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How to animate the press girl at home: good advice

How to animate the press girl at home: good advice

The tight figure is the goal and desire of the girls. And this is quite feasible, if you apply some creative skills to the achievement of your goal. One of the problem areas in the female body is the stomach.

Additional folds appear there very quickly. But everything can be changed and turned into beautiful cubes of the press, if you swing it properly, it takes three or four weeks to do it. A tight belly not only makes girls more attractive, but also improves their posture.

So you can get rid of slouching. On the other hand, the thin figure gives confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Preparation for training

Accepting such a mission, it is worth remembering that nothing happens quickly. As a general rule, cubes begin to appear not before a month of training.

Do not create the myths that the press can be pumped at home for a week. Must be creative and regularly engage with themselves and their physical condition.

This is easy to implement at home. To achieve a positive result, you must follow some basic rules:

  1. You can not download the press (especially the bottom) during menstruation. This can lead to unpleasant consequences. At this time, the body is experiencing stress, so do not overload it with exercises.
  2. The exercises should be done on an empty stomach. If the lesson is carried out at home in the afternoon, after eating, at least two hours must pass.
  3. The exercise should be done at least two hours before going to bed.
  4. Exercises in the lower press do not contribute to fat burning. Therefore, it is first necessary to reduce it as much as possible (walking actively, running out of the house, riding a bicycle, swimming) so you can increase your abdominal muscles.
  5. Do not work too much The body must rest, giving exorbitant charges is not worth it. Such an approach will not bring positive results.
  6. It is necessary to use all the abdominal muscle groups so that they develop uniformly.
  7. Before each training at home it is necessary to warm up. It can be in different forms. Classic exercises to warm up, run or even dance energetically. The main thing is to prepare the body for physical effort. Therefore, you can download cubes more efficiently.

How to animate the press girl at home: good advice

Performance technique

At home, there are several ways to increase the effectiveness of the press. To have attractive cubes in your abdomen, you need a hard surface.

Well, if there is a gym mat. For some exercises, auxiliary elements will be needed. For a beautiful belly, you need to work on three main parts of the press:

There are not many exercises for the top press, but they are all effective if done correctly at home.

Twisting is the classic and best shape. Its implementation begins with the adoption of the correct initial position. You should lie on the floor, with your arms behind your head or stretched directly in front of you.

The legs should be bent at the knees. The upper torso rises 20-30 centimeters from the floor, hold this position for a couple of seconds.

Then we return to the original. It is possible to swing a press in this manner on an aerobic ball, if it exists.

Lift your legs. To perform the exercise you need to lie on the ground and straighten yourself. The hands can be perpendicular to the body on the sides or behind the head.

The straight legs rise to the state of a right angle with a torso. After returning to the starting position.

The lifting and lowering should be done without problems, so that the muscles work more.

The muscles of the lower abdominals are also very important. Do not pay attention, do not allow the stomach to bend.

But often, the lower press is harder to pump at home than other groups.

Scissors This is a common family exercise for many more in the school. But it is quite effective.

You need to lie on the ground, straighten yourself. The hands can be placed under the buttocks or behind the head. Downloading press using the first method is easier.

The straight legs rise 30-40 centimeters and make crossed movements, resembling the scissors. Another option is the imitation steps.

Lifting the pelvis. Housing on the floor, legs bent. Using the muscles, lift the pelvis off the floor, lift it up and stretch the legs.

The final position should resemble a birch tree. Return carefully to the starting position.

Breeding legs The body is on the ground, the waist is pressed to the ground.

Legs raised perpendicular to the body. Separate the legs to the maximum point that allows the stretch. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and come back.

The legs should move at the expense of the press.

It’s worth being careful if you started to swing a side press. Some girls think they will help you lose weight.

But, this is a mistake.

How to animate the press girl at home: good advice

Tracks. They perform standing. You can carry weights or dumbbells in your hand.

By doing the tilt to one side, you need to feel how the muscles are pulled on one side and tightened on the other. The inclinations are carried out slowly.

Side turns. Initial position, as in the classic exercise, but the hands rest along the body. The tips of the fingers of the right hand, it is necessary to reach the heel of the right foot, the same subject and with the right side.

Since the lateral muscles are reduced, they can be well pumped at home. This exercise gives an extra load to the lower press.

Recommendations for training.

Many wonder what time is best to practice at home. It depends on the characteristics of the body.

Someone works better in the morning, others have the best productivity in the afternoon or in the afternoon. The main thing is to make the time of day comfortable for you.

Each exercise must be performed at least 15 times. It is necessary to make 3 approaches to inflate.

It is not necessary to perform all the listed exercises at the same time. You can divide them into different focuses for a week. You can change, alternate.

Over time, it will be possible to increase the number of repetitions.

To press the press at home you need three – four times a week. The fibers will have time to recover. But it is necessary to perform workouts at home regularly.

Then the result will appear in the form of cubes.

To increase the effectiveness of the training, in your free time, make an exercise vacuum. It develops the abdominal muscles and the respiratory system.

It is very convenient, because it can be done anywhere.

There are several ways to quickly boost the press at home. But it is necessary to choose the most appropriate and stick to it.

Then everything desired will come true.

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