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How on a horizontal bar to pump a bicep: be beautiful

How on a horizontal bar to pump a bicep: be beautiful

Some consider that the training of the biceps and in general any other muscle of the bar is too simple, but this is fundamentally incorrect. In fact, pumping biceps at the bar can be even better and easier than with the help of simulators.

If you observe the regularity of the classes and correctly perform the exercises, you will obtain a good result.

Pull-ups are available to everyone and use a variety of muscle groups at the same time: back, abs, shoulders, etc. To successfully pump with pull-ups, various types of grip are used. The way you hold the bar determines which muscles will be most involved:

  1. Direct grasp (the palms are far away from you) – back muscles.
  2. Reverse grip (palm for you) – directly biceps.
  3. Neutral grip (the palms look at each other) – brachioradial and biceps.

Since the reverse grip as an exercise provides more work for the elbow joints than neutral or direct, it is necessary to perform exercises of this type more frequently to pump the biceps. Next we will discuss in detail the specific methods by which you can pump biceps in the bar.

Narrow reverse grip. This type of push-ups has a greater effect on weight gain.

In addition to significant distension of the biceps, it also acts on other muscle groups in the upper half of the body. The narrow handle allows you to distribute the mass in such a way that the external beam is less stressed than the internal one. To perform correctly, observe the following technique:

  1. Straighten your back, bend your legs. No swing
  2. Bend your back a little and expose your chest.
  3. Place your hands at a distance slightly less than the width of your shoulders, turning your palms toward him.
  4. Stand up completely at the expense of your hands. Do this in such a way that your chin is higher than the horizontal bar, then the wider back muscles will stretch.
  5. Approaching, stretch your arms along.

How on a horizontal bar to pump a bicep: be beautiful

Half invested grip. Flexions with the average reverse grip distribute the mass evenly between the internal and external muscles.

This exercise, in addition to biceps, also emphasizes the back. How to do it

  1. As with a narrow grip, you should keep your back straight and not swing.
  2. Hold the cross bar so that the arms are shoulder-width apart and the palms are toward you.
  3. Hang on the horizontal bar, with the back slightly arched and legs crossed.
  4. Get up on your hands, reducing your shoulder blades. Try to touch the chest of the crossbar.
  5. Stretch the arms at the lowest point to stretch the muscles of the spine better.

Wide reverse grip. This method of doing pull-ups involves a maximum load on the internal beam. The performance technique, in general, differs little from the previous instructions:

  1. As in the previous two years, stay straight and do not let it swing.
  2. Place your hands on the crossbar a little wider than your shoulders and your palms towards you.
  3. Bend your legs a little before pulling up.
  4. In the same way, get up with the help of your own hands and try to keep your chin above the crossbar.
  5. And it descends, stretching the arms in all its length.

General advice

Do not forget to warm up before you start training. Do all the exercises without problems, without jerking and pulling the body down, take your time and do them at your own pace. Before starting a workout focused on your biceps (on any horizontal bar), it is important to determine the maximum for the day.

It is recommended to perform, on average, three to four approaches of seven to twelve push-ups for each time and take breaks between sets of one and a half to two minutes. At first, you can get up and less often, the main thing is to do it correctly over time, increase the load.

Calculate your energy in a rational way, do not make an excessive effort for success you need regular classes that will be your strength and not a unique task to wear.

If you have just started swinging, you can and should dilute your workouts with exercises in other muscles for the uniform development of the whole body. Whether it will be a press, a triceps or something else, depends completely on your preferences and desires. Also, when you make some progress and can easily climb twelve or more times, you can go train with the additional load.

It is also quite effective and good biceps exercises, both in simulators and in a horizontal bar. The methods for performing common push-ups are absolutely valid for them with the load, but there are still some nuances.

How on a horizontal bar to pump a bicep: be beautiful

Pull-ups with extra weight: key differences

First, you should ask yourself what type of load is the safest to practice on the horizontal bar. The most appropriate option is a special vest for pull-ups. Unlike, for example, the weight attached to the belt, its weight will not overload your spine and will damage it: the load will fall on your shoulders.

If you do not have a vest, you can use a backpack with a couple of pancakes inside, but this is not as convenient.

At the next moment: do not jump on a horizontal bar or, on the contrary, jump directly to the ground. The fulfillment of this prohibition is necessary to avoid injuries, so it will be correct to use the support to climb and descend with care.

Avoid sudden jerking and swaying.

With regard to the choice of weight load, you must first find out the maximum weight with which you can get up well at least once. Your work weight will be part of the maximum. Its value depends on the objective pursued in your training:

  • Muscular construction: 70-85% of the maximum weight.
  • Muscular strength: 85-95%.
  • Resistance: 50-70%.

In this case, the lower the work weight, the more repetitions will be made.

As you can see, all the effective exercises directed to the biceps can be done easily on the horizontal bar, which means that you have the opportunity to pump your muscles with high quality even when you are in the yard of your house. Follow the execution technique, do it regularly, and then you can pump your biceps well on the horizontal bar.

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