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Flexibility exercises: tips and rules for implementation

Flexibility exercises: tips and rules for implementation

Maybe many of us, at least once in my life, thought about what it would be worth doing stretches. After all, nature does not give flexibility to everyone. Good stretching affects not only the plasticity of the body and helps coordinate movement.

Exercises especially useful for flexibility will be for children. The fact is that good flexibility allows you to fully implement physical capabilities, such as speed and endurance. High quality stretch allows you to avoid many injuries associated with too sudden movements or poor heating.

Good flexibility is simply necessary in sports such as rhythmic gymnastics, weight lifting, athletics, weightlifting. Particularly well developed flexibility in young children.

Today we analyze which are the exercises for the development of flexibility and how they are carried out. You will learn what exercises for body flexibility are suitable for beginners, and what flexibility exercises for children.

We will also consider a small set of exercises that will improve the stretching of beginner athletes and children. It is quite simple to perform, it simply requires some stability and knowledge of the precautionary measures.

Basic rules for stretching.

Like any other load, stretching is good for health. First, stretching promotes relaxation, as it helps relieve muscle tension. And the state of the muscles, as is known, has a direct connection with the psychological health of the person.

For office workers, the simple exercises of the complex presented below (curves, turns) will be doubly useful, since they will also improve blood circulation and strengthen. By the way, experts recommend doing exercises during stress, emotional stress.

Flexibility exercises: tips and rules for implementation

Remember during the lessons the basic rule: increase the load gradually, have nowhere to hurry and sudden injuries do not need it. Especially, if they are received by your own stupidity and carelessness.

Thus, the subtleties of the training process are the following:

  1. Do not overdo the load. If the muscle does not stretch anymore, you should not tear it with force. Increase the amplitude of all body movements gradually, as much as possible. This is exactly the case when regularity is more important than the breadth of execution.
  2. Gradually increase the training load, stretch each muscle slowly. Start with a small amplitude and gradually increase it, literally centimeter per day.
  3. Do not overdo the training volume. It is best to train within an adequate amount of training and rest enough between the loads. Do not exercise more than once a day. Sometimes it is better to stretch no more than one day, especially if there is a training load from another sport.
  4. Never exercise on cold muscles. Warm up carefully before any training. Perform an elementary general physical training. Knead the joints, ligaments, muscles. You can start a warm-up with jogging or elementary walking, jump in place or climb stairs.

What can you do to improve the stretch?

Below, you will find a set of exercises for the development of flexibility, which is equally suitable for both beginners and children. They can be done separately or in combination with other workouts.

These are simple, but at the same time work exercises that will allow in the shortest possible time to develop a good flexibility in adults and children. We recommend that you perform each exercise successively, 5-6 sets of 8-10 repetitions each, for children: three or four sets of 6-8 repetitions.

Rest time is best to choose the minimum: 30 to 50 seconds between sets. Perform this complex alternately – exercise after the exercise, and after one or two months you will see the first results.

When doing any exercise, the main thing is not to exaggerate and not make sudden gestures. Perform all movements as gently as possible.

Flexibility exercises: tips and rules for implementation

Therefore, here are these exercises for flexibility:

  1. In the standing position, we make the inclination of the head in different directions in the vertical and horizontal directions. This will significantly develop flexibility in the cervical spine.
  2. Move the brushes on a circular shaft and in the vertical direction. This will improve the stretch in the region of the joints of the hands and ligaments.
  3. After this exercise, we begin to perform the same movements, but with the hands on a circular axis and in the vertical direction.
  4. We intertwine our fingers behind the nape of the neck, begin to make movements with the hip joint on a circular axis and in the horizontal direction. This will significantly improve the stretch in the hip area.
  5. In a standing position we reduce the legs. We grabbed our knees and began to rotate them in different directions. This will also significantly improve the stretch in the hip area.
  6. Very useful for stretching the ordinary forward curves. They allow you to develop the flexibility of the muscles of the back and back of the legs. Be careful not to overstress the popliteal ligaments.
  7. There is another very useful exercise. You will need a special gymnastics stick. Taking the ends, we lift him in the outstretched arms in front of us and, so to speak, stretch the joints of the shoulders to the maximum back.

As you can see, it is possible to make a plastic body, nothing difficult to increase the stretch, no. Simply perform the simplest exercises available for both beginners and children. Just do it regularly, rather than just persistence, stability and patience.

Believe me, the first results will be visible in a month, you will learn how to sit in a division and will masterfully do so. When the muscles adapt, they will not perceive this complex as a burden, they will have to complicate the exercises themselves or move on to more complex training.

And do not forget the precautionary measures, remember the sequence of actions and the absence of the need to rush somewhere. Long-term work is more important than immediate results.

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