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Fist flexions: performance techniques, types of exercises.

Fist flexions: performance techniques, types of exercises.

There is a wide variety of exercises that help keep your body in tip-top shape. One of them is the inflexions of fists, familiar to each one of us from the school days.

This form of training is very widespread among representatives of the strong sex who are engaged in martial arts. They are sued by those who experience discomfort during normal push-ups or need to strengthen the wrist joints and the impact part of the fists.

Untrained athletes will face some difficulties. At first, the hands will shake, the fists hurt.

What are fist pushups for?

This exercise is a complicated form of the classic version of push-ups. The amplitude of the movements increases, therefore, the load increases.

In general, it falls on the same muscles as in traditional exercises. The difference is that its distribution will depend on the location of the body and hands.

What muscles can be strengthened with exercise?

  • The wide arrangement of the hands provides the maximum load on the outside of the chest.
  • The tight fit with the divorced elbows makes the inner side work.
  • The arms pressed against the body reinforce the front deltas and the triceps.
  • If the legs are located above the head, the load moves towards the upper part of the chest muscles.

To achieve positive results, it is worth spending regular time on push-ups with fists, and the benefits that are really great will not take long. Full workouts make the muscles of the hands stronger.

In addition, the classes help to form the correct location of the fist during the strikes, which is very useful for people involved in wrestling.

The push-ups help to strengthen the metacarpal bones, reducing the possibility of injuries to the joints of the fingers. Systematic trainings qualitatively tighten muscles of arms and a breast.

The training gives greater tension to the joints and muscles, so it is worth doing only after mastering the classic exercises. The flexes in the fists help pump the muscles of the shoulders, forearms and chest.

Fist flexions: performance techniques, types of exercises.

Performance technique

The exercises have many advantages, the negative consequences can only occur with the wrong execution technique or with excessive enthusiasm for the push-ups without having the proper physical fitness. Spend a couple of extra weeks on this, because it’s better than skipping school because of the injury. At the beginning of the training you need to take care of the skin of the hands.

To do this, you must perform exercises on a soft surface, for example, on a carpet. Hard coatings should be avoided.

After a few months, the skin will harden and the discomfort will diminish or disappear completely.

How to press for the fists? It is necessary to act in the same way as with classic exercises.

You must put the emphasis on the ground, supporting yourself on the toes and clenching the fists. In this case, the back, shoulders and legs should remain straight.

When you go down, you inhale, when you get up, you exhale.

It is important to control the correct position of the fist when performing exercises. The main load should be distributed on the index and middle fingers.

It is impossible to do push-ups, resting on the knuckles of the last three fingers, without using the first two. The following fist positions are allowed:

  • parallel or perpendicular to the body
  • thumb down
  • Out of the thumb with a fist perpendicular in relation to the body, when the maximum load can be given to the biceps.

In most cases, athletes use the first option, the last two are rarely used.

Tips for beginners

How to push the fists? Beginners need to test it first with their knees.

He is allowed a few minutes on his fists to resolve the situation. To many it may seem that the exercise is simple, but it will be quite difficult for beginners to face it. If an athlete begins to train immediately, without previous training, the surface of the skin of their hands will be seriously damaged.

As a result, you should postpone the exercise until the epidermis is restored.

Initially, it will be very difficult and painful to train, but after a while the knuckles will be strengthened and this will end with all the problems. If it is too difficult to practice, lean on your knees, this will help reduce stress.

To achieve the desired effect, training must be systematically carried out. If the main objective of the training is to increase the resistance, you must perform 3 to 5 approaches at a time.

To activate muscle growth – from 4 to 5 approaches. The number of repetitions is 12 to 20 times.

Fist flexions: performance techniques, types of exercises.

Types of exercise

Athletes who flex their fists for some time begin to experience boredom. How to diversify the training?

Enough to use different types of exercises.

  • For the development of resistance and the correct stroke adjustment, you can make a stop in one or two fists. You should start with a minute and then increase the time, focusing on your own abilities.
  • Use the blows: squeeze, then raise the fist of your right hand, hit them on the floor, do another flex and repeat the blow, but with the other hand. This allows you to give the optimal load on the muscles.
  • Do exercises in a fist.
  • Use a wide grille to roll in a fist.
  • In the training process, change the position: palm – fist – palm.
  • Relying on his right hand, he has to wring, then push off the ground and land on his left.

The above list can be complemented with other options. Classes for a long time allow you to come up with many interesting ideas.

The flexes in the cuffs allow you to increase muscle mass, strengthen the tendons, avoid injuries, develop resistance and impact strength.

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