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Exercises with dumbbells and other weights.

Exercises with dumbbells and other weights.

In order that your figure is in perfect condition, to develop all muscle groups and maintain a healthy body spirit, it is not necessary to buy simulators, normal dumbbells work well with these tasks. In addition, in the absence of free time to visit the gym, dumbbell exercises can be carried out successfully at home, the shells will not occupy much space and the results of practicing with them will not make you wait.

The variety of this projectile available is also surprising: from simple dumbbells to adjustable weight dumbbells.

The weights and sizes are selected according to the objective established by the athlete. For the exercises in order to put the body in tone, the weight of the weights can vary from two to five kilograms.

Heavier projectiles are used for the pumping of muscle mass. Thus, exercises with different dumbbells give different results.

Exercises with the use of dumbbells: a lot, but to maximize the work of all the muscle groups of the body, it is sufficient to perform only a part of them. We present an effective set of dumbbell exercises, which contains the best basic actions.

They will help achieve good results and get a beautiful body relief in the shortest possible time.

Exercises with dumbbells and other weights.

rib cage

It should start with the muscles of the upper part of the body, the chest. An excellent exercise for the pectoral muscles will be an exercise with prone dumbbells.

To begin performing the approach, you will need an additional attribute: a bank. It is necessary to lie on your back and tilt your feet on the ground.

Hands with dumbbells should bend at the curve of the elbow at an angle of the body so that the shells are at chest level. While bending the elbows and lifting the dumbbells upwards, you should try to turn the palms of your hands down towards each other. By the time the arms are fully extended and raised, the dumbbells must converge.

Then fold your arms again on your elbows and repeat the work done at least ten times.

Shoulder Girdle

The following exercise to exercise the muscles of the shoulders with dumbbells. In the circle of athletes, this exercise is called the army press.

You must first decide in what position an athlete should perform to perform this task more conveniently and conveniently. There are two options:

  • from a sitting position
  • from a standing position.

The hands with shells should be bent at the elbows so that the shells are at the level of the scapular waist. In the course of the task, you must lift the weights on your head, stretching your arms

The main condition is to bend the elbows until the end.

Shoulders, neck, dorsal.

The upper back, neck and shoulders can be successfully solved integrally by performing the following effective dumbbell exercises. Repeat the action at least ten times.

First you need to stand up and spread the feet shoulder width apart. Hands with shells down along the body.

Bending the arms in the curves of the elbow, you must squeeze the weights along the body to the chin. At the highest point it is necessary to fix the position of the hands for a few seconds and then lower them to their original position.

Effectively, pumping back muscles will help exercise, similar to the previous one. The original position of the body is the same as in the previous lesson. Take the shells in your hand and freely down.

Making efforts for the muscles of the back, the dumbbells need to tighten the chest, performing the flexion of the elbows. An important condition to perform the task is that it is not necessary to raise the elbows high, the shoulder joint must be parallel to the floor.

Ten repetitions of the task are enough to give relief to the muscles of the back.

Biceps and triceps

There are many exercises for pumping biceps, but one of the most effective and effective exercises is the classic standing dumbbell bench press. To do this, one must lower the arms with dumbbells along the body and pull them alternately or synchronously to the rib cage.

It is enough to do the exercise at least ten times.

To perform the following exercise, you will need a bench where you must stand with one knee and lean with one hand. The second leg is on the ground, in the free hand there is a dumbbell. To adopt the initial position, it is necessary to bend the arm with dumbbells so that the shoulder joint is parallel to the floor.

In the process of performing the task, the arm at the elbow joint should be straightened without changing the position of the shoulder joint. That is, in the deployed form, the hand must be parallel to the floor.

To achieve the result, only at least ten repetitions are enough.

Shoulder Girdle

An exercise for the scapular waist with weights, which is performed while standing, will help to create a beautiful relief of the shoulder muscles. By having the arms slightly flexed at the elbows, and at the same time stretching the muscles, it is necessary to plant dumbbell arms in different directions of the body. At the same time, the elbows should be stretched, and at the highest point the arms are parallel to the floor.

Ten repetitions for a successful result is enough.

Calves and thighs

It is time to use the muscles of the lower body, hips and calves. For the hips to have a beautiful elastic appearance, it is sufficient to perform exercises for the muscles of the legs with dumbbells, called lunges. With the dumbbells in your hand, the hands hang freely, you must take the initial position, step forward with one foot and bend the front leg slightly at the knee joint.

To perform the exercise, lower the body, bending the back leg towards the knee so that it touches the ground. The hands are still hanging freely along the body.

Next, get up from your knee, stretch your leg and repeat the exercise.

Ten to twelve repetitions of the following exercise will effectively strengthen the calves. It is done very simply, stand up, take weights in your hands and lower them along your body.

The simple elevations in the toes upwards (with a second delay) will bring fast and lasting results.

To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to carry out up to five approaches of all these exercises. And to avoid possible injuries, athletes are recommended to perform warm-up exercises, paying attention to all muscle groups and joints.

Performing general strengthening exercises during a warm-up will help prepare the body for energy loads, warm it up and contribute to the greater efficiency of the exercises. And the recovery of the body after exercise will take less time.

Exercises with dumbbells and other weights.

Training for all

Along with the tonics, everyone can perform dumbbell exercises, both men and women, there is no age limit. For each person, you can lift the weights of the appropriate weight category and the strength of the entire exercise complex.

The more experienced and professional an athlete is, the better their physical condition and more potential. It will not be difficult for an athlete of this type to choose a solid weight for a dumbbell and spend a lot of time with many approaches and repetitions of exercises.

If a woman chooses the complex of occupations to correct the body, then the weight of the weights can not exceed two kilograms, but it is worthwhile doing the exercises more times with less rest time. Beginners, in the rest between exercises, have a little more time to restore breathing and heart rate.

Therefore, by performing this set of dumbbell exercises, you can achieve your goals quickly.

Place of celebration

The choice of a place to practice is left to the athlete, it can be a gymnasium, where he, in the company of his like-minded people, will participate in a favorite activity, or in the conditions of the home. Everything depends on the desire.

Of course, if the athlete is still new to this business, then he will be more comfortable to do the training at home. Exercising with a variety of dumbbells at home for beginners is optimal with a two-day break.

This mode is optimal for a beginner. During this time, all muscles will have time to recover and gradually become accustomed to working.

But more experienced athletes can spend up to five days a week or more.

When choosing dumbbell exercises, special attention should be paid to those complexes that will help pump through all muscle groups, without highlighting certain parts of the body. And its correct implementation will guarantee a good guaranteed result.

There are a variety of types of strength exercises. Each athlete has the right to select for himself all the best basic exercises with which he feels comfortable. To achieve a beautiful body relief, the back and legs will help any group of general weight-bearing exercises.

The maximum that may still be necessary is a bank. At home, the bank is easily replaced by a bank or a chair.

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