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Exercises to relieve stress: complex, rules of implementation.

Exercises to relieve stress: complex, rules of implementation.

The desire to have time everywhere and everywhere, the unwillingness to share personal experiences with someone, the excessive demands on themselves, all this leads to the exhaustion of the nervous system. Overcoming stress interferes with sleep at night and deprives the appetite.

It is associated with irritability, confusion, lethargy and fatigue.

Although the person himself does not always understand that he has become a victim of stress, nearby people often see his state of anxiety. The external signs of tension are excessively compressed lips, altered timbre of the voice, unreasonable irritability or, on the contrary, blockage of movements. Is it possible to cope with stress?

What exercises help to relax?

How to overcome stress step by step.

Recognizing emotional or physical stress allows a simple test. Extend your arms in front of you, letting your hands hang loose.

Reject, imagine that before you are two repellent monopolar magnet. With a clear, not loaded with problems of thought, such association will cause the involuntary extension of the hands.

If the limbs remain in the original position, you must get rid of the tension.

Exercises to relieve stress: complex, rules of implementation.

Characteristics of exercises to relieve stress:

  • The movements must be simple and feasible, without involving the use of special equipment.
  • You can use relaxation techniques not only at home, but also at work, on the street, where there is a sense of tension.
  • It is better to start fighting stress with dynamic exercises (walking, jogging, swimming, sweeping, bending, bending).
  • After a week, you can move to static charges: do the bar, learn yoga.
  • The optimal duration of daily anti-stress training is 10 to 20 minutes.
  • During classes, it is important to create a relaxing environment using the techniques of color, aroma and music therapy.

Relaxing Fitness: 3 simple exercises.

Exercise to relieve stress is not contraindicated. Relieve emotional stress and energize those who feel tired.

Take the initial position: lie on your back, extend your arms to the sides. Bend the knees and then lift the lower extremities so that the legs are parallel to the floor. Now lower them slowly to your left.

Detach the legs from the floor, describe a circle with them and place them on the right side. Make 4 rolls.

Make sure that the body and shoulders when doing the exercises do not fall off the floor.

Once the last release is completed, do not return to the starting position. Straighten your legs so that your socks touch your left hand. Raise the right lower extremity above you, describe it in wide circles.

The left leg remains motionless. Make 5-10 circular sweeps.

Repeat the exercise, changing legs.

Initial position – get up on all fours. Rest your left shoulder on the floor and turn around the body.

The left hand is extended in front of itself, the right hand is above the head and rests against the mat. The body must be perpendicular to the pelvis.

Complicate the position: stretch the right leg by placing the toe on the floor. Wait 10 seconds. Slowly return to the starting position.

Repeat the same movement in the other direction.

Complete the complex breathing exercises to relieve stress. Stand up, straighten your shoulders.

Raise your arms above your head, take a deep breath. While exhaling, crouch down and lower your arms, touching the ground. Inhale and exhale twice more.

The last exhalation should be short, as if pushing the air outwards.

Exercises to relieve stress: complex, rules of implementation.

Progressive muscle relaxation

This relaxing technique was developed almost a century ago by the American physiologist Edmund Jacobson. At one point, the doctor noticed that the periods of tension and relaxation of the muscles alternate.

Based on this observation, he decided that it was possible to achieve a deep relaxing effect under stress by forcing a particular musculature.

Before beginning the exercises, concentrate on breathing. It must be calm and slow.

Stand up straight, squeeze the right palm (left left) into a fist and bend the brush completely. Strain your arm as hard as you can.

After 10 to 15 seconds, exhale and relax the limb. Rest a third of the minute. In the future, observe the same time intervals.

Bend the right arm at the elbow and support the elbow joint on any surface. Relax your muscles

Repeat the same procedure with the other hand.

Go to facial exercises. Raise your eyebrows up, as if you were surprised, and open your mouth wide.

The next stage is to tighten the muscles of the central part of the face. Close your eyebrows, squint, wrinkle your nose.

Relax your facial muscles. Smile widely with your lips tightly closed. Finally, practice the muscles of your neck: slowly turn your head upwards from side to side.

Take a rest Pull the head towards the shoulders and then release it in the chest.

After relaxation, focus on the muscles of the body. While inhaling, bring your elbows in front of you.

Squeeze the muscles of your arms as much as possible. While exhaling, relax.

Do the same with the shoulder blades, arching the back while inhaling. After resting, tighten your abdominal muscles.

The final block – exercises for the legs. Slightly bend the left lower extremity of the knee, squeeze the muscles of the thigh. Push the same foot forward.

Extend the fingers, feet up. Duplicate movements with the right foot.

The number of repetitions of the complex is 3-4 times.

Proper breathing saves you from stress.

With nervous tension there is a feeling of lack of oxygen. The superficial air is caused by light and shallow breaths or by the unconscious retention of the breath. Respiratory gymnastics helps correct the situation to relieve stress.

Some of these practices require a good physical condition. For example, pranayama is available only to those who have been doing hatha yoga for half a year.

But there are elementary exercises that everyone can do.

Exercises to relieve stress: complex, rules of implementation.

Respiratory gymnastics against stress: a five-minute complex:

  • Stand up straight, close your eyes. Focus on the circulation of the air flow within you. Slowly take a deep breath, mentally counting to 5. Gradually exhale during the same period of time. Repeat the exercise 9 more times.
  • Inhale little by little inhale, exhale. Then inhale with full breastfeeding, air passing through the mouth. Exhale slowly. Complete the exercise with shallow breathing. Repeat still 5 times.
  • Open your eyes. Place the palm of your hand just below the solar plexus, breathe deeply and exhale slowly. Observe how the hand falls and rises at this moment. Repeat the action 5 times.
  • Closing your eyes, imagine that air is the element of happiness and peace. Take a slow breath. Feel, as you exhale, the torture and exhaustion in every cell of your body are tormenting you.

At the beginning, practicing proper breathing is enough for five minutes. In a week, you can complement the complex with new exercises and extend the lesson in half.

For a month, the training is convenient to take up to 20 minutes a day. These exercises performed outdoors in an ecologically clean place strengthen the respiratory, cardiac and nervous system, improve immunity and general well-being.

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