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Exercises in the gym: tips for beginners.

Exercises in the gym: tips for beginners.

A healthy lifestyle has become fashionable. Men and women want to have a healthy, beautiful and strong body, which can be obtained thanks to proper nutrition, constant physical effort, a relaxing rest and, of course, good humor! Anyone who cares about their health and stays in good shape, surely regularly or from time to time attends the gym, where they exercise according to a specially selected training program.

At home, of course, you can do many basic exercises, but a visit to the gym has a number of undeniable advantages.

In the first place, it is a certain atmosphere present in the room. It helps to tune into the process and get the maximum effect of the training. The home environment is relaxing, and in the corridor, observing the people who practice beside, I also want to actively participate in the process and work.

You can also observe the athletes and notice for themselves how to do this or that exercise properly, as well as what type of training complex is most effective. Second, in the room there is a special sports team (weights, dumbbells, balls, belts, rings, etc.), as well as simulators to work all the muscle groups.

Consequently, the effect of training increases significantly.

Third, as a general rule, in any simulator there is a qualified trainer that will help you choose the right training program for you and explain how to do the exercises correctly. He will tell you in detail what exercises you need to add to the complex and what are the best ones to eliminate them completely.

Fourth, here you can meet new friends with whom you will be united by common sports interests. Even if you are new to this business, you should not be ashamed of your inexperience. Everyone came to the room once for the first time.

Feel free to ask questions, will be happy to help you in everything.

Exercises in the gym: tips for beginners.

Driving classes

  1. No matter what they say, it is imperative to drink water during training, as the dehydrated body weakens and can not complete the program completely. Bring a bottle of still water to the gym and take a few sips after each set.
  2. Always, before doing a series of exercises, do a simple warm-up: do several sets of push-ups, several squats, jump on the rope, hit a pear, knead the joints. It will take you about fifteen minutes. The main thing to remember is that the success of strength training depends to a large extent on the proper warm-up!
  3. Begin any exercise program with a small weight to fully prepare your muscles for the next load.
  4. The classes are done only in a set of exercises specially selected for you. You must have this list. It is not necessary to walk from one simulator to another without having a training program.
  5. The improvement of your physical forms will definitely be noticed during three months of regular strength training in the gym, if, of course, you do not forget the proper nutrition. But do not evaluate the result of the figures on the scales, make measurements of volumes.
  6. Every 2-3 months of training, change the training program to another, because over time the muscles get used to the same exercises, progress stops. The new types of exercises that involve different muscle groups and the change of load allow them to keep in shape
  7. Add weight gradually, but remember that a long session with the same weight will not lead to the desired growth of the muscles.
  8. After performing a series of exercises, be sure to stretch the muscle group you trained. This will help the tissues recover faster and be ready for the next workout much sooner.
  9. To get the best result, training in the gym should be done at least three or four times a week.

Exercises in the gym: tips for beginners.

Basic exercises that can not be neglected.

If you want to increase muscle mass, the basic condition will be the inclusion of basic exercises in the training complex. Start with small weights and gradually increase them. Sometimes, in the pursuit of weight, the technique of exercising begins to suffer, which, in turn, negatively affects the result of training and can also cause unwanted injuries.

Therefore, in any case, it is better to do the exercise correctly than to do it, but with more weight! Basic exercises (basic):

  1. The bench press from the chest is a good exercise to develop strength and increase muscle mass. Subdivided into the following types: bench press on a horizontal bench, bench press on an inclined bench and bench press on a negatively inclined bench. The bench press, performed correctly, in the horizontal bench, puts to work the muscles of the middle part of the thorax, as well as the triceps and partially the deltoid muscles. Hold the bar on your outstretched arms, lower the bar until it touches your chest, and then lift it back onto the outstretched arms. The bench press on an inclined bench pumps the upper part of the chest and the triceps as well. The more the bench rises, the more the upper chest will be compromised. The closer the position of the bench is to the horizontal, the greater the lower part of the thoracic section. With a chest pressure on the bench with negative tilt, the lower chest and triceps work.
  2. A squat with a bar is also one of the basic basic exercises. It uses almost all the muscles of the legs and buttocks, as well as the lower back. By including him in the training program, you will soon notice that the legs are noticeably stronger and his form has improved. Technique: take a position towards the neck, which is in the frame of power. Place it on the muscles of the trapezius and fix the hands with a grip on the top slightly wider than the shoulders, back one step, spread the legs at shoulder height and separate the stockings a little. The weight should be distributed evenly on both legs. Inhale deeply and start to lower, keeping the level of your back and looking forward. The knees, flexing, move slightly, and the buttocks down and back. Move to a position where the thighs are parallel to the floor and, stretching the muscles of the thighs, return to the starting position. Remember that the wider the legs, the more the muscles of the buttocks will be used in the exercise. Crouching with a bar can also be done together with the deadlift.
  3. The classic deadlift is a very effective type of exercise that, if done correctly, will involve 2/3 of a person’s muscles. He is present in any training program. Lean and bend your legs slightly at the knees, while keeping your back straight, take the neck, lie on the floor and remain erect. Lower the neck gently, gently while moving, it seems to slide along the hips. Go down, inhale, rise – exhale. This exercise, if done correctly, perfectly develops the muscles of the back, hips and abs. When incorporating the deadlift into the training program, it is important to choose the correct weight so that you can lift it with your back completely straight. If the back muscles are still quite weak and without training, we recommend that you perform a hyperextension before including this exercise in the training complex for two months, a couple of times a week.

Exercises in the gym: tips for beginners.

Basic exercises for hands.

  1. With the help of the army press (press with chest bar), you can pump the deltoid muscles and the triceps. This type of press can be done with the neck and with normal dumbbells, both standing and sitting. Choose the optimal weight for the job, grip the neck to the width of the shoulders. Approach and replace the chest below the fingerboard, and then tighten the muscles of the back and abs and remove it from the support. Make the press up, straightening your arms. Lower the neck slowly, trying not to touch the chest at the bottom.
  2. The bench press with a narrow grip works very well on the muscles of the triceps. Therefore, those who want to have beautiful hands should include this exercise in the training complex. This type of press is recommended to perform with the highest possible weights, but with a small number of repetitions in the approach.
  3. Lifting the bicep bar is a great exercise to build bicep muscle mass. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Take the bottom, take the bar and, looking forward, begin to lift it. During exercise, try to keep your elbows immobile: do not move them from side to side, do not move them away from the body. Climb to the level of the parallel with the floor or a little higher and start lowering the neck. At the lowest point, do not fully extend the arms in stabs, as in this case, the muscles relax. Exercise must be done so that the body does not participate in the process, and the bar rises only due to the contraction of the triceps muscles.

There is no need to doubt! Prepare a sports uniform, buy a good mood and buy a subscription to the gym.

There you can choose for yourself an effective training program, in which each set of exercises will be aimed at making your body healthier and more attractive. After the first few weeks of regular gym workouts, you will feel much more confident, and even before, the higher spirits will rise even higher!

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