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Exercises for the press at home, the best exercises.

Exercises for the press at home, the best exercises.

How to pump your press without leaving home? – This question is quite nontrivial in our time, because everyone wants to show cubes in their stomach. In fact, anyone can do this after all, they all have it, even though they are hidden behind the layer of fat. We will tell you how to eliminate it and get a really beautiful press, what effective exercises you need to do for the abdomen.

But first, before you know what exercises your press should do at home, you should learn how to properly prepare for the classes.

What do you need to start?

The exercise is only half the battle. To inflate a good abdominal press, you must also eat well.

Training and good nutrition will give the desired result, but only if you combine them. One without the other will be almost useless, because even if you pump the press, due to inadequate nutrition, it will still hide a layer of fat. This means that the efforts will be ineffective.

If you want to start training, you have to normalize the diet. And how to do it?

How to eat

There are not many conditions for this, and in themselves they are quite simple:

  1. You need to calculate your daily calorie intake. Information and formulas can be found on the Internet.
  2. It is necessary to eat certain foods: one third of the foods that are taken must be rich in proteins, and the rest, in carbohydrates.
  3. Drink plenty of water, 1.5-2 liters per day.
  4. You need to eat quite often, but little by little. Also be sure to have breakfast in the morning.

So, there are not so many conditions, and it will simply change your diet. Remember that without this it will not work without functioning.

If you discovered how to eat, you can go to the complex of exercises for the abdomen.

Preparation for classes

Before starting a training complex, it is very important to warm up. Charging in the morning is a good idea. These classes are similar in themselves, they are very easy to do.

You can warm up in several ways, for example, squatting, jogging or heating the main joints of the arms and legs with rotating movements. It can take only 10 minutes to warm up, but it is very important, since it will save you from injuries, which will probably cause you to suspend classes for a long time.

So the best workouts are those that do not hurt you.

Exercises for the press at home, the best exercises.

After doing the training, you should start exercising the press at home.

What exercises are necessary for a beautiful press?

So, now you can start the complex of exercises for the abdomen. But before that it is necessary to mention that it is not recommended to practice every day, between the days of classes leave 1 day to rest and recover.

  • Twisting

Exercise for the upper abdominal muscles. We are reclining on our backs, having fixed our legs behind a fixed object, a sofa can be at home like this thing.

Hands placed on the chest, hands on the shoulders. Bend the torso towards the legs, then return to the starting position.

Do three sets of 20 repetitions.

The exercise, the opposite of the first, is aimed at the lower abdominal muscles. The initial position is the same as lying on your back.

Instead of legs, we fix the torso, grabbing the heavy thing with our hands. The exercise is that we raise our legs, trying to touch their knees to the chest. Next, the legs should be lowered, touching the ground with the heels of both legs.

It can be complicated if you wish: do not touch the floor with your feet when doing the exercise, keep them on the floor during the return to the starting position. And – as low as possible, but without touching.

So it will create an additional burden on the abdominal muscles and increase the effectiveness of the training.

Designed for the development of external and internal oblique abdominal muscles. This is a good exercise for the abdomen. The initial position is similar to the previous one.

It is necessary to bend the legs in the knees and press the waist against the floor. We bend our hands behind the nape of the neck. When inhaling, lift your torso slightly, trying to touch the opposite knee with your elbow, making a point movement.

On the exhalation, we return to the initial position. After a minimum pause, we do the same with the other knee and the elbow.

Just do 20 exercises, if you can, then 20 on each side.

Exercise on the lateral abdominal muscles. Unlike other exercises, we do not lie on our backs, but on our side.

We bend our legs, one rests on the other. We extend the lower arm parallel to the floor surface and rest lightly on it with the palm of our hand.

The upper hand we have for the head. Lift the pelvis slightly, looking up on the forearm from the ground. At the same time, the body itself also rises and is pulled out in a line.

The elbow of the upper arm rests on the knee, at the upper point we remain a couple of seconds, after which we return to the initial position. As in the last exercise, we turn around and do the exercise with the opposite arms and legs.

The number of repetitions and conditions remains the same.

Exercises for the press at home, the best exercises.

  • Toe table

Exercise quite effective for the abdominal press. Initial position: emphasis on lying, but not on your hands, and on your forearm and elbows. Alternatively, as if throwing legs, bend your knees and squeeze closer to your torso.

Then return to the initial position, after which perform this movement with the other leg, repeat the cycle as many times as necessary, the approaches remain the same, there are three of them.

A complex of such exercises will help to inflate a beautiful press. They are relatively simple and, when you get used to it, you will be very easy to do.

However, if you do not like any of the exercises, it is too uncomfortable to do it or, in your opinion, it has stopped being effective at a certain stage you can create your own set of exercises. For this, it is enough to learn some secrets that will be revealed below.

How to create your own combination of exercises?

It will not bring special difficulties, it is enough to familiarize yourself with several exercises, which are quite on the Internet. Choose the ones you like the most, also remember to choose one or two exercises for each group of abdominal muscles: upper muscles, lower muscles, obliques and lateral abdominal muscles.

Make your complex, focusing on the above, try it.

Difficulties you will not have, because just twisting has dozens of options for implementation. Experiment, try, select the exercises for your physical capacity and experience. If you have a horizontal bar in your house – fine, you can choose effective exercises for the lower press with your use.

Also, do not forget that half of your press makes adequate nutrition.

In general, the exercises described above for your press at home are sufficient, the most important thing is to follow the correct diet and exercise regime. If you keep the mode described for a long time, you will definitely achieve even more than just a beautiful inflated press.

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