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How to answer questions in the interview: advice to applicants

How to answer questions in the interview: advice to applicants

Often, the questions that are heard in the interview put the applicant at a standstill. Some of them seem trivial and abstract, incomprehensible and uninformative, while others suggest a trick.

At the same time, it is possible to prepare for such dialogues in advance, because the tactics of conducting conversation on the part of human resource managers have developed over the years and are quite standard. So, what questions are most frequently asked when applying for a job?

And, most importantly, how to respond to the interview?

For an interview – fully armed

What should you remember when meeting with a potential employer? In the first place, the impression of the conversation depends not only on the answers to the questions asked, but also on the way of maintaining, the appearance, the presence of recommendations and a summary. To go to an interview, you must prepare carefully: think of a suit, work with gestures, facial expressions, talk.

On the eve of the first meeting, it is important to gather information about the company and the vacant position to the maximum from open sources. In the future, the information received may be operated during a conversation.

In the eyes of the human resources manager, such knowledge is a definite advantage, an indicator of the responsibility and foresight of the applicant.

As the questions in the interviews are typical, it is advisable to create a response map in the preparation stage. It is necessary to identify their positive qualities (3-5) and some key deficiencies in the character. Applicants are often asked to express the philosophy of life and work, objectives for the near and distant future.

Sometimes they are offered to characterize the priority areas in self-development. Most likely you have to answer questions about your previous work.

The personnel officer may be interested in the reasons for the dismissal, the relationships with colleagues and superiors, the achievements and the more difficult tasks that have been resolved previously.

In the interview, it is important to show your best side, without resorting to deception and exaggeration. After all, any lie will be revealed, after all, both the personnel managers and the security service of most organizations make inquiries about new recruits.

How to answer questions in the interview: advice to applicants

You must be prepared for the fact that the response to the interview will have to answer unexpected, absurd and, sometimes, tactless questions. Some interviewers at some point start talking loudly, being rude.

The purpose of such manipulations is to create a tense atmosphere for the applicant and see how he behaves. During a stressful situation, the main thing is to stay cool, maintain a sense of humor and self-esteem.

How to send personal information?

When an interviewer requests a little interview about himself, this does not mean that he is interested in the biography of the applicant. He wants to evaluate the communication skills of the interlocutor, his ability to self-present. It is convenient to talk about their personal qualities and life goals.

You can choose the reasons when choosing a profession, hobbies in your free time. It is not necessary to list the achievements in previous jobs: the personnel officer already knows them by the curriculum.

More often in the interview the following personal questions are heard:

  • How would your friends and colleagues describe you?
  • What are your disadvantages?
  • Why did you choose such a profession?
  • Do you have a home of your own or rent?
  • Do you live alone or with your parents?
  • Why not married?
  • Do you plan to start a family and when?
  • There is a baby How often do you get sick?
  • When are you going to have children?
  • Why divorce?
  • Do you have any Hobbie?
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • Which book was last read?

How to answer a personal question? When analyzing your character, it is important to look like a person with adequate self-esteem. Among the deficiencies, it is better to call those who perceive themselves in two ways: in some circumstances it may seem weak, in others it is a strong point.

Such qualities include pedantry, sociability, restlessness, curiosity, etc. Dedicate a staff officer to the reasons for choosing a profession, make it clear that this was a deliberate step.

You should speak honestly about the state of the family and property, positioning yourself as a responsible, independent and sincere person.

How to answer questions in the interview: advice to applicants

Questions about the same place: how to respond.

The reasons for leaving a previous job is an issue that interests the overwhelming majority of employers. Possible answer: in the old place there were no opportunities for further professional growth (career). It can refer to domestic factors: the relocation of the company, change of residence.

It is impossible to blame the former manager or colleagues for all the problems. It is undesirable to indicate low salaries or conflicts with staff as reasons.

Sometimes, when they request a job, they are asked, instead of letters of recommendation, to provide the contacts of their previous colleagues, who can be contacted for their comments. A person who left without excesses will have no difficulty with the fulfillment of such desire.

What if you had to leave badly, closing the door? Even in this case, the request should not be denied: you must provide the employee’s telephone number with whom you had a good relationship.

How to respond if you have questions about a long break at work? To dispel the employer’s caution, you can refer to family circumstances, the desire to travel or study.

In the end, it should be emphasized that the factors that forced them to abandon their work are a thing of the past.

Towards new horizons

If the job seeker is not looking for a job, it is likely that the personnel manager is interested in the motivation of the applicant. The logical explanation of this act will be disillusionment with the original profession, the desire to dominate a new field of activity.

It is better to answer the question about the reasons why you want to work in this company without pathos or flattery. It is necessary to focus attention on the conversation not on the advantages of the company, but on the motivation to work.

Employers give preference to those applicants who seek self-fulfillment, because in the future the success of the company will depend on their desire to develop.

Who do you see in five years? This question is a test of the applicant’s preparation to work for the company in the coming years.

In addition, the manager is interested in how the applicant’s plans correspond to the capabilities and expectations of the company. The answer does not necessarily indicate a specific position. In addition, it is not necessary to dedicate the interlocutor to plans that are not related to the work.

It is better to talk about your professional achievements, tasks for the near future, personal qualities that help you achieve your goals.

In the end, the interviewer may want to answer the questions of the accountant. In this turn of the conversation, you must be ready, so it is best to summarize the list in advance.

There is no need to reject this opportunity: the manager will prefer to remember the curious candidate than he has thanked and left dryly. You can ask the interlocutor about the urgent tasks of the company, the inherent qualities of the potential boss, to ask about the traditions of the team.

It will not be superfluous and, please, advise a newcomer to the company.

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