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Gymnastics for the neck of Dr. Shishonin: methods and recommendations.

Gymnastics for the neck of Dr. Shishonin: methods and recommendations.

Pain – the eternal companion of man. Ancient people, to get rid of it, had to find ways to alleviate physical ailments in nature.

Now medicine has reached a fantastic scale, and doctors offer their patients medicines that can alleviate suffering. But there are alternative methods, for example, gymnastics Shishonin (doctor of medical sciences), who has developed a training system that can eliminate many diseases without medication, especially in the vertebral department.

With the rapid growth of computer technology, the disease of the cervical and lumbar spine began to manifest itself at a young age. This contributes to the prolonged abnormal position of the body while working on the computer.

For the prevention of diseases that can cause osteochondrosis and other serious diseases of the spine, many have studied the method for a long time and successfully perform simple exercises.

The cervical spine is a fragile and vulnerable place, and many people fear any movement to avoid injury to the vertebrae, but Shishonin gymnastics is different because when performing a system of special exercises, a person is protected from the risk of injury. As a result, a well-thought complex of movements is produced:

  • Improvement of blood circulation in the brain.
  • blood pressure stabilizes
  • the dizziness disappears
  • the insomnia disappears
  • The rehabilitation process after injuries is accelerated.
  • memory improves
  • The pains in head and neck disappear.
  • spasms are eliminated
  • The mobility of the vertebrae and joints is restored.
  • reduced risk of stroke.

If you follow the recommendations consistent, gymnastics for Dr. neck Shishonin help prevent osteochondrosis, fatigue thoracic, lumbar regions and other unpleasant symptoms that occur in the spine.

Gymnastics for the neck of Dr. Shishonin: methods and recommendations.

Signs of negative changes in the neck.

People who sit at the table for a long time while working or studying, notice that after getting up or turning their heads, there is pain in the right side, tingling and numbness. Most people do not pay special attention to these syndromes, since they believe that walking or changing activities will put everything in its place. The result of an irresponsible attitude towards the symptoms that appear is the first signs of changes in the thoracic or lumbar spine.

The pathological processes are accompanied by tinnitus, numbness of the thoracic spine, lumbar spine and extremities, nausea and vomiting in case of circulatory disorders. The characteristic crunch of the cartilage when the head or body turns indicates the first signs of osteochondrosis.

The disease that went unnoticed, to the extent that it manifested, should be immediately sent to a doctor. Depending on the degree of disease and characteristics of the body, the physician prescribes the main medical complex: massage special collar for fixing neck, physiotherapy, of course, drugs (analgesics, other activities).

To whom such loading is most useful

Over time, changes occur in every cell of the body, and the age of a person who has accumulated many stressful situations in your life leads to spasms in certain areas of the spine: lumbar spine and chest. Muscle tension causes compression of the nerve endings, vessels and osteochondrosis disease, which is often accompanied by unbearable pain that gradually forms.

Such symptoms are familiar to almost all people over 40 years of age.

What benefits does gymnastics?

A spirit of struggle, faith in healing will help sick people to resolutely and resolutely study a set of exercises, since the gymnastics for Dr. Shishonin’s neck can return to full life. Simple movements can help get rid of muscle spasms, osteochondrosis, a feeling of heaviness, cause the neck to move and get physical and psychological comfort in the lumbar and thoracic regions.

They are slowly, spend very little time with them, so anyone who does gymnastics to prevent cervical and lumbar osteochondrosis be rewarded: a mobile elastic spine and neck muscles.

Gymnastics for the neck of Dr. Shishonin: methods and recommendations.

Movement 1 (stretch of the lateral surface)

This exercise is called the metronome. He performs sitting, straightening his back. The head (as close as possible to the shoulder, but carefully) is tilted to the right and holds the position for 30 seconds.

The same movement is repeated to the left.

Movement 2 (stretching the rear surface)

This exercise is called spring. Straightening while sitting, make bows on the head, rest the chins on the neck for 30 seconds, then lift the heads and pull the chin forward.

Movement 3 (stretching the neck of the back)

This exercise is called Gus. Sit, relax and lower your chin.

The head is pulled forward as much as possible, slowly turning the chin alternately towards the right and left shoulder.

Movement 4 (stretching the lateral muscles)

This exercise is poetically called a look at heaven. Having sat down exactly, a direct look in front.

The head is turned gently to the right, fixed and then to the left.

Movement 5 (expansion of the area to stretch the lateral muscles)

The exercise is called Rama. Practically the previous movement is repeated, but with the connection of the hands. Left: put on the opposite shoulder, turn your head to the left.

Hand while lying flat. The same action is repeated with the other hand.

Movement 6 (stretching the neck and back)

The exercise is called Fakir. Sitting upright and closing the palms, the arms are folded and raised above the head.

Turn the head alternately to the right and to the left. If the exercise is done correctly, there is tension in the occipital area.

The load is simple, the whole complex of movements is fixed for 30 seconds and the exercises are repeated at least five times.

After performing the basic set of exercises to relieve the symptoms of osteochondrosis and other unpleasant sensations, perform a full course of stretching movements.

Stretching the lateral muscle groups of the neck.

One hand is raised over the head, touching the fingers with the ear. Head tilted, pulling on the lateral muscles of the neck.

Hold the position for 30 seconds, do the same with the other hand.

Stretch the back of the neck muscle.

Hands on the head, fingers interlaced. Holding your head with your hands, pull it forward and down at the same time.

After a few seconds, it returns to the starting position.

Stretch the right and left muscle groups of the neck.

They put their hands on the back of their heads, turn their heads to the right, remain in the same position, lower their heads and then repeat the movement in the other direction.

Stretching is done 2 to 4 times.

Recommendations of the authors of the methodology.

To achieve success in overcoming cervical osteochondrosis and other symptoms, the developers recommend that classes be conducted for the first time every day. After relief, your number is reduced.

The gymnastics is performed for the neck at the beginning in front of a mirror or in the presence of specialists, because the precision of the movements and their sequence is an important factor. Exercises for the cervical spine contribute not only to eliminate osteochondrosis or accelerate the healing process, but they are also an excellent prophylactic tool to prevent diseases of the spine!

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