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Exercises for the pectoral muscles for men, the advice of professionals.

Exercises for the pectoral muscles for men, the advice of professionals.

The beautiful male breasts pumped from the days of the epic heroes of ancient Greece were considered an indispensable attribute of courage, heroism and endurance. Many bodybuilding professionals believe that they are the pectoral muscles, and not the biceps (which, no doubt, are also important), create this effect and make sex stronger in the eyes of others is brave, courageous and very strong.

In addition, the muscles pumped in men look beautiful and harmonious.

You should know that the pumping of the pectoral muscles for men and the corresponding result is everyone’s luck. Yes, exactly: it is available to almost everyone. There are exercises, whose correction and stability will change your figure beyond recognition.

In fact, they will help you to build a body that, perhaps, you have dreamed all your life. It is important that some exercises to inflate the breasts can be performed easily at home.

The beauty and strength of our bodies in our hands.

There are two types of pectoral muscles: large and small. The first is the largest in the area of ​​the human chest. That serves as a kind of business card for athletic men.

The pectoralis major muscle is attached to the key bone and passes directly from the clavicle to the sternum. It has its own function, which is the following: shoulder flexion, coercion and internal rotation.

As for the small human muscle, which has the shape of a small triangle, it is located directly below the large muscle and, in fact, duplicates its functions.

The set of exercises for breast inflation for men should be consistent with modern developments in this area and be effective. Due to the fact that every day will pump your chest an infinite number of times, the result may be delayed and for a long time.

Everything is much simpler: adhere to the correct technique and you will see pleasant and obvious changes in your body. It will begin to change for the better.

At the same time, there are special training complexes that you can do at home.

The details of the design of your own body.

The realization of a series of exercises related to the pumping of the pectoral muscles should be preceded by a plan well thought out and absolutely understandable for you, to develop an adequate training plan for each day and week. It is necessary to bear in mind: the training of the breasts is more effective in combination with the training of the triceps.

However, you should not work with them on the same day.

It is better to exercise in the following way: on the first day with the pectoral muscles and in the second with the triceps. The effect of this program is that, on the day of the pectoral muscles, the maximum load is directed to the thorax, while the triceps are also involved, but to a lesser extent. A similar situation occurs on the day of the triceps, just the opposite.

According to this scheme, it is necessary to work every week.

Exercises for the pectoral muscles for men, the advice of professionals.

Thus, by alternately inflating the muscles, the result becomes more efficient. Each one of them is loaded in a light and heavy way, which does not allow them to adapt to the effect of force.

In fact, there is a type of compensation for several parameters and, as a result, there is a more effective growth of muscle mass itself.

You have to remember: muscles must rest and relax. Therefore, when performing chest exercises for men, rest is extremely important.

Do not forget this when you train at home as a rule, there are no specialists. For the most part, this applies to beginners: they should not load their breasts more than twice a week.

The rest of the training must be at least 2 days. It is also worth limiting the total number of approaches, no more than 4 to 8 times.

Beginners take better care of themselves, 1-2 exercises of 2-3 approaches will suffice. If you want to increase the mass, the number of repetitions for the chest should be 10 to 12 times, and those that put greater emphasis on strength, 6 to 8 times.

The experts are sure: to get a beautiful and pumped chest, men do not need to look for unique and challenging exercises. The maximum effect in this part is achieved by the base complex. This applies, in principle, to all exercises and, above all, to those who are directly involved in the pumping of the pectoral muscles.

Do not forget: stretching and decompression of muscles (the process of losing weight) must be done very carefully and slowly.

Therefore, we can arrive at the following conclusion: the pumping and the increase of the pectoral muscle are carried out more effectively with careful and deliberate training, which include basic basic exercises.

How to become strong and beautiful?

And so you decided to pump the muscles of your chest. What exercises should be used to achieve maximum results? The most common are the following:

  • bench press
  • push up,
  • push-ups on the bars,
  • crosses

Consider each of the previous exercises in more detail.

This basic exercise is one of the most difficult. When doing it they intervened a group of muscles, but mostly pectorals.

Around this exercise, a lively discussion among professionals has recently emerged. Some of them believe that it is not suitable for all men who want to pump their own breasts.

The affirmation is not indisputable, especially because almost everyone appreciates the contribution of this exercise for beginners. A greater effect can be achieved if you use a neck with a wide grip. To get involved not only in the upper part of the chest, but also in its lower part, it is strongly recommended to perform a bench press on an inclined bench.

Due to its adjustment, the desired result is achieved. This exercise can be used at home.

Push up

This exercise is one of the most affordable and effective to inflate and increase the pectoral muscle. It can be done anywhere: in the room, at work, on the street and at home.

In terms of efficiency, it’s almost as good as a bench press. Do you want to increase the load?

Push out with a heavy backpack.

Exercises for the pectoral muscles for men, the advice of professionals.

Bank press

For men who want to pump the outer part of the pectoral muscle, its lower part, as well as the triceps, the athletic bars are very suitable. Just try to keep the distance between them about 70-80 cm. If they already are, then all the load to push will fall on the triceps.

Today, this sports team can be found more and more, not only in gyms, but also in stadiums and even courtyards.


Put your hands on the blocks, or crosses, that’s the name of the exercise, which results in inflating the inner and lower parts of the chest. Many athletes prefer classes similar to others, of similar functionality: the raising of hands with weights (dumbbells).

And this is understandable, since in the first case the stress in the reduced position occurs to a greater degree. But everything is individual.

Someone helps to effectively build a bench press for the chest and push up from the floor.

All the previous exercises effectively affect the increase of the pectoral muscles. But do not forget that each one of them has its specific effect on the chest and the area of ​​application. Naturally, pumping exercises in the pectoral muscles are much more.

That is why it is better to consult a specialist in this topic. It will develop for you an individual training program that will allow you to build a beautiful and pumped body in the shortest possible time and without damaging your health.

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