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Fitness for beginners: recommendations and exercises for beginners.

Fitness for beginners: recommendations and exercises for beginners.

Being always in good physical shape, as well as physical condition, will help you feel the desired charge of energy and energy. The regular classes will allow you to correct the visible deficiencies in the figure, put the body in shape and stabilize the weight.

Simply improve your forms at home without buying expensive subscriptions to gyms.

What do you need to know a beginner?

To achieve the desired results in the process of exercising at home is possible only with regular training, so everyone must reserve 3 hours a week for themselves. Adjust the figure, combining the necessary exercises with proper nutrition and daily routine.

After training, the body secretes the hormone serotonin, the physical condition is an excellent alternative to antidepressants.

Good physical condition at home will improve your health:

  • strengthen blood vessels and heart muscle
  • accelerate the body’s metabolism
  • eliminate joint pain
  • The training will help eliminate many pathologies (scoliosis, osteochondrosis, sciatica and spondylosis).
  • Improve the body in an integral way.

Fitness for beginners: recommendations and exercises for beginners.

Preparatory stage

Performing exercises at home is necessary, after preparing the necessary equipment. A training mat, small dumbbells and a fitball (specialized ball) will allow you to practice effectively and comfortably.

In the event that there are no sports devices of this type at hand, you can easily replace them. Instead of weights, it is often recommended to use water bottles (1 l, 1.5 l and 2 l).

It will be possible to replace the exercise mat with a comfortable, thick blanket, and instead of an adjustment ball, it is permissible to take a rope or a hoop.

At the beginning, you must perform exercises with your own weight, and include them in the weight of work in the form of dumbbells or even bodybuilders (special suits for the exercise). Do not forget to warm up the muscles before exercising, do a warm-up. This type of exercise will help prepare the body for more training and help prevent injuries.

Beginners can practice the use of video clips on the Internet by renowned coaches.

Choose fitness directions

Before starting at home, you must choose the type of gym you want:

  • The complex training sessions of the Bodyflex and Pilates series will allow a combination of stretching and breathing to adjust the figure and improve health. These areas are suitable for those who like quiet and simple activities.
  • Losing weight actively will help aerobic exercises or tie-up. The first direction involves making active movements (jumps, dances) to music. Tay-bo is a unique combination of various martial arts exercises, performed with dynamic music.
  • Fitball training will help correct posture, strengthen back and glute muscles, and improve coordination of movements.

Practical recommendations for beginners.

  • Do not skip workouts and practice regularly to achieve results. In classes you should not be affected by bad mood or laziness.
  • Do not show excessive activity at the beginning. If you train your muscles too much, they will not be able to recover completely, which will lead to a negative result.
  • You must comply with proper nutrition and reduce the consumption of sweets (which include a large amount of calories).
  • It is recommended to drink 2 liters of water per day, as well as replenish the balance in the training process.

Fitness for beginners: recommendations and exercises for beginners.

Top 5 exercises for beginners

  • To solve the problem area in the buttock area, the thighs and calves will help the lungs! At home, performing such exercises is very simple. First, you must put your legs parallel to each other. If you take a big step to the right, you should sit back and return to the starting position. It is recommended to do thrusts 15-20 times on both legs (2-3 approaches). A similar exercise – backward lunges. Side no less effective! To do this, you should place the legs apart shoulder width apart, place the right side and sit, transferring the weight of the whole body (as with the left leg).
  • Strengthening the muscles of the hips and glutes can also be due to squats (doing exercises at home). Standing exactly, you should place your legs at shoulder level and bend down with your back straight (imagining there is a chair behind), and then return to the starting position. It is necessary to do 10-20 repetitions in 2-3 approximations.
  • Beginners should also make sure they work the abdominal muscles. You have to pay attention to the waist. In the first case, you need to work on the muscles of the upper and lower press. It is necessary to lie on your back, hold your hands behind your head and raise your body to the maximum amplitude (20-30 times). For the upper pressure, you must place the elbows on the back and raise the legs to 90 degrees, then lower them to the floor. To exercise, the waist is quite easy, if you turn the hoop or do a flutter.
  • Work on the bust and arm muscles also requires beginners to participate in sports at home. To do this, push up from the floor, as well as work with dumbbells. Using the weight, you should lie on your back, take the devices with your hands, pull them up, separate them and put them together.
  • Physical conditioning in the home will not be effective if the beginners exclude exercises for the back muscles from their complex. This physical activity will help create a beautiful posture and forget the pain in the joints. To perform these exercises at home, you need to lie on your stomach and stretch your arms forward. Then you should raise the upper part of the torso at the same time with the arms up and then return to the starting position.

Training at home is quite comfortable and easy. It is important not to be lazy, and then the results will be noticed soon!

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