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Exercises on the shoulders: with dumbbells and a bar.

Exercises on the shoulders: with dumbbells and a bar.

If you observe a harmonically developed athlete, his broad back, powerful quadriceps, large biceps, other arm muscles and, of course, his powerful shoulders, are amazing. It is these muscular groups that create the necessary impression of a good development of the muscles of the back, the legs, the arms and the body in general.

In sports such as bodybuilding or fitness, this is very important when judges evaluate the appearance of an athlete during a competition.

And why is it still important for a bodybuilder and an athlete to have generally developed shoulders? What are the most effective exercises on the shoulders?

Why is it very important to perform the basic exercises on the shoulders? What are the best dumbbell exercises for arms and shoulders?

We will try to answer all these questions in the most complete way possible.

The brachial or deltoid muscle is involved in the movement and extension of the arms. This muscle is also a stabilizer, which does not allow the movement of the arms during movement to deviate from the planned trajectory. In addition to the horizontal movements of the arms, the shoulders help us to make the verticals, for example, to lift any load on the shelf.

In the disciplines of power sports, the deltoid muscle is involved in the implementation of exercises such as bench presses, bench presses, dumbbell presses, lifting weights to the side, lifting dumbbells in front of you and so on. .

If an athlete injured his or her shoulder for any reason, then he or she will likely endure a series of restrictions to perform many basic exercises, as he will have difficulty with the full extension of his arms. By the way, this is a very unpleasant type of injury.

And it is often injured shoulders that force press personnel to prematurely end their careers. Therefore, be sure to follow some measures to prevent injuries, warm them carefully and do not continue with weight training, in terms of working with a heavy weight.

Why is it important to start from the base?

There are different exercises for the shoulders, the best of which is the base: bench press and bench press. Because The fact is that in the basic exercises all the main muscle groups work in a single complex.

Therefore, huge arrays of muscles are pumped simultaneously.

Then Once again on why the base will always be better and more important than the back room:

  1. This is necessary to detail and work the small muscles (all types of brachial, posterior delta, etc.). When you have already molded the main muscle mass due to the development of the waist / back / leg muscles of the shoulder, you can refine small parts with basic exercises. Since our body grows evenly, the larger the matrices we carry, the greater the overall growth effect.
  2. Without serious weight loads in the basic exercises, it is impossible to make really great isolation. In the basic exercises in the complex you work a lot of muscles. And, consequently, the greater the result in the basic exercises, the stronger the individual muscles (triceps / delta, etc.) will be.
  3. Serious bodybuilding classes, unfortunately, are associated with pharmaceutical body support. And this is really effective only in the context of a good power base, prepared by the hormonal system and the heart.

Exercises on the shoulders: with dumbbells and a bar.

How to write a training plan

A set of exercises for a simple amateur should be as minimal and as convenient as possible.

  1. Always 80% of the training volume is the basis, that is, exercises with a bar (bench press, for example, involves the thorax, triceps, biceps, forearm, deltoid muscles). As mentioned earlier, this is a bench press, push-ups (they also use the chest and arm muscles, such as a bench press) and a bench press (more emphasis on the shoulders and triceps). This is the best exercise on the shoulders. We do at least 4 exercises from 4 approaches.
  2. The maintenance (exercises on the shoulders with dumbbells) is minimal. We work only the largest muscles involved in the movement, or the most backward muscles. Make sure delta, triceps, latissimus, biceps of the thigh. We pay close attention to the lower back. Periodically load the chest, quadra.
  3. For training – no more than 3-4 exercises with the base and service room.

An example of a training plan to pump the muscles and arms of the shoulder (exercises presented with dumbbells are the ones that work best).

  1. Press lie: 4 to 10-12 rep.
  2. Standing: 4 to 10-12 rep.
  3. Lifting weights in front of you: 3 to 12-15 rep.
  4. Sitting dumbbell bench press: 3 to 12-15 rep.

We carry out such complex once a week. Also, do not forget to train your legs, back and other large muscle sets.

What exercises to perform

Perhaps, we will analyze in more detail only the exercises of basic exercises on the shoulders with a bar.

Exercises on the shoulders: with dumbbells and a bar.

How to press? The width of the grip is practiced either wide (wider than the level of the shoulder) or medium (at the level of the shoulder). The first option is more popular, uses a much larger number of muscles at work and also reduces the range of movement compared to the average grip.

When a medium grip is used, most of the load falls mainly on the triceps.

The position of the elbows is also very important. In the power version of the bench press, the elbows are at an angle of 45 degrees, and not below the line, as in the classic version of the constructor.

In the classic version of the emphasis of the load goes more in the chest because of this position of the elbows. In the same variant of power, when the elbows are placed at an angle of 45 degrees, deltas and triceps are also included in the work.

It is desirable that a couple have a lot of weight. This will eliminate the negative load on the shoulder joint, it will save a lot of force, it will not be forced to keep the balance with the bar. In any case, when you shoot, you squeeze the neck as hard as possible, as if you wanted to destroy it.

All your muscles are tense, especially your forearm.

After the extraction, we transferred the bar to the level of the lower pectorals and fixed it firmly in a stationary state with the elbows completely extended. The reduction of the pressure press is carried out as much as possible under control, with the tension applied, so to speak.

In other words, we work like a spring, that the more compressed it is, the greater the potential force it can release.

At the lowest point the maximum tension. At the same time, we do not press the bar on us, but keep it on the chest, touching it lightly.

This will save us a lot of effort when squeezing compared to the first option. We create in a powerful exhalation a powerful effort synchronized with the whole body to push the bar up.

There is the opinion that it is necessary to exhale already during the exercise, to facilitate the exercise itself, and to interrupt the delayed movement. But, according to years of experience, it will be difficult for many athletes.

Fix firmly in the final position with the elbows fully extended, and only then place the bar in the frame. Otherwise, it may unfavorably load the shoulder joint.

Adjust the height of the frames for squats at chest level. To remove the projectile from the pillars, we approach it, place our legs strictly under the fretboard, we sit under the bar so that it rests firmly on the chest. We try to transfer more load on the wrists folded back.

We try to keep the elbows upright. Keep a strictly forward look.

From this state we remove the bar from the racks, we move backwards. Narrow legs, stretched.

We collect air in the chest. And powerfully squeezes the projectile up, trying to take it over the head.

Caution: take care of your balance! Then, gently, put it back on your chest and repeat the exercise.

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