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Exercises on the press in the gym: effective complexes.

Exercises in the press at the gym: effective complexes.

Being in perfect physical shape while having a tight belly with cubes is everyone’s dream. To achieve this, many begin to balance their abs at home or go to the gym.

However, without knowing the correct technique to perform an exercise, it is extremely difficult to achieve the desired forms, but simply to injure yourself.

The presence of a special team and a professional trainer in the gym can show up remarkably in the results. The sports team will provide the opportunity to work more effectively with a different group of abdominal muscles. At the same time, the trainer will point out possible mistakes made by the student.

The sports atmosphere, reigning in the gym, will adjust to the desired mode.

Basic principles of fruitful training.

To avoid feeling discomfort during the session, professionals recommend training on an empty stomach. It is desirable that the last meal was not less than 2 hours before going to the classroom.

During this period of time, the body manages to digest food, as well as recharge the energy necessary for exercise.

Before going directly to the exercises aimed at different groups of abdominal muscles, you should do a warm-up. By heating the neck, back, arms, it is easy to prepare the body for more effort.

Such heating will prevent kinks and other injuries.

It is possible to pump cubes, training 3 times a week and at the same time giving the press 15-20 minutes (for 1 lesson). The beginner should perform each exercise on the abdominal muscles in 1 approach.

This corresponds to 10-20 repetitions. Those who have been engaged for a long time should devote a little more time to each individual exercise.

It is recommended that they perform the same number of repetitions (as beginners), but only in 3 approaches.

It is very easy to avoid injuries if the load increases gradually and clearly follows the recommendations of the professionals. It is better to calculate the same amount of upper, lower and lateral pressure.

This will allow you to build muscle evenly and eliminate the appearance of uneven and one-sided buckets.

Exercises on the press in the gym: effective complexes.

It is not difficult to increase the effectiveness of training in the gym, it is enough to master the proper breathing technique. Its essence is the following.

It is necessary to inhale oxygen through the nose and exhale through the mouth when the load is maximum (when the body is lifted, in the upper part of the pressure and the legs, in the lower part). This technique will avoid discomfort, lack of oxygen and will also help to make workouts more productive.

When performing a strong load, muscle contraction should be done with a press, not with the muscles of the back or arms. Using this rule, it is very easy to avoid injuries and increase the effectiveness of the training.

Complex for the upper press.

Exercises in the top press in a gym, as a rule, are the following:

  • lifting the body in the bank
  • twisting the ball
  • Flexion in a block simulator.

During the first exercise, the bench is set at an angle of 10 ° for beginners and 30-40 ° for those who have been busy for a long time. When lifting the body, it is recommended to start first the head and shoulders of the projectile and then the body.

The body rises in an exhalation, and falls into an inhalation. Bending the neck and pressing the chin against the chest during exercise is not worth it. The trunk should be slightly rounded and raised by the work of the upper press.

Hands, it is desirable to fix them behind the head (beginners can cross them in the chest).

The second exercise involves the use of fitball. To pump the abdominal muscles with this tool, you should lie on the ball, the projectile placed below the waist. The thighs should be placed at an angle with the lower part of the legs.

The legs are at shoulder level, reliably supported on the floor. The shoulders should be under the chest, the lower part of the back slightly arched.

The body is lifted by the abdominal muscles, the hands are behind the head or in front.

The third exercise (also called the sentence) is done with the help of a block simulator. It is recommended to stand on your back or back to the projectile.

Before this, the rope of the upper block is held in the hand, the practitioner kneels. Then, the back is rounded and the rope is pressed with the hands on the head (on the sides).

After that, the student is obliged to straighten up and repeat the exercise. Torsion is performed using the abdominal muscles, not the arms or the back.

Exercises in the press at the gym: effective complexes.

Complex for the lower press.

Effectively pump the lower abdomen is possible by performing the following exercises for the press in the gym:

  • raising the legs on the bench
  • lifting the leg with the elbows
  • raising the legs
  • twisting the ball.

During the first exercise, the bench is horizontal or slightly angled. The man reclines in the simulator, with his hands around the bottom of the projectile (or fixes them under the buttocks).

It is possible to pump the lower press by bending the knees at 90 ° and lifting them. On the top of the buttocks a little separated from the bench.

The second exercise is done with the help of the elbows next to the projectile. She presses her back to the simulator. The legs bent at the knees (or straight), rise (the thighs should try to touch the chest).

The shoulders should not pull towards the ears.

The third exercise involves the presence of the crossbar and hanging in the air in it. The legs, bent at the knees, rise upwards (it is necessary to touch the chest with the hips) and return to the initial position.

It is recommended to do this by involving the lower abdominal muscles.

The fourth exercise is done in the push-up position. The legs should be on the fitball (fixed pelvis). Hands rest with palms on the floor.

The ball is thrown to the chest on the exhale (the fitball is below the ankles). The back should not be rounded.

In this position, you must return to the original. It is recommended to tighten the fitball to the chest using the lower pressure.

Exercises in the press at the gym: effective complexes.

Combined set of exercises.

To pump and press up and down, you should use this type of exercise as:

  • book with a bank
  • twisting in a block simulator.

The first exercise is to do it in the gym at the bank. An occupant sits in the simulator and takes his hands on the edges. When the body is tilted back, the elbows are bent and the legs are fully extended.

When you exhale, the body rises and the legs bend and stretch towards the chest. When inhaling, the body returns to its original position.

Do the second exercise to pump the abdominal muscles, you must do it correctly. Sitting in the simulator, the student is forced to hold the arms of the projectile with his hands and fix his legs under the rollers. When you exhale, at the same time, the legs rise and the torso up rotates.

Once set in this position for 1 second, the professional must return to the starting position. At the beginning, it is recommended to adjust the resistance to no more than 10 kg and gradually increase the load.

Having a tense figure and pumping the stomach is not difficult, perform exercises at the top and bottom of the press in the gym correctly and eat in a balanced way. Regular exercise will help put the body in shape and give it a load of vigor and energy!

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