 1.

  • breathe
  • turn the torso to the right, without looking up from the floor,
  • exhale and return to the original position
  • in the same way, when inhale, turn to the left and to the original when exhaling,
  • repeat

They are all basic and most important exercises for the lower back. For back gymnastics to be effective, you must do the exercises daily, diligently and at a moderate pace.

At the slightest hint of pain during class, stop training: this is a sure sign that you need to see a doctor. Do not hesitate to visit it and save yourself from stress: after all, physiotherapy exercises should heal, not paralyze.

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