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Exercises with a body weight: training at home.

Exercises with a body weight: training at home.

Many perceive the gym as a panacea for excess weight and flaccid muscles. If you not only want to get a beautiful body as a result of training, but also to preserve health, you should pay special attention to the complexes with your own weight. By participating in special programs at home, will ensure rapid muscle growth, maintain flexibility of the joints and elasticity of the ligaments.

Exercises with your own weight will help your body be beautiful and athletic.

The usefulness of the exercises with their own weight.

When using power simulators and projectiles during the lessons, an inexperienced athlete can suffer serious injuries, so these trainings are carried out in specially equipped rooms and under the supervision of an experienced coach. In addition, these classes are directed more frequently to the increase in active weight, which does not always have a positive effect on the aesthetics of the result. And during the low season, the metabolism decreases, the muscles of the arms and legs seem to be deflated, so the body of the bodybuilder loses its relief and beauty.

Meanwhile, using your own weight training, you can give a good boost to the development of muscles, the growth of healthy muscle mass in the home without the use of expensive equipment. It will create the necessary base for more complex trainings, that will load to the maximum each muscle of the legs and all the body.

One of the additional bonuses for those men who are forced to lead a sedentary or sedentary lifestyle every day is an excellent body movement, as well as the formation of muscular support needed in the home.

Training of hands

Any training complex with its weight for men is hard to imagine without a basic exercise: push-ups. This training is not only aimed at developing muscles, but can also significantly affect the strength and resistance of the hands. Every day there are new modifications of this exercise on the Internet, which aims to develop different muscle packages:

  • in the fists
  • in the palms
  • in the fingers
  • in two hands
  • on the one hand
  • in the ribs of the palms
  • with pops
  • deep and so on

Exercises with a body weight: training at home.

The technique to perform each one of them can be found in the professional trainers programs presented in the official websites on the Internet and perform strengthening exercises in the home. To increase the effectiveness of the training, you can use special tools.

For a high quality study of the fingers, forearms, you can buy stops or rollers for the push-ups, which provide greater progress during exercise, contribute to stretch and strengthen the tendons. The use of an expander every day will provide you with a true iron grip.

Leg training

People who know anatomy know that it is the legs that contain approximately 30% of the total muscle mass of the whole body, but in practice this muscular layer is usually the least developed. That is why training the leg muscles is an integral part of any training process, because the legs must not only be strong, but also strong.

A professional training program with its own weight to increase the weight of the legs always includes squats from different angles. To complicate the elements, you can apply additional loads, such as a weight or a bar with a long neck.

Since weight gain in the legs is a fairly long process, then you will have to enter your body for more than a day, which requires unusual patience. However, the result is worth it!

To get powerful leg muscles at home, you must include squats in the prone training program. To do this, lie flat on the floor and, bending your knees, push out from the surface, trying to stretch your legs as much as possible.

In this case, with the force it is possible to rest on the floor with the shoulders, as well as to support the lower part of the body.

The next training is called a folding blade, for your implementation you need to be at home in front of a relatively stable object and put your hands on it. Perform the lowest possible squats with an appropriate weight, ideally, if at the lowest point the surface of the buttocks comes in contact with the calves.

After moving away from the support, return to the starting position, make sure that the heels do not rise from the floor.

A standard squat gives you a good load, you can bend your arms on your chest while doing it, your hips should be parallel to the floor at the bottom of the squat, try to hold this position for 3-5 seconds.

It squatting very effectively on one leg, or a gun, in this case, one of the legs is in an extended position, parallel to the position of the ground, the second assumes the body weight. This complex is aimed at the development of large layers of leg muscles, improves coordination and the ability to distribute the load optimally.

Back training – hyperextension

Hyperextension is one of the basic exercises designed to pump the back, the buttocks and the upper part of the legs, or the biceps of the hip. This training is especially relevant for beginner athletes, because even with minimal experience, it can be done correctly and safely, forming exactly the muscles that are needed. There are several modifications of this exercise with different levels of difficulty:

  • Classic hyperextension bench.
  • about effort with extra weight
  • Hyperextension in an inclined bench.

When training the back and the press, it is necessary to hook the upper part of the body. For 100% safety, you can fix your legs with special support or ask your partner to hold your hips during exercise.

To train the buttocks and the back of the legs, you must work the lower part of the body with a reliable torso fixation, while holding the bench firmly with your hands.

Exercises with a body weight: training at home.

This exercise is a great warm up before performing more complex training, however, it is necessary to be careful with hyperextension with weighting, as this is associated with a serious load on the spine of untrained athletes.

In addition to gaining weight, this exercise can be done to strengthen the lumbar muscles in people with spine problems. Of course, in these cases, the training should be carried out with the utmost care: start from the smallest, gradually increasing the amplitude of the movements and the load.

For training, a special bench for the press with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination, as well as common household items: a chair, a chair, a sofa, etc.

Ensuring continued growth

To expand the possibilities of performing exercises on the mass, a horizontal bar must be obtained. A small device, installed at home or on the street, will expand your set of exercises to the fullest, allowing you to train your back, arms, chest and even your abs.

Professional athletes invent new exercises and combine existing ones with their own weight and put them in free access. There are many options for pull-ups for men:

  • Direct and reverse grip
  • narrow and wide grip
  • Pull-ups for the head, to the chest.

To achieve the best effect, you can select the most effective techniques. But it is worth remembering that the complex must be diverse, so training with your own weight on the horizontal bar should not take more than 30% of the total load, that is, 2-3 times a week is enough for this .

Therefore, it can increase the resistance of the muscles of the upper half of the body in the home. Of course, it is unlikely that you can build a stack of muscles on the horizontal bars, but you can create the necessary framework to gain more muscle mass very soon.

When working on the upper body, it is necessary to test all available techniques and also be patient, since it is impossible to see a significant increase in muscles in one or two weeks.

Muscle growth

Now it is worth talking about growth dynamics. On the Internet, there are many recommendations to practice at home with an increase in the intensity of strength training from 5 to 10 times in just a few months for the fastest mass gain. However, such complexes do not take into account the body’s needs for recovery, as well as the individual capabilities of an athlete.

When practicing with similar methods, there is a high risk of scoring the muscles of the legs, chest and arms, which will negatively affect the speed of muscle growth.

The training with its own weight, without pauses of rest, will lead not to the progress but to the degradation of the results, since the greater growth of the muscles during the periods of rest is observed. Using a prepared training program, always adjust it to your own regime, according to the needs of the body and the general well-being.

The ideal option is to contact a professional coach to develop an individual training program.

The advantages of weight training.

Today, they have not yet invented more inexpensive and independent training programs for men, than exercises with their own weight. Even the supporters of simulators and bars can not discuss this fact.

Your main training tool is the body. The vast majority of exercises do not require the use of additional equipment, if present, it is rather the desire of the athlete and not a necessity.

The only time needed is a place or equipment (horizontal bar) for the pull-ups, which can be installed in the home or found in one of the courtyards in your area of ​​residence.

You do not have to mess up the rooms in your home with devices to train your legs, sit-ups, thorax, as well as adjust to the gym’s schedule. You are absolutely free and you can build your body anywhere, at any time!

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