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Exercises for the pectoral muscles of women and girls.

Exercises for the pectoral muscles of women and girls.

Women who exercise in the gym tend to spend most of their time training their legs and the press, neglecting other parts of the body. However, for girls to develop harmoniously, sports activities should be directed to train all the muscles of the complex.

In this article we will analyze the most effective exercises for breast lift. The training of the pectoral muscles will allow women with a small bust to increase slightly due to an increase in muscle mass.

For women with large breasts, this training is also useful: they allow you to squeeze it, make it more elastic and beautiful. To become the owner of a tight elastic chest, you must regularly perform a series of exercises for muscle development, eat well and follow all the recommendations offered in the article.

You can do exercises both at home and in the gym. Training in the gym is more preferable for women, because:

  • allows you to perform a lot of exercises due to the diversity of simulators,
  • it is possible to work with dumbbells of different weights (convenient for women, since you can choose the right load for any level of training and then gradually increase it),
  • The classes are conducted under the supervision of a trainer, who will tell you how to tighten the chest with the help of exercises, develop a training program and give you the necessary advice and recommendations.

Women can do effective training at home. Dumbbells (preferably different weights) and a bar to train are needed. A set of exercises to train the female breast can be added to the main activities and can be performed on certain days.

To achieve a visible effect, women should practice several times a week for 20-30 minutes.

Exercises for the pectoral muscles of women and girls.

There are many breast lift exercises for women. Some of them, in addition to the pectoral muscles, are designed to develop other parts of the body (arms, shoulders), and the rest are isolation exercises that are intended only to train the chest.

Basic exercises for the chest.

The basic exercises are called exercises in which not only work the pectoral muscles, but also other parts of the body (back, arms, shoulders). The following are the most effective basic breast strengthening exercises:

  1. Push-ups: one of the best exercises to improve the elasticity of the female breast. In the first classes, you can stand up and push up on your bent knees, resting your palms on them (it will be easier for you). Bend the elbows to 90 degrees, try to bend the chest as low as possible. As you get used to the loads, you can remove the stand and push out from the floor with your legs straight (resting your toes on the floor). When doing push-ups, make sure that the body is a straight line. The buttocks should not bulge or bend down.
  2. The dumbbell bench can be performed while lying on a regular or tilted bench. In both cases, the exercise technique is the same: lie down on the bench, raise your arms straight with the weights up (hold the weights with a grip on you). Then, slowly lower the arms down, bend the elbows 90 degrees and repeat everything in the reverse order. When climbing, try to push the arms with dumbbells to remove them from the lower position, squeezing the pectoral muscles as much as possible. When you move down, bring your shoulder blades together and try to stretch your chest. You can adjust the angle of the bench: the higher, the more the upper area of ​​the chest and shoulders are lit. Regardless of the angle of inclination, in the upper position of the hand, always keep it perpendicular to the ground.
  3. Bench Press Lying on a tilted bench, take the bar with a wide grip. Remove it from the stop and move down, bending the elbows. Then, while exhaling, return your hands to the starting position.
  4. Push-ups on the uneven bars. When performing push-ups, the lower chest muscles are well trained. Original position: grasp the handles and lift the body up, stretching the arms. Keeping the legs slightly bent, bend the elbows and lower, then return. When moving the body downward, move the elbows back and the body is tilted slightly forward to reduce the load on your hands. Keep your back straight, do not help with the movements of the feet.
  5. Pull ups. Initial position: hanging on the bar with medium or wide grip, legs crossed and bent at the knees. Pull up, trying to reach the crossbar with your chest, and slowly lower it down.

Exercises for the pectoral muscles of women and girls.

Isolation exercises for the chest.

The isolation exercises in training should always follow the base. Such exercises are mainly aimed at developing the elasticity of the pectoral muscle, the rest of the body here almost does not work (with proper execution techniques). The most effective isolated exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscles are presented below:

  1. Butterfly exercise. It is carried out in a simulator. It is necessary to join the blocks and return them. The effort (the reduction of the hands) is done when exhaling, dilution, when inhaling. Press your back against the seat and do not move it during exercise.
  2. Putting your hands on the block. It is carried out, standing between two racks of the simulator. It is necessary to take the handles of the simulator and then pull them down, putting your hands together. When doing the exercises, bend your arms slightly on your elbows, keep your back and legs immobile.
  3. Breeding hands with dumbbells. Lie on a leaning bench, raise your arms slightly bent at the elbows with the weights up (with your palms facing each other). After having fixed the elbow joint, start the slow movement of the arms in different directions. The dilution of the hands is done in the exhalation, the reduction – in the inhalation. Reproduction can also be done on an inclined bench (the load on the upper part of the pectoral muscles increases).
  4. Jersey The exercise is done with dumbbells. Lie on the bench (so that the head hangs a little from him), raise your arms slightly bent upwards, palms come together and hold a dumbbell. On the exhale, lower the arms backwards, behind the head (as low as possible). When performing the exercise, do not change the position of the elbow joints.

Exercises for the pectoral muscles of women and girls.

Lesson Tips

Each of the exercises proposed in the article must be done by women in 2 sets of 15 times. In the first stage, take classes with small weight dumbbells (3-4 kilograms).

Then, when you feel that the muscles are no longer tired and exercise is given too easily, increase the weight and number of repetitions of each exercise.

Do at least 2 times a week, adding a set of exercises in the chest to the main lesson or executing them on certain days. It is best to train the chest with the muscles of the back or arms.

For each day of training, do a set of 3-4 exercises. In the initial stage, spend more time doing basic exercises.

Warm up before training. It is necessary to warm up the muscles to train.

Follow the exercise technique carefully. Do them well, then the effect will not take long.

After training, stretch the pectoral muscles. You can do this in the following way:

  1. Put your hands behind your back and take one by one, with your fingers crossed. Slowly raise your hands, stay at the extreme point and lower your back.
  2. Stand at the entrance and extend the arms to the sides, resting on the walls on both sides. Holding your hands, bend the upper body forward, stretching the pectoral muscles.

Follow all the recommendations, and after a month of regular workouts, your breasts will become more tense and elastic.

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