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Exercises for the press at home for women, the best examples.

Exercises for the press at home for women, the best examples.

Probably, all the women thought about keeping their fitness in good shape. And this is good, because human nature is striving for good health and being attractive to the opposite sex.

But sometimes it’s hard for a woman in her busy schedule to find time to go to the gym, and sometimes it just is not enough money to pay for a subscription. How to get out of the situation? Here we come to the aid of effective exercises for the press for girls, which will be discussed in this article.

They are easy to make at home, their effectiveness is undeniable.

Briefly on the structure of the muscles of the press.

We will not bother our readers with academic calculations about the anatomy of the press, but we will tell them about what will be of practical use. Conventionally, the abdominal muscles can be divided into three groups: upper, lower, oblique. The development of each of these groups is important to build a beautiful and flat stomach.

For most people who do not practice professional sports, the lower and oblique departments are less developed than the superior ones. That’s why an effective set of exercises for the home, as a rule, pays close attention to the lower and oblique muscle groups.

Abdominal exercises for girls are selected in a special way to emphasize their femininity and natural beauty.

In childhood, many did not like this part and lost it. But the importance of warming is hard to overestimate.

Taking the cardiovascular system to the preparation for combat, increasing the elasticity of the ligaments, a wave of vigor and strength, all this gives us a warm up at home. We recommend spending 5 to 10 minutes at home.

The simplest but most effective exercises in the school program are perfect for our goal.

Inverse turns

This exercise is one of the best in the lower abdominal muscles. Lie on the floor or on the mat and bend your knees at a right angle.

Squeeze the hips towards the chest, stretching the abdominal muscles. Then, lower your legs, without placing your feet on the floor between 2 and 5 centimeters. Wait a second and start the cycle again.

We recommend doing 3-5 approaches, and the first one is an easy warm up. Determine the number of repetitions, based on your physical fitness.

Exercises for the press at home for women, the best examples.

Oblique torsion

Lie on your back, bend your knees slightly. Hold your feet firmly against the floor to ensure a stable position. Place your left foot on the knee of your right foot, with your hands behind your head.

To perform an exercise with a pressure force, lift the scapula off the floor and rotate the upper body toward the left knee along a diagonal path. Do not tear the backs of the floor and repeat the repetitions towards the right and left knees.

After twenty repetitions, place the right ankle on the left knee and repeat the cycle. The number of repetitions may vary depending on your training.

We recommend doing 3-5 approaches. This exercise can be done at home and gives a good job in the oblique abdominal muscles.

Difficult exercise, but extremely effective that will load all the press. Take this exercise with caution and be careful with the technique. You should lie on your back and stretch your arms above your head so that they form an angle of something less than 180 degrees with your body.

Then, using the abdominal muscles, lift the lower and upper limbs at the same time so that the body fits in the letter V. A set of exercises at home will give you better results if you practice the fold. But do not despair if you do not get this exercise, because after a while your press will become stronger and you can start classes.

We advise you to do 2-5 approaches.

Perfect to explore the entire abdomen. For women, a bicycle is irreplaceable, since its dynamism is a good burden for the press and does not make it boring. Then, we proceed directly to the execution technique.

Lie down, bending your legs at a right angle and putting your hands behind your head. Simulate a bike ride with your legs, while slightly lifting your upper body.

We recommend carrying out 2-3 approximations with the maximum number of repetitions.

Exercises for the press at home for women, the best examples.

This exercise provides a static load on the muscles of the press, which, in turn, provides effective results at home, since muscles are not very common for this type of tension. To perform this exercise, bend the elbows at a right angle and support the elbows.

The angle between the legs and the body should be 180 degrees. You can also try the light version of the strap. To do this, rest your elbows and bend your legs to your knees.

It is recommended to use a stopwatch to control the execution time. Do 1-3 approaches.

Scissors in the horizontal plane.

Take a prone position, slightly raise your legs off the floor. Next, describe the trajectory of the scissor blades with the toes before burning the muscles.

You can also control the exercise time with a stopwatch. Do 2-4 approaches. The lower section of the press will work well, and there will also be an acceptable load for the upper section.

A very popular exercise for the home.

Swing legs

Suitable as the completion of the complex to polish the abdominal muscles at home. Take a prone position, lift your foot two feet off the floor and turn the limbs as fast as you can.

The more active the exercise, the better you will finish the abs. We recommend doing this exercise, as they say, until it is rejected, that is, until the muscles can make a single movement.

Excellent for the role of press exercises as a child and for older women. Get up on all fours, level your back. Inhale deeply and try to draw the abdomen to the maximum, while relaxing the abdominal muscles.

Begin with 5 repetitions, gradually increase your number. The effective results will also be given by an increase in the time it takes to maintain the abdominal vacuum. Pay special attention to this exercise.

Even thin people have a belly, and this is not always associated with the amount of fat. In most cases, this is due to the weakness of the transverse abdominal muscles, which is practiced with exercise for women under vacuum.

You can also do this exercise at home while doing your own business, for example, while reading a book.

Exercises for the press at home for women, the best examples.

  1. It is not necessary to perform the whole complex, it will be more effective to perform up to five exercises at will. Start from your physical state, and then the results will not take long.
  2. Practice not with a full stomach, but not with an empty stomach. Eat comfortably before class in two hours.
  3. We recommend training about three times a week. If you feel confident in your abilities, exercise more often.
  4. The pain in the abdominal muscles is normal. But if you have a series of exercises for the press at home, but the pain has not passed, we advise you to skip the exercise. It is better to subload than to overtrain.
  5. Remember the technique of doing exercises at home. Learn to listen to your body.

Previous press exercises for girls will help your figure be slim, athletic and fit. The purpose of this complex for women is not so much an increase in muscle mass, as drawing and giving relief at home.

That is why you will not lose in femininity, practicing these exercises, but, on the contrary, you will increase.

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