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Exercises from the stoop: classes to correct posture.

Exercises from the stoop: classes to correct posture.

For a person to be healthy and full of strength, correct posture is important. Prevents spinal curvature and the development of scoliosis.

The weakened back muscles are the main cause of the disease. The stooping exercises help them to strengthen themselves quickly and effectively.

Causes of the problem.

For many people, spinal problems begin at an early age. This is facilitated by the time spent at the desk, watching TV in an awkward position, long games on the computer.

In children, the shoulders fall and begin to stoop, causing irreparable damage to the spine. The problem is compounded by a sedentary lifestyle, various microtrauma and chronic diseases.

A weakened muscular corset causes the natural curves of the vertebrae to become more noticeable. The first warning signs of a stooped back appear, to which you should definitely pay attention:

  • bulging tummy
  • rounded turn
  • constricted chest
  • bulging blades
  • low head

When such changes occur in a child, parents need to show it to the doctor urgently. If the hunched does not fight in the initial stage, a pathological deformity of the spine occurs. The nerves of the spinal cord are held, the vertebral discs are erased.

This causes pain in the back, migraines, blurred vision with age.

According to the doctors’ observations, there are two types of reasons why the disease develops. They are divided into:

The curvature of the spine caused by physical reasons, begins with the fact that a person does not follow the posture. The psychological causes are much deeper.

Bending makes the complexion, lack of self-confidence. Trying to isolate himself from the hostile world, a man unconsciously lifts his shoulders, lowers his head and bends his back.

Psychological problems are often responsible for stooping in adults and children.

Exercises from the stoop: classes to correct posture.

How to determine the disease?

Sutulaya’s back immediately attracts attention. To determine the degree of spinal injuries, it is necessary to stretch in a horizontal position on a hard surface.

If the curvature is equal, then the situation can be corrected by performing exercises against loafers.

With absolute certainty it is impossible to trust such verification. To exclude catastrophic changes in the spine that require surgical treatment, you must undergo a medical examination.

The doctor will perform a thorough examination, prescribe an x-ray or a CT scan. After installing an accurate diagnosis for the return of a flat position, a set of therapeutic measures is designated:

  • Special exercise for the back
  • Lessons in the pool, massages.
  • manual therapy
  • He wore a corset, tightening the muscles of his back.

It may take several months to level your posture, but the result is worth it. In fact, the incorrect position of the spine adversely affects the work of all the organs, harms the appearance and greatly reduces the quality of life.

What to do

Of great importance is the bed for rest and pillow. To avoid problems with the spine, you should sleep on a flat and hard mattress. The pillow should choose a small one.

When lying on it, the head should not rise above the body, but form a line with it. When it comes to stooping, it is recommended to buy special pillows designed to level your back or sleep for a while without them.

To get rid of the stoop, you must perform a special series of exercises designed to improve your posture. It is important to comply with the basic requirements: always keep your back straight, without forgetting to straighten your shoulders.

Exercise should strengthen the muscles of the neck, back and shoulders. To complete them you need half an hour of free time, a hard gym mat and a positive mood.

Experts recommend doing exercises in the morning, immediately after getting up. If this is not possible, you can transfer the training to a later time, but keep in mind that it should be done 2 hours after meals and a few hours before going to bed.

Simple exercises

After warming up the muscles, start doing push-ups from the floor. They need to do 10 times. They help to build muscle mass in the back and arms.

Also, while pushing the column straightens and takes the desired shape.

Exercises from the stoop: classes to correct posture.

  • The next exercise is called Barco. Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms in front of you. Lift your legs first, then your arms. Start the limbs at 20-30 cm from the floor. Perform the task 20 times.
  • Then try the most difficult exercise – Basket. Children can do it without effort. Adults who have a sedentary lifestyle have difficulty doing this exercise to correct a stoop. Lying on your stomach, bend your knees. Detach the shoulders of the floor, take your feet with your hands and try to bring them to the back of the head. Hold this position for one minute, return to the starting position and repeat the exercise. At the beginning, do 3-4 approximations. When the body gets used to the load, increase the number to 10.
  • To strengthen the muscles of the back with bending helps the cat’s posture. It is necessary to stand on all fours and, alternatively, to arch and bend the spine.
  • For the development of the shoulder muscles they become smooth. Pull your right hand up, take your left hand behind your back. Bend both elbows and try to join your palms behind your back. Count 2-3 seconds, lower your hands and repeat the movement in the other direction. For a positive dynamic to occur, it is required to regularly do 8 approaches with each hand.
  • To strengthen the muscles of the cervical region, sit on the mat, bend the knees, pull out the head, stretch the shoulders and try to bring the shoulder blades closer. Repeat the movement 6 times.

The best exercise to crouch at home – Wall. Choose a flat wall or door. Press your back against it so that 5 points of your body touch the wall:

Do not repeat a common mistake and do not try to tilt your head back unnecessarily to touch the wall. Instead, it is better to bend in the thoracic spine.

Hands down The slightly bent elbows should touch the wall.

At first, hold on for 3-4 minutes. You will experience discomfort, since the muscles are not used to being in this position.

Increase the time daily in 1 minute until it reaches 7-8 minutes.

Exercises with a load.

To strengthen the muscles of the back are useful exercises with auxiliary objects. Take some fine books, put them on your head and walk with them for 10 minutes.

During this time it is important not to drop the leaflets. To achieve this, you must keep your back straight and constantly monitor your posture.

You can sew a small bag, fill it with 200-300 g of sand and use it instead of books. Good help squats with a load on the head.

Do them 10 times a day.

Great exercise – imitation cycling. Lie on your back, lift your legs and begin to make circular movements with them.

In the hands of the squeeze a long stick. Lift it rhythmically up and down on your chest.

Do not stop the class for 5 minutes.

To prevent complications, start training after consulting with your doctor. To prevent muscle microtrauma, increase the load gradually.

Do not forget that even minor defects in posture require correction. Therefore, align the muscle tone, fortify them with a special set of exercises.

It will increase the flexibility of the spine and improve overall health.

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