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How to animate the girl and the woman in the press: tips and tricks

Having a beautiful belly, tense, with press cubes, dreams of any girl. This desire is particularly exacerbated in the run up to any major event or during the beach season.

Then the question arises: how to pump a press to a girl easily and in a short period of time.

Not everyone wants to have cubes in the press, some have a tight enough abdomen, so it is very easy to carry out our plans. In women, the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for muscle building, occurs much less. In addition, the cyclical characteristics of female physiology impose their own adjustments on the training program.

Therefore, doctors recommend eliminating abdominal muscle training during menstruation and limiting the load several days before and after.

This area is usually a problem for girls and women. Childbirth, pregnancy and weight fluctuations affect talin in the best way, cellulite appears, skin tone worsens.

And if the upper part of the press is often involved in everyday life, then the lower press at the same time practically does not work and, consequently, this part of the body looks worse.

Training schedule

In fact, to order your stomach, you only need to exercise regularly to exercise your abdominal muscles and control your weight. To get a more or less remarkable result, you need at least a month of regular exercise. It will not be possible to pump the press faster with the help of sprouts, templates or special clothing in a short time, despite advertising promises in the network.

How to animate the girl and the woman in the press: tips and tricks

If possible, you can contact a professional physical trainer who will select the exercises individually according to the physiological characteristics and also give you recommendations on general activity and nutrition. If there is no chance, then you can teach at home: this option will be just as effective if you show perseverance and are not lazy.

Asking a question about how to inflate the press for a girl, one can not forget that proper nutrition is 40% successful in the struggle for a beautiful press and the buckets it contains. Therefore, the correction of the diet will play an important role in the achievement of the result.

To lose weight, you need to change your preferences in favor of raw vegetables and fruits, cereals and cereals, eliminating so much fat, flour and candy.

To achieve the desired effect quickly, the exercise of the abdominal muscles should be daily, distributing them so that the same group receives a load of 3 to 4 times per week. Daily muscle loading is not recommended, as you will not have time to recover, so the training effect may be the opposite of what you want.

It is also necessary to keep in mind that to obtain the fastest appearance of the desired cubes of the press in the stomach, the fat layer should be minimal. If there are extra pounds in the abdominal area, then a cardiovascular load should be added to the abdominal exercises: jogging, swimming, cycling.

A selection of effective trainings.

Before each workout, it is imperative that you warm up quickly to warm up your muscles. This may be suitable for your complex, for example, Surya Namaskar: a sequence of yoga asanas will be an excellent option for warm-up or morning exercises.

Upper abdominal muscles

  1. The most common and effective exercise is torsion. Initial position: supine, legs bent at the knees, arms behind the head. The bottom line: raise the torso at a 45 ° angle from the surface. You should start with 3 sets of 10 to 15 times, gradually increasing the number of turns.
  2. Lifting legs from a prone position. Lying on the back, the arms are found along the body. The bottom line: climb slowly to a 90 ° angle and lower your legs straight. The torso and the spine should be pressed firmly against the surface to avoid back injuries.
  3. Bicycle The position of the body, as in exercise No. 1, raises the feet on the surface and performs movements that simulate cycling. Realizes the need to feel a tolerable pain in the muscles.

How to animate the girl and the woman in the press: tips and tricks

Oblique abdominal muscles

  1. Twisting the obliques abs. It is done in the same way as the usual torsion, with only one difference. When lifting the torso, the elbow should be placed towards the opposite knee, turning the body. You need to repeat three series 20 times.
  2. Scissors Lying on the floor, with arms along the body. The legs should be slightly raised on the floor and perform cross undulations (as cut with scissors). To begin with, 3 sets of 20 repetitions are enough. Over time, the number of movements needs to increase. This exercise also helps to make thin hips.

Muscles of the lower press.

This part of the body has more need for pumping, so the lower press should be pumped with special diligence.

  1. The numbers Initial position: sitting on the ground. The hands rest against the floor behind the box. The legs should be raised on the floor at a height of 40 cm from the floor, the thighs and knees should be tight, the lower pressure is tight and, successively, the numbers from 1 to 10 should be described in the air and in the reverse order .
  2. Twisted, hanging on the bar. The easiest thing to do on the Swedish wall, when there is a backrest on the back. Hanging on the crossbar, you must lift your legs to the position where they will be parallel to the floor. This is a fairly difficult exercise, in which the lower press is well developed, so, to begin with, 2 approaches are enough for 10 repetitions.

Static positions of yoga.

Static yoga exercises: a great solution for those who want to pump dice, but to avoid loading on the back. For example, a mountain pose (upside down dog) with alternative leg lift and posture delayed by time is an excellent exercise that is designed to work the upper and lower pressure, tones the posterior surface of the thigh and eliminates the tension of the spine and the neck.

A universal exercise to exercise the muscles of the central part of the body is a ribbon. With the strap and its various variations (inverted version, side strap) can solve all the problematic parts of the abdomen.

By doing the exercises conscientiously and eating well, you can quickly achieve the desired results, not only at the waist, but in all other parts of the body, look impressive and feel good.

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