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How to breathe in squatting: characteristics of technology

How to breathe in squatting: characteristics of technology

A person who has decided to practice sport and develop muscle must understand: the result of their work will depend largely on breathing. Adequate breaths and exhalations allow you to overcome resistance and also contribute to the enrichment of cells with oxygen. Another thing is that not everyone is familiar with effective techniques.

And the first thing a novice athlete should pay attention to is how to breathe properly when he squats. Especially since this is one of the most basic and popular exercises.

Appreciate the heart

Why is proper breathing so important? If the lungs are filled and emptied with air in sudden jerks, this will cause a significant load on the heart.

And in active sports, on the contrary, we must create all the conditions for the maximum preservation of this important body. Only a uniform supply of oxygen in the body can guarantee a reduction in the load on the cardiovascular system.

In addition, an inadequate respiratory process can cause the lack of oxygen in the cells. And from hypoxia to fainting: one step.

And there are cases where beginners who do not know how to breathe correctly during exercise simply lose consciousness in the middle of a workout.

The secret of success lies in the details.

In fact, learning to breathe in sports is very simple. But first you need to do some preparatory work.

Therefore, to prepare the vent for proper operation, a warm-up should be performed before each workout. It will begin the ventilation processes in the lungs, activate blood circulation, warm the muscles.

How to breathe in squatting: characteristics of technology

In addition, you must decide on the choice of tools. It is known that this exercise is done with a bar, dumbbells, weights … and even without special equipment. In fact, breathing during squats does not depend on whether you have something in your hands or not.

But the more weight an athlete has, the more he should concentrate on his breathing.

Among other things, each newcomer must understand the difference between two different types of breathing. It is a thorax and abdomen (another name – diaphragmatic). The first variety is characteristic of a state of calm without any physical or emotional stress.

The mechanism is simple: the ribs rise, while the chest is in width. By the way, this guy is more often in fair sex.

In abdominal breathing, the diaphragm plays the leading role. It increases, becomes flatter and, therefore, changes the volume of the sternum.

This type is deeper and more complete, since the process involves the maximum part of the lungs.

And breathing during exercise must be exactly that, the diaphragmatic. If necessary, it must be developed through self-control and exercise.

And now we will consider different situations with squats, when the correct breathing technique plays a fundamental role.

The design is simple but effective.

Let’s start working with a bar. Here it is enough to remember the simplest rule: every effort must be accompanied by exhalation, and maximum relaxation must be achieved with inhalation. As an illustrative example, see how well-weighted weightlifters work.

When they perform a single repetition with the maximum weight for themselves, they perform the following actions.

First: going down (ie, elementary phase). Then, before sitting down, a person breathes.

Second: an intermediate stage, during which they hold their breath for a few seconds. Third: lifting the bar is the most difficult phase.

Therefore, a professional athlete exhales. But it is not simple, but very powerful, which is often accompanied by a loud cry.

But there is a nuance. Because the upward movement is considered the most energy-intensive element of the squat, it is necessary to exhale the air not immediately, but roughly in the middle of the climb.

Of course, we cite the extreme example as an example: work with a scandalous weight. But this principle also applies to daily workouts.

For example, there is another type of squat, especially popular among women: aerobic. Normally they are performed during group exercises, under energetic musical accompaniment.

As in the bar version (as well as weights, weights and other sports equipment), squats are accompanied by inhalation and the lift is exhalation.

Even if you decide to work without a load, breathing during squats should be correct and uniform.

How to breathe in squatting: characteristics of technology

Through the nose and with minimal pauses.

If you are still learning to breathe properly, do not lose sight of the following nuances:

  • breathing should be done exclusively through the nose, the mouth can be used in rare cases and then in the exhalation
  • It is most useful for newcomers to exhale silently, measured, through the nose or through clenched teeth. Remember: a strong roar is the large number of experienced athletes.
  • Working with a bar can hold your breath for a while, but there are also rules here. First, the pause should not be too long: only 1-2 seconds are enough to regain strength. Otherwise, the pressure will jump, and this is a dangerous partner of serious physical exertion.
  • The pause can be done only before exhaling the effort, it is strictly forbidden to work with empty lungs!

By the way, if you expect to get oxygen for the future and breathe deeply for this, we hasten to disappoint. The average lung capacity in an adult is about 6 liters.

However, these organs are never completely empty. Therefore, the maximum amount of air that can be received at the same time is approximately two liters. If you try to swallow more, it can cause rapid and shallow breathing, as well as hyperventilation.

As a result, the loss of consciousness in the middle of training.

How to breathe in squatting: characteristics of technology

In fact, breathing properly while squatting is not difficult at all. In addition, this process should be controlled only at the beginning.

After a few days of active exercise, the body will remember the sequence of actions, and will not have to constantly rebuild their breathing rhythms in the desired way.

Everything has its time!

After completing the squat, do not try to rush to conquer the following exercises. Be sure to catch your breath to reduce the burden on the heart and other important organs. It does not take long for this: 2-5 minutes will be enough.

At the expiration of this period, you can continue with the training.

However, during the break, do not forget to breathe exclusively with your nose, to coordinate the breaths / exhalations in depth and duration, and in no case do not hold your breath for a long time.

Knowing how to breathe during sports activities, can reach certain heights. After all, it is known that two people with the same training program, but different breathing techniques (correct and ineffective) achieve diametric results. So there is no need to waste time and work on your body anyway.

Proper breathing will allow you at the right time, and most importantly, without harming your health, get the figure of your dreams.

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