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Exercises with weights and dumbbells and recommendations for their implementation.

Exercises with weights and dumbbells and recommendations for their implementation.

Among the large selection of different shells in any gym you can find a weight. No complex of professional athletes can dispense with it. It is one of the oldest exercise equipment, even used by the ancient Greeks to demonstrate their strength and endurance.

A weight, without a bar or dumbbells, can not be done, of course, but it is necessary for the complete harmony of the muscles of the whole body. Weight-bearing exercises will help develop many parts of the body, including back, bicep and tricep arm groups, leg muscles and the press, and all this is possible even at home.

The fact is that they have several advantages, of which you will learn later than other sports tools.

The rules for proper workouts with weights.

The first rule before starting a set of workouts is to warm up. At home, perform turning and rotating movements to warm the muscles of the arms and legs, tilt to warm the press and back. Warming up before the start of classes requires any exercise, especially strength.

Training with such heavy projectiles requires a more intense warm up of all the muscles. In this case, it will also be a good decision to take a small bike ride (or work on a stationary bike if you are at home), this will work well not only for your legs, but also for your entire body.

This will provide a good blood supply for all working muscles, as well as reduce the time needed for regeneration.

To start the classes, first you must weigh a small one, then you will find a list of reasons.

  • When performing the complex, the biceps and the triceps of the arms, the muscles of the legs and other parts of the body, as well as the joints, can suffer if they receive too much load to which they are simply not used. The best exercises with weights are those that do not hurt.
  • The insurance is not superfluous, since any stretching of the muscles of the arms, legs, abs and much more, so that the back can make for some time to forget any training. This can be avoided with a single heating.
  • To increase the so-called work weight, any person, including an athlete, needs a full and high-quality heating, as well as an adequate weight for the weights. With this you can prepare yourself well for more intensive activities. When you feel that you can increase the load, do it, but preferably gradually.
  • This training complex helps to develop functional strength and endurance, while the muscles of the arms, legs, abs and back will grow from a constant increase in the lifting weight and the number of repetitions performed. This means that after training with this projectile, a good solution will be to train for a short time with other projectiles and simulators. This will create the perfect combination of exercises for the development of all muscles. Then you can go back to the previous exercises and try to increase the load. In this case, you will get a clear increase in performance. Do not limit yourself only to weight training.
  • Weight-bearing exercises, that is, repeated repetitions of exercises, reinforce for themselves the protection of the musculoskeletal system of injuries.
  • The blood supply to the muscle groups and joints in the process of long sessions with weights receives a tremendous intensity. This means that the strength in the ligaments is greatly reduced, and it follows that it will be much harder to injure yourself. At the same time they remember the load, and they strengthen, which allows it to increase it.

Exercises with weights and dumbbells and recommendations for their implementation.

Basic exercises with kettlebells.

For a complete complex, you can select basic exercises. They will help to develop muscle groups of arms and legs, as well as to strengthen the pectoral muscles, the back and the abdominals.

  1. This exercise is for those who are interested in how to build a weight. We position ourselves exactly, the legs slightly wider than the shoulders, and we place the weight forward, between the legs. The first action in the exercise cycle is a tilt, in which we take the handle of the kettlebell firmly with one hand. Also, when you stretch the body, lift the weight and place it on the shoulder. Then, on a straight arm, push the weight on you and in that position hold the body for a second. It remains to return the weight on the shoulder and put it on the ground. The task of performing again without a break. It develops well as triceps, and the biceps of the hands.
  2. We stand exactly, with our feet shoulder-width apart, we put weights on our shoulders, this is our initial position. Task: the left hand lifts the weight, the right hand lowers it, and so on. It is desirable to keep the body straight and the same exercise performed several times.
  3. Position, similar to the previous exercise. Now you need to squeeze both weights above your head at once, a small inertia of the body is acceptable. Hold a second and replace the shells on the shoulders. Beginners should be more careful and prepared for such loads.
  4. Initial position: standing, with weights in the hands lowered. In this exercise, you should sit with them, leaning slightly forward, and then return to the starting position, without stopping. You can complicate the task, if you can: stand on the bench and perform deep squats. This will be more effective for the pectoral muscles, and the gluteal and thigh muscles will also be involved. Squats with this projectile in this sense are much more effective than other types of squats due to the unusual weight position.
  5. The initial position is similar to the second exercise: we are standing exactly, with weights on our shoulders. We perform standard attacks, if you practice at home, and if there is a large space, you can perform walking attacks. In the first case, the back of the thigh muscles receives more load, in the second, the front part.

This small set of basic exercises for the home conditions will be enough to start, you can pump your triceps and biceps well and not only, but if you want to progress you can add some more exercises to your own complex, there are many of them. You can also find a list of positive aspects of weight training.

Exercises with weights and dumbbells and recommendations for their implementation.

Advantages of weight training.

  • The weight design allows you to distribute the load directly to two reference points, which simplifies the work of the stabilizers and creates a better balance. The point is that, in this case, the stabilizers will not limit the muscles that will be loaded, which, in turn, will allow you to work with greater weight.
  • A large weight in itself strengthens the stabilizers, so that a periodic increase in weight allows you to build muscle mass, while strengthening the muscles of the arms, legs, abs, thorax and others.
  • Despite heavy weight, kettlebell training is much less dangerous than with other projectiles.
  • The exercises with weights are quite variable: it is not necessary to do everything with a precision of one hundred percent, you can work with them in the most convenient way. And you can still pump the biceps and triceps of the arms, gain total muscle mass, strengthen the legs and the whole body almost completely. The human body itself will properly distribute the load in each muscle that works. This is another circumstance that allows you to quickly increase the weight.

In conclusion, it can be seen that this basic set of exercises with weights is the best way to develop the strength and endurance of the body. And not necessarily participate in the gym: at home, the classes are equally effective.

Practice exercises with weights, and after such exercises, the body will become stronger, it will be easier to move, the muscle mass will increase and the body’s reaction will also accelerate.

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