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Fear of public speaking: how to overcome panic, emotion.

Fear of public speaking: how to overcome panic, emotion.

Some people experience discomfort when talking to a large audience. Anxiety deprives them of self-confidence and does not clearly express thoughts.

Public speaking is necessary to draw the attention of others. Therefore, it is important to know how to overcome the fear of speaking in public.

Causes of fear

To win, you need to discover the reason that prevents liberation in front of people. Modern psychology is studying this phenomenon in depth and highlights several factors that cause fear in speakers.

  • Childhood memories. If a child was once ridiculed for a badly recited poem, it will surely be deposited in the depths of memory and may manifest itself in adulthood because of the fear of speaking in public.
  • Strict education Parents, who try to make the child behave roughly, forbid talking loudly and once again attract the attention of strangers. The feeling that he can not boast of himself makes it difficult to become a good speaker.
  • Shyness and discontent with the looks. Shy, insecure men and women experience many complexes. It seems to them that if they go on stage, they will start to laugh or criticize too much.

Some people have a panic attack in front of a speech that can not be controlled. The reasons why there is the fear of speaking in public, it is necessary to eradicate.

They make it difficult to live a full life and achieve success at work.

Manifestations of fear.

The fear of speaking in public manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes a person feels excessively funny, can not concentrate and collect their thoughts.

Nervous laughter, restlessness, emotion, caused by the fear of the audience, can fail any speech.

The panic is accompanied by trembling voices, in the mouth of a person dries, it is difficult to pronounce words. He constantly swallows and coughs, clearing his throat.

In rare cases, anxiety leads to fainting, more often, a violation of digestion.

For many people, the fear of speaking in public in front of an audience is not always observed. It shows:

  • when a person is ill prepared for the report
  • if there are strangers in the room
  • When speech is considered very important.

The signs of fear and panic can overcome everyone before the responsible event. To find ways to overcome, you must try a little.

If you wish, the fear of the scene can be eliminated by yourself.

Fear of public speaking: how to overcome panic, emotion.

Practical tips

Experienced speakers know well how to get rid of the fear of speaking in public. They say that the slight anxiety before a speech is only beneficial.

A little nervousness improves the emotions and makes the speech brighter and more interesting. The main thing is not to cross the line, after which the anxiety becomes panic.

If you feel the emotion approaching, take a moment and exercise a few hours before the report. Exercise relaxes well and guarantees the relief of nervous stress.

People who have used the recommendation are much better at speaking and feel safer.


To not be afraid to speak in front of people, you need to be well prepared. Make a speech plan in advance, write a speech, study the material.

Then you can easily answer additional questions and trust your competence.

Overcoming the fear of speaking in public requires a thorough knowledge of the subject. Try the text carefully. Read the report out loud several times with the expression.

Record your voice on the recorder, delete the process in video. See the record, it will show obvious faults.

Try to get rid of them.

Then invite family members, friends and a general rehearsal to the room. Perform in front of them, overcoming the emotion.

It may not happen again, and in a responsible event in front of a large audience you will feel calm.


Work on the road The perfect appearance will give you confidence and help you relax.

Choose clothes that do not impede movement, and comfortable shoes. Avoid the new suits.

It is not known how you will feel in them. The fabric of the dress can rub the body, the shoes to press the legs and you do not concentrate, experiencing a constant discomfort.

When choosing clothes, keep in mind the theme of the speech and the place where it takes place. Try to get things adjusted to the event, otherwise it will be difficult for you to locate the audience and obtain their approval.

Diction and breathing.

Every word you say in a speech must be clear and precise, strong enough and expressive. Otherwise, you will not hear the people sitting in the last row.

  • To improve diction, start training it in advance. Read the speech in front of the mirror.
  • Take care of your eyes, lips while reading. Try to avoid the tense grimaces on your face.
  • Listen to the voice It must be poured naturally. Before beginning a sentence, be sure to take a breath and exhale slowly, pronouncing the words.
  • In long sentences, stop at the punctuation marks and at this time refill the lungs with air.

On the eve of the presentation, he often breathes deeply, saturating the body with oxygen. At night, take a decoction cup of hot grass with honey.

This precaution will alleviate the hoarseness in the voice and guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Fear of public speaking: how to overcome panic, emotion.

Place of fulfillment

An excellent way to overcome the fear of speaking in public is to rehearse a speech at the hearing where the meeting is scheduled. When this is not possible, it is enough to study it, inspect the furniture and tune in a positive way.

In a family environment, it is easier to feel safe.

If the performance is scheduled in front of strangers, learn more about them. Discover the interests of the audience, the average age, the positions of life.

Then, you can choose the right style for communication and make adjustments to the material that meets the needs of the audience.

Eye contact

Some people, to overcome fear, prefer to abstract from the audience and look at the audience. Most times it helps weakly.

To overcome the discomfort it is better to establish contact with the public.

To avoid difficulties, it is worth practicing at home. Cut out the faces of the people in the magazines, hang them on the walls of the room and read the speech, looking from one photo to another.

If you feel that you have not escaped fear, during the report, find a familiar person in the hallway and talk looking into your eyes. The method will help relax.

Little by little, he begins to look at other people, making eye contact with them.

Being the center of attention, loosen your shoulders, arms and communicate with people in an open position. It will allow viewers to perceive it better and calm down.

On a note

How to overcome the fear of speaking? Adjust yourself to good emotions. Focus on the report and do not think about anything else.

The people who have come to listen to the speech are not meant to humiliate or insult you. On the contrary, they want to learn something new or learn useful information.

Smile at your listeners. This is important With the help of a smile, we get rid of stress and calm the subconscious.

Upon receiving a positive response from the audience, you will feel that the trembling of your knees passes and the fear leaves your heart.

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