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How to boost the upper press: a set of exercises for beginners

How to boost the upper press: a set of exercises for beginners

To have a thin waist and a tight belly, exercise is necessary. The training does not necessarily take place in the gym.

It is easy to stimulate the muscles at home, devoting a small amount of free time to the classes. To quickly return the shape in a beautiful way, you need to know how to pump the upper press, distributing the load in each muscle evenly and correctly.

Girls need to act differently than boys. In men, workouts should focus on strength training that promotes muscle growth.

For women, a special complex is more useful, including resistance training and good muscle stretching.

Adequate preparation

Classes will be successful if you increase the load gradually and listen carefully to your body. It is important to perform the movements correctly to use exactly the muscles you need. If he shakes the press at home and the next day he is concerned about the pain in the gluteal muscles, the previous training did not affect the abdominal muscles, but he had a different approach.

To know which muscles are tense, you must stop for a couple of seconds while doing the exercise. Immediately you will feel where the charge is going.

  • Efficiency increases several times, if you alternate the load on the muscles with the rest. Gym instructors recommend taking classes every two days.
  • Exercises for the upper press for women should be done in the morning, before eating. If necessary, the training can be transferred day or night, but keep in mind that you can do it only 2 hours after a meal. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the body.
  • The complex, designed to strengthen the press, is lying down. It is convenient to do it on the floor, making the surface a rigid gymnastics mat.

Do not forget that achieving results in a short time will not work. To pump the press correctly, you need to work hard.

As soon as you get used to the workouts and feel a positive result, they will begin to provide pleasure and satisfaction.

How to boost the upper press: a set of exercises for beginners

The characteristics of the female body are forced to abandon training on critical days. The body is contraindicated load on the abdominal muscles during this period.

You can resume classes in 2-3 days after the end of the month.

Light heating

Before exercising in the upper press, you need to warm up and warm up the muscles of your entire body. If this is not done, the training will not bring positive results.

On the contrary, for badly conceived actions the abdominal muscles are injured. The microscopic tears will cause pain for several days.

We must choose the clothes correctly. You must not keep the movement pressed. A good choice: shorts and T-shirts made of natural materials.

  • Begin to warm up with the neck muscles, gradually decreasing, warming the shoulders, arms and chest.
  • It is important to develop the oblique abdominal muscles. Fix your right hand on the belt, with the second lift and tilt the torso to the sides with the left hand.
  • Duplicate the exercise in the other direction.

In the end, develop the lateral muscles, putting your hands on your waist and twisting your pelvis in different directions for one minute.

High quality heating prevents most injuries in the training process and makes them more effective.

Useful exercises

To qualitatively tighten the belly, you need to pump up the side, the top and bottom pressing. This concept includes the direct and lateral abdominal muscles.

To work the upper section of the press we will do some simple exercises.

  • Normal twist Stretch out on a rug, bend your legs, fasten your hands behind your head. Slowly raise your shoulders and shoulder blades, trying not to separate from the gym mat. At the same time, with the upper part of the body, lift the legs bent at the knees. To inflate the top of the press, try to stay in this position for 5 seconds and slowly return to the starting position. It is recommended to do the exercise 15 times, relax for a few minutes and repeat. When you are ready to increase the load, hold a small ball under your knees and hold it while lifting your legs.
  • To perform the Curves, you must turn on your stomach, stretch your legs, bend your arms at the elbow joints and place yourself on the neck. Slowly lift the chest, keeping your feet on the ground. Climb as high as possible, stand still for 5 seconds and replace it in its place. Repeat the movement 15 times in a row, take a break and perform again.
  • The next exercise at the top of the press – Leg goes up. Lie on your back. Slowly lift your legs up and down without touching the floor. Make 2 sets of 15 movements.

How to boost the upper press: a set of exercises for beginners

After having worked the upper press, you must send force to pump the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle.

  • Do the steps on the weight. Take a prone position, lift your legs slightly, making movements, imitating steps. To begin, simply complete the task 30 times.
  • Well develop the lower abdominal muscles. Scissors. While in a horizontal position, raise your legs to a height of 40 degrees and do them with winged movements that resemble scissors 30 times.
  • The elevation of the pelvis should be stretched on a flat surface. Bend your legs, your hands perpendicular to your body. Lift the pelvis as high as possible, straightening and lifting the legs alternately. Going down, you can not touch the buttocks to the floor. One approach, including 20 movements, tries to make a canopy.
  • For the Accordion, he wants to sit down, bend his elbows and lean on them. Stretch the legs, lift them to a height of 30 cm from the gym mat, count for 5 seconds, bend the knees and pull up to the rib cage. Return to the original position, without dropping your feet on the ground, and repeat the task 30 times.

How to pump a belly?

Complex exercises for upper and lower pressure will be more effective if you develop the oblique abdominal muscles. The main thing is not to overdo it. An over-inflated side press helps the waist become wider.

If the purpose of training is to tighten the sides and belly, such exercises will work.

  • Tracks. Stand up, straighten your back and start to actively lean sideways. To increase the load, you can squeeze dumbbells weighing half a kilo in your hands.
  • To turn sideways, you should lie on a rug, bend your legs and pull them towards your chest. Without lifting the shoulder blades from the floor, pull the legs bent to the left and right sides 15 times.
  • To perform a cross twist, you must assume the sitting position. Lift the legs, bend the knees so that the legs are parallel to the floor. Alternatively, pull the legs forward and return to the starting position. Each leg requires 15 movements.

To pump all the muscle groups, tighten the belly and visually reduce the waist, the Planck exercise is ideal. Lie down with your belly down, bend your elbows and climb over the surface of the floor, holding the torso of the canopy with your hands and feet.

Filter the abdominal muscles, carefully observing that the back and buttocks do not bend. The body should be level from top to bottom.

Try holding for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise three times.

During active activities it is important to drink less than 2 liters of fluid per day. This volume should be spring or mineral water without gas.

Pumping the press for girls will not succeed if you do not reconsider your diet. Try to leave fried fatty foods, replacing them with fresh herbs, fruits, cereals.

They will provide the body with fiber, vitamins, minerals, help improve metabolism and help reduce the layer of fat in the stomach.

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