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How to become a self-confident person: a scheme of actions, advice from psychologists.

How to become a self-confident person: a scheme of actions, advice from psychologists.

To achieve success in life, it is important to believe in yourself and not be afraid of difficulties. How to be sure of yourself? What is needed to develop this valuable quality?

We will try to find out and find the answer.

Psychologists say that self-confidence is a person’s belief that:

  • able to cope with life situations
  • You can find an exit to any problem
  • Able to appease the fears and doubts that rage in the soul.

Many people think how to become more audacious and more confident in themselves, because they understand that shyness makes life difficult, prevents them from moving up in the race and communicating with the opposite sex.

Trust and success

When looking at successful people, it becomes immediately clear that they know what they want, easily overcome the obstacles of life and reach heights in any business. It often seems that trust is an innate feeling that only the elect have.

But this is not true. This behavior is the result of personal improvement.

The difference is that some people need to work more on themselves and others less.

The first rule of how to have more confidence in yourself is to believe in yourself. But this requires a foundation.

Try to develop in yourself some useful qualities that are characteristic of safe people.

  • Do not feel sorry for yourself, it is inherent only to weak and insecure people.
  • Learn to respect yourself. Each person is unique, unique and has all kinds of talents. Set a task to find qualities and actions that should be respected, and develop this feeling.
  • Always maintain an impeccable appearance and smile often. It is much easier to show a strong character and self-confidence if the clothes, makeup and hairstyle are in perfect order. The people around you feel positive energy and pay attention to it. Increase self-esteem and give confidence.
  • Try to realize yourself. It is necessary to find an occupation that brings satisfaction and joy. The favorite pastime helps to differentiate from the general mass of people and achieve self-realization.
  • Are beautiful cuts, dresses, fabrics, embroidery? Your work will be admired, and this will increase your self-confidence. You can maintain your blog, organize a shelter for homeless animals, practice sports. People will appreciate the achievements, and this will help raise self-esteem.

The most important thing: do not be afraid to start a new life, change the stereotypes of behavior. Stop supporting a secondary role and every day will shine with bright colors. It is difficult, but possible.

Look back and count how many opportunities you missed, how many cases you left unfinished, how many meetings you were afraid to go because of the doubt. It’s never too late to stop being shy.

You can always gain courage and develop a sense of self-confidence that will help you achieve respect for others, to be brave and to live a full life.

How to become a self-confident person: a scheme of actions, advice from psychologists.

Step by step instructions

This information is often divulged by psychology books, and how to trust yourself tells it very carefully. Many councils bring real benefits and help in the work themselves. For a recommendation to act, it is important to establish an objective and not deviate from it.

The only way to become safe people.

  • Record your progress

This may seem strange to some, but the method really works. It is difficult to take into account the small successes a person is ashamed to talk about them, so it is quickly forgotten.

Buy a regular notebook and at night write down in it the achievements you made in a day. It is not necessary that they were great.

This can be a new hairstyle, a successful purchase in the store, a successful project at work, a new acquaintance.

Periodically, reread a kind of diary to remember success. This gives confidence on a subconscious level. Little by little, you will notice that more and more achievements.

In a good moment you will realize that you have become a safer person.

To achieve the desired, it is necessary to overcome the obstacles. Children will not be able to learn to walk until they fall several times and fill a couple of cones.

An athlete will not become an Olympic medal winner without sprains and injuries. To gain confidence in yourself, you must constantly perform actions that you fear.

You are afraid to talk to a boy or to smile at him, do it. It is difficult to read a speech in front of a large audience: to dominate and read.

It is terrible to stand out from the gray mass of people: risk and stand out.

This will help you find a way to stop being ashamed of yourself and having confidence. It will take patience, because overcoming fear is difficult.

But each new achievement will fill you with confidence. You will quickly notice that shyness and discomfort disappear, you become calmer and more courageous.

Self-confidence often collapses into dust when a person begins to compare himself to other people. This is not in any way done

Immediately lower your self-esteem. If a girl meets an interesting guy and looks elegant and well groomed, this does not mean she is a fatal beauty and better than you.

You see only the outer layer and you do not know what kind of life this lady has, in fact, she probably doubts herself and her abilities in the same way.

People do not love each other This does not mean that some are worse, while others are better.

Simply, we are all different.

  • Do not pay attention to the failure.

How to be more self-confident, and often the advice of a psychologist, books and Internet resources are counted. They include an important rule: do not focus on faults. When something fails, do not scold yourself for it.

Just analyze the mistakes that are made, and forget what happened. If you immerse in yourself for a long time, next time it will be much harder to make an important decision to move through different scenarios in your head.

The failures are all. In them, a person learns to achieve success.

How to become a self-confident person: scheme of actions, advice of psychologists.

  • Criticism is not always good

Psychologists have long noted that children, often criticized, become unsafe people with low self-esteem, who find it difficult to succeed in life.

As adults, try to avoid contact with people who speak badly and strongly criticized. Your negative emotions go down and your self-esteem drops significantly. If it seems that it does not work on you, deep down you still bother and worry.

In such situations, it is better to forget about the problem and say: I am calmer, I trust myself and my abilities.

  • Change the way you speak

To have more confidence in yourself, it is important to be on an equal footing with other people. Speak clearly, without hurry, do not show anxiety and fear.

Do not be afraid to be active at work, express your opinion, participate in the life of the team.

Develop speech. This is the main communication tool. If it is inconsistent, take care of the repair defects.

For example, you can record your voice on a voice recorder, listen and try to correct the deficiencies.

Find like-minded people and talk to them about topics that interest you. Inspired by the conversation, you will forget the uncertainty, it will be clear, bright and with time you will learn to say it always.

How to become a self-confident person? More often you praise yourself, encourage. It is not necessary to show off to other people, it does not allow the rules of good form.

Say you have finished alone with yourself when you overcome another obstacle. Think positive.

This will help to gain confidence and forget about many complexes.

Some more tips

The confident person gives a soft posture, sense of humor and an open look. Tell yourself: straighten up, straighten your shoulders, do not stay behind.

Keep your back straight all day and you will feel that stiffness and shyness have decreased.

  • He jokes more, he does not hide his sense of humor. Laughter unites people, allows them to relax. This is a good way to become sociable and safe.
  • An insecure person, as a rule, avoids looking others in the eye during a conversation. If you have such a habit – eradicate it.
  • When people doubt that you can do something, do not get upset and do not shut yourself up. Just ask for clear answers, why do you think that and explain to yourself that you are sure to cope with the situation.

For a person to have confidence in himself, it is important not to look for excuses when he does not want to or is afraid to do something. Get rid of this habit and boldly master the new knowledge, work hard, read, communicate with people, travel.

With each new success, self-confidence increases, interest in overcoming obstacles increases, in order to achieve great achievements.

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