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Exercises for the pectoral muscles for girls and not only.

Exercises for the pectoral muscles for girls and not only.

A beautiful female body can easily be imagined without a tight elastic chest, but why? To achieve a beautiful shape will help the exercises for the pectoral muscles of girls, thanks to them, the chest will always remain seductive and the girl will feel better.

Dumbbells and a ball will help the girl pump her pectoral muscles. Thanks to him, the process of pumping the muscles will accelerate and the result will not last long.

You can do the exercises at home by replacing the weights with a couple of bottles of water or sand. In the gym for the same purpose, there are special simulators.

Before starting to train, you need to prepare. Classes should be comfortable, provoke pleasant emotions and give quick results. To ensure these conditions, you must pay special attention to clothing for training.

Ideal sports bra, which will provide the necessary support for the chest muscles.

Do not overload the pectoral muscles too much, two or three lessons per week will be enough to get the expected result.

Before starting the main exercise complex, it is recommended to warm up the muscles. To do this, you can perform the well-known exercise mill and any other warm-up exercise that will increase the effectiveness of the main exercise complex.

The main class complex.

To do this exercise, you will need a ball. It should be taken in the hand and placed at chest level.

At the same time the elbows separated. Doing the exhalation, the ball should be squeezed with the palms, giving charge to the muscles of the chest. After having remained in this position for at least six seconds, then you can relax.

Repeat the lesson at least eight times.

Exercises for the pectoral muscles for girls and not only.

The support is necessary for its performance. You can use a bed or a sofa at home, or a special simulator in the gym. Kneeling, you must rest your hands on the selected support. As you exhale, the arms at the elbows bend slowly until they form a right angle, rotating in that way. While pushing back it must be flat. Once the arms are straightened, the exercise is repeated at least fifteen times.

  1. Pointing hands with shells.

To perform this task in the gym you will need weights and a platform step by step. At home, they can be replaced with bottles of water or sand and with a bench or a bed.

It is necessary to take a supine position, legs bent at the knees, lower on the floor. The hands with shells (dumbbells) bend at the elbows and rise on the body.

The distance between the elbows should not exceed six inches. From such a position it is necessary to take the hands behind the head and return them to the stomach, while bending the elbows.

To achieve a visible result, you must make a movement at least fifteen times.

  1. Breeding hands with shells.

The initial position for this exercise is identical to the previous one, but to do so, the arms bent at the elbows must be separated. It is not necessary to extend the elbows.

In carrying out the task, you must constantly keep the chest and abdomen muscles tight. Do at least fifteen times.

  1. Mahi the straight arms with shells.

To perform the task to develop the muscles of the shoulder girdle, a step is necessary if the training is done in the gym, or in a bench or chair, if the work is done at home. It is necessary to take a sitting position, so that the hands with projectiles (dumbbells) can be lowered along the body and can hang freely. The back is strictly straight.

To carry out the task, it is necessary to raise the straight arms with projectiles (dumbbells) so that they can delineate a semicircle during the movement. The head weights are closed.

Also, without bending the arms at the elbows, they should be lowered. Duration of the exercise – at least fifteen times.

Exercises for the pectoral muscles for girls and not only.

This exercise is done from a prone position in the stomach. It emphasizes the palms of the hands, which should be located slightly wider than the shoulders, the elbows slightly bent, the emphasis on the toes. To carry out the task, you must bend the elbows more, lowering the chest to the ground.

The body must be completely parallel to the ground. After having remained in this position for a few seconds, it is necessary to return to its original position.

Ideally, the number of repetitions of the exercise should not be less than fifteen.

You can simplify the previous exercise a bit with the help of the leg. One of your legs should be bent a little in the knee and, leaning on it, helps the chest muscles to raise and lower the body.

As soon as the athlete feels she can cope with this exercise easily, she can proceed to a horizontal turn without a leg.

Another option for light turns is to turn from the wall. To do so, you should stand a short distance from the wall, so that with the arms slightly bent at the elbows, leaning against the wall, the body is slightly inclined.

Bending more than the elbows, near the wall with the face and chest. The legs should be firmly fixed on the floor to prevent slipping.

To perform this exercise, you need a stable bank or a step in the gym. It is done with dumbbells. Initial position: the upper part of the back and shoulder are on the bench, through it.

The rest of the body: on the weight, with emphasis on the legs bent at the knees, firmly resting on the floor. The back should be as straight as possible, parallel to the floor surface.

It is necessary to carry the shells (dumbbells) in the hands and lift them without bending the elbows. In the course of the task, the hands with projectiles (dumbbells) are placed behind the head, they are lowered just below the bench or the dance of the tap. The athlete should feel how the chest muscles are tense and stretched.

The back should remain flat, the pelvis can not be lowered, with the feet pressed against the floor. If you fix the position of the hands behind the head for a few seconds, return them to their original position.

Repeat the lesson at least fifteen times.

What exercises to do and what not to do, the athlete decides for herself, but it is worth noting that the more classes that are included in the complex, the faster you can achieve the results.

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