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Exercises for the press: the initial complex for training at home.

Exercises for the press: the initial complex for training at home.

Oh, what a beautiful body are the words that will delight the ears of every woman and every man. To approach the ideal, you will have to make significant efforts, because the facade of our body is not only a face, but also a beautiful pressing and waist.

An imperfect figure, especially a flaccid and greasy abdomen, can be the cause of many complexes, so the exercises for the press, designed to improve the body, still have an important psychological aspect.

What is the press

Volumetric belly often gives its owner a great inconvenience. It is difficult to hide under clothes, and it is difficult to choose suitable clothes.

When corsets and underwear are worn, there is a high risk of impaired blood circulation and breathing, which often leads to loss of consciousness.

Contrary to popular belief, an outstanding belly may not be only in fat people. Such problems arise due to the low tone of the abdominal muscles, the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area.

Remember that fat is formed both under the skin and in the abdominal cavity, so putting the waist in order is always the most difficult.

The appropriately constructed training complex allows an effort to kill two birds with one stone: strengthen the abdominal muscles and reduce the amount of fat accumulation. To achieve the desired result of exercises for the press, you must work all the muscles responsible for the shape of the abdomen:

  • Transverse muscle: responsible for the flexion and flexion of the body.
  • Oblique muscles: help maintain posture and shape the waist
  • Straight muscle – holds and protects the ribs.

A sedentary lifestyle, coupled with minimal physical effort leads to a weakening of muscle tone. First, this is reflected in the state of the rectus muscle, so that the lower part of the abdomen begins to give way.

The position also affects the degree of elasticity of the press. Remember that a beautiful belly is not only a diet, but also exercises for the press.

How to pump the press

Becoming the difficult path of forming the body of a dream, you should become familiar with the basic rules of press training. First, decide how and where you want to make the classes.

If you have many complexes and are not ready to present your problem areas for all to see, or just prefer privacy, then press exercises can be done at home.

Exercises for the press: the initial complex for training at home.

Those who can not tune in for regular workouts should buy a gym membership. There are also special homemade simulators to pump the abdominal muscles, thanks to which it will be much easier to make the stomach flat and beautiful.

Accelerating significantly the emergence of the first results will help the correct program, providing the study of all the muscles.

Of course, the most effective exercises for the press cause all the abdominal muscles to contract, but they always work with different intensity.

It is necessary to train the upper press using one technique, the lower one – another. You can create an individual training complex on your own or by contacting a competent trainer. Consider the technique of breathing during training: at the time of greatest effort, inhale, while relaxing, exhale.

Remember that you can not hold your breath during stress, it can lead to an oxygen deficiency and deterioration of health.

It is not necessary that you try to dominate the professional complex the first time, since this burden has a dubious advantage. The intensity should increase gradually, taking into account the strength and capabilities of the organism.

The main thing in this process is to perform exercises for the press regularly. Remember, everyone has a press!

Diets and workouts.

Depending on the type of vigil, a person can be more active in the morning or at night, it is at the time of such activity that it is worth conducting a training. Press exercises should be done with a hungry stomach or after an hour and a half after eating.

By observing a diet during the training period, listen to your body more scrupulously. Regardless of the diet programs you use, it is always a stressful condition that requires a lot of energy, so uncontrolled loads at this time can seriously affect your health.

Try to harmonize restrictions on food and exercise for the press: this approach guarantees a great result.

Exercises for the press: the initial complex for training at home.

Effective technology

To achieve the best effect of training, it is necessary to work the abdominal muscles in a complex. To do this, adjust the exercises for the press, different implementation techniques: study of the press inferior or superior.

As a general rule, when training the upper press, use simple exercises associated with lifting the torso while the pelvic area is immobile. The lower press is practicing the leg lift.

The oblique muscles respond well to twisting of various types. Static exercises for the press, a classic or improved table, will help to achieve the elasticity of the rectus muscle.

To quickly get rid of the fat, you can supplement the complex breathing exercises of training with the active suction of the abdomen.

Top press

  1. To perform the first pumping exercise of the upper press, you must take a prone position on the ground. Tighten the legs bent at the knees to the body, they should be placed at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the torso. To inhale, tear the blades off the floor, return to the starting position with an exhalation.
  2. Take a starting position on the floor and lift your legs without bending your knees. Therefore, the legs and torso must be perpendicular. Now try to lift your torso as high as possible, trying to reach your feet with the tips of your fingers.
  3. When you lie on the floor, bend your knees, fixing your hands on the back of your head. Gently lift the upper part of the body, observe the spine and do not cut it off the floor, and the abdominal muscles must be in tension. Try to stay at the top for a while.

This complex must be done in 3 sets of 10 minutes each.

Exercises for the press: the initial complex for training at home.

Bottom press

  1. In the prone position, firmly press the lower part of the back and the shoulder blades towards the floor. Bending the legs on the knees, lower them alternately slowly to the left and right side. As a complicating element, it is possible to use a small ball between the knees, so that the abdominal muscles become more tense.
  2. Take a starting position on the floor, raise your legs and pull your knees towards your chest. At the peak voltage, stop for a few seconds, then take the initial position. If your physical training is at the higher level than the initial one, then exercise can be complicated by doing it without bending the knees.
  3. Lying on your back, perform simple movements with your feet that resemble riding a bicycle. Do not lower your legs to the floor until the end of the exercise.

Recommendations for beginners.

In the early stages, you should not try to do a maximum of repetitions, so you get tired and for a long time you will not be able to start a new workout.

The best exercises for the press should cause maximum tension of the abdominal muscles. If during training you feel pain in the neck or back, this is a sign that the technique is not correct.

The simple actions described that are performed regularly with a gradual increase in the load will cause your stomach to contract, and a beautiful relief and elasticity will appear. It will become not only your pride, but the confirmation of an active lifestyle and health.

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